Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anami manages to save the idol

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The Episode starts with Harry and Avdhoot’s friends catching Poonam. She says let me go, leave me. Harry asks her to relax. He says girls here have much fire, I have to burn my hands with one cracker. She shouts for help. Harry asks where will you run. Anami looks for Poonam. She sees her bracelet and recalls gifting it to her. She enters the room. She sees Poonam in trouble. Pooanam runs to Anami and hugs. Avdhoot’s friends run away.

A lady asks Dadi about the puja. Dadi says we agreed to Anami, when she wanted to keep this puja, she is calm like Durga Maa idol. Anami gets furious. Anami says I told you not to make this mistake. Dadi says she is a sign of manners and good values. Poonam cries. Harry says its not a big deal. He hits Anami. Anami holds his hand and twists. She hits him. Jai Maa Kaali…..plays………. She sees Poonam. Poonam goes out and shuts door. Anami beats up Harry. He screams.

Dadi says you will be surprised meeting Anami, she is delicate but handles all the work. Anami throws Harry on the ground. Everyone looks on. Dada ji asks what’s happening. Kamini asks Harry what happened. Anami asks Harry to tell everything and apologize to Poonam. Avdhoot asks her to talk to his brother with respect. Harry says listen, I m sorry to misbehave with your friend, I mean I just touched her. Everyone gets shocked.

Kamini leaves Harry. Pujan says everything got spoiled. Anami makes Harry apologize to Poonam. He says sorry Poonam didi. Anami asks him to stand in a corner. Kamini argues. Anami asks is Poonam’s respect nothing. Poonam holds Anami. Anami warns Kamini not to go ahead, else it will be big issue. Kamini says you all tell me one thing, Anami has seen what happened in room, but maybe Poonam flirted with Harry and took him to room, else think a NRI girl with this cheap girl, its all Poonam’s mistake. She asks Dada ji to throw Poonam out. Anami says I have seen him eyeing Poonam badly. Poonam says she is right. Kamini asks her to shut up, Anami has work to ruin peace in a good family. She says its just Poonam’s mistake. Satrupa says Kamini is right, its Poonam’s mistake. They all look at her. Satrupa says Poonam’s mistake is she should have slapped Harry when he badly eyed her, she should have done this instead Anami. She goes to Harry and stares at him. She says if I have seen this Kamini, you know what would I do, I m proud of Anami.

She asks Dada ji and Dadi to end this matter here, as its puja time. Kamini takes Harry with her. Pujan says yes, you are right, I will punish Harry. He goes. Anami returns the bracelet to Poonam and hugs her. Harry sits raged. Avdhoot holds him. Kamini says this girl is doing tandav on our head, I will throw her out. Avdhoot asks how, she did magic on everyone, even Pujan was calm today. Pujan comes and says this storm didn’t get calm, everyone will listen to us when Anami does a mistake. She asks when. He says today in Durga puja, the chaos will end Anami and our good time will begin.

Anami dances on dhol. The people take the palki ahead. The family members walk behind. Dadi and Poonam do aarti and dance. Everyone smiles. Anami sees a man hurt by a thorn. He screams. She helps the man. Pujan sees the palki. Anami sees a bolt falling off. The platform starts loosening. The idol shakes up. They all get shocked when the idol begins to fall down. Pujan smiles and says Anami’s future has gone in darkness now.

Everyone smiles when the idol gets lifted by Anami. Anami takes the idol over her head. Palki falls down. Jai mata di….plays….. Everyone looks on. Anami walks ahead. Anami steps on a burning coal that comes in her way. Dada ji looks on. She bears the pain and walks ahead. Baldev and Satrupa hold the idol. Dada ji moves the coals off her way. Anami smiles.

Sudha says Lal Mahal is ready to welcome the Devi, I have to go and give a sacrifice. Dada ji says everyone should get a chance to show their capability, Avdhoot and Anami will get the chance, whoever wins the test will get the Pagdi. Satrupa smiles.

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  1. Thank you producers for letting writers write a strong character like Anami and for such a layered supporting cast. Everone was awesome today. The last scene with Baldev and Satrupa helping Anami support the idol and Vikramaditya clearing Anami’s way to prevent her feet from burning…amingly written, directed, and performed. I am so thankful that this show is there for me to watch!!

    1. *Amazingly

    2. And of course, when I thank producers, I am also thnking Mr. Dheerendra Pandey, “Dheeru”, aka Mr. Bhupinder Singh. Great work! 🙂

  2. Spr when anami hold Devi mata it’s really wow

  3. Sejsmiles

    I want pujan to be exposed now. High time.

  4. Albydork

    Father and son’s plan got ruined again. That’s good


    1. Finally show got good time slot..

    2. I love the way Anami tackled harry, each and every girl should be brave to fight for wrong happening happening around, not alteast fight but may have courage to go against unjustice..

    3. Awsome secene when dada removed coal and baldev and satrupa helped anami..

    4. I wish anami soon see narootam and her mother fakeness, though narootam is lal mahal illegimate son, but his behaviour make me sick..

  6. bengali beauty

    Excellent episode. Just amazing!

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