Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vatsalya comes home

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The Episode starts with Baldev stopping Narottam. He says I was scared, I felt you left us, won’t you give me a chance to repent, I agree I did a big mistake in recognizing you, we will forget our past and make a new start, I will give you identity and all the happiness you deserve. Satrupa nods. Baldev says I can’t tolerate my children leaving this house. He opens arms. Narottam hugs him and cries. Anami comes to Satrupa and looks for her. She sees Vatsalya and her pic. Satrupa comes. Anami says I was looking for you, if I did a mistake, will you forgive me. Satrupa says you are my good sensible daughter, what happened. Anami says I lied to you. Satrupa says it doesn’t matter, what’s it. Anami says Madhu and Murari are right. Satrupa asks what. Anami says yes, they are alive, forgive me, I had to hide this truth from you. Satrupa says they are alive….

Anami says when I got to know my Laddoo was kept away because of you, I felt you can harm Madhu and Murari as well, I went there to save them, I met Adhiraj on the way, maybe Sudha’s men were following me, they lit the house to attack me, I entered the house, Sher Singh saw me and thought I was dead, but I was alive, Adhiraj rescued Madhu and Murari, he heard some men planning, he took my parents to a safe place, I was mistaken that you planned that attack, I didn’t like the fact that you dragged them in our fight, I made this false story to save them, are you angry. Satrupa says I m angry on myself, I made you helpless to lie to me, its all my fault. Anami says everyone makes mistakes, but we can share our pain Maa. Satrupa hugs her. Poonam comes and says Adhiraj has come.

Adhiraj gets Madhu and Murari. Anami runs and hugs them. She says our problems are over now, everything is fine. Baldev, Dadi and Dada ji come and get shocked seeing them alive. Satrupa says Lord saved Madhu and Murari from fire like he saved us from big trouble, Anami lied to save them, don’t be angry on her. Madhu says Lord has answered our prayers. Murari says sorry Satrupa… Satrupa says we should start afresh, I have troubled you a lot, I m sorry. Madhu says no, I know you did that to keep Anami with you, I would have done the same maybe. Satrupa says its your values in Anami, you have more right on her. Madhu says Yashoda and Devika had equal rights on Krishna, she is our Krishna. Anami hugs them.

Adhiraj says Sudha has confessed her crime, Sudha and Purushottam were involved in Vatsalya’s accident. They all get shocked. Satrupa cries. Baldev says that lady……I hate myself today, Sudha was a snake. They cry. Adhiraj says I promise I will get her punished. Anami wipes Satrupa’s tears. They hug. Anami and Adhiraj go out. She says I m happy seeing Madhu and Murari, I have achieved all this because of you, will you support me always, you want to get rid of me. He says I can’t give you much time, I have to go Delhi. She says then go, I m not stopping you. He says I m going forever, I have been promoted, I have posting there. She asks do you want to go. Baldev looks on.

Dheeru packs his bags. Dadi and Baldev come. Dheeru asks the reason for coming. Baldev says I know Dheeru, you did Adhiraj’s transfer by using your contacts. Dheeru says he is my son, why do you care. Dadi says I know you want to go far. He says yes, very far. She apologizes. Baldev says we always had this enmity, it was just a misunderstanding, we can’t get past back, we can think about future. Dheeru says Lal Mahal has habit to make fake promises, you can never change. Anami and Adhiraj come. Anami says they changed, I m the example, I won’t let you go, I was a stubborn girl from Banaras, a friend taught me to see world with a different view, he told me that he learnt this from you, this means, you can forgive us, life is too short, we will be hurt if you go, you can’t stay happy by hurting our heart, if not for our happiness, forgive us for your sake. Baldev says I want us to be friends. Tanya and Adhiraj ask Dheeru to please agree.

Dheeru says guests have visited us, won’t you make tea and snacks. Tanya hugs him. They all smile. Anami says we will celebrate, we have arranged dinner tonight, we will make a new start. Dheeru says sure and hugs Baldev. Everyone dines together. Madhu asks Anami to have kachoris, taste them and say which one I have made and which one Satrupa has made. Laddoo and Anami taste. Anami says you made this and Satrupa has made the other one. Everyone smiles.

Madhu says Anami, you have changed so much, you were unable to guess right, Satrupa made both of this. They all laugh. Laddoo says I told you before. Satrupa passes kachoris to everyone. A car arrives. Someone gets down the car and walks in. He looks at Lal Mahal. He calls out Maa, Papa……. Everyone gets shocked and turn to see. Its Vatsalya….. They all get shocked seeing him alive. Satrupa says Vatsalya….. Vatsalya gets misty-eyed eyes. He sees Anami, identifies her and smiles.

The show ends on this happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. so many unanswered questions , like how vatsalya got saved , if he knows anami is his sister or not ? atleast one more epi should have been there with more satrupa-vatsalya-anami scenes . anami never called satrupa mother , did she ? they did not show that also . in one episode so many changes anyways this show was such a relief from the normal love-hate love stories ,that every shows show now . the real example of nayi soch was anami only . no unnecessary leaps , no unwanted prolonging , no unwanted parallel leads , relationships valued , only based and stuck to the main concept of mother-daughter story,the channel is only not to be blamed , guess people nowadays are more interested only in love stories . will miss this show so muccchhhhhh . will miss satrupa the most

    1. Yes, anami called satrupa maa, while speaking about murari’s truth.

    2. oh k thanks , did not watch the episode yet , just read the update ?

  2. How is Vatsalya alive? This is the most illogical ending i ave even seen in any series.

    1. Mona146

      yup even i agree. happy ending doesnt mean kuch bhi!!!!!!!!!!!!they could have should as his soul instead.

    2. If u watch da previous episodes they did not show the family recieving Vatsalyas body. Hd a doubt right then dat he might be alive.


    1. Incomplete ending????????
    2. Happy ending to dikha di but bakwas kr diya last me suspense dikha kr…
    3. I knew vatsalya was live since start… But yeh to gattiya ending thi… Itne acche show ki itni bakwas ending…
    4. Yhm, yrkkh iss type ke show to katam hote nhi, but acche shows end ho jaate hain, vo bhi suspense ending…
    5. No love story of adhiraj and anami…???????????????

    1. Ohho.!!!!Wait na…y so unhappy ..hope for the best Na….May be next part is coming…..,,?n I want my favorite serial to be back with same as faces plz this request plz plz plz….,?????????

  4. Not happy how serial ended. Many questions r unanswered. What happened with vatsalya where did chacha go with his family as they were also plotting.

  5. I was very dissatisfied with the ending too but after a few minutes of frustration I felt like the nakers had done it on purpose. Else they could have quickly made Vatsalya do some explanation speech. The way they ended looked a lot as if they are planning a season 2 and will look when and which channel to start it on. Star Bharat may be a good option as it has a better variety than star Plus. I really hope this show will come back either in another time slot or on another channel. By The Way, where did Pujan and his family suddenly disappear?!! Did I miss an episode where that was shown? Anyhow , hoping for the best. The only other show I have been following lately is Nimki Mukhiya on Star Bharat. It was better at the beginning and is drifting into mundane but I have hopes yet. If you are looking for a show to watch you might want to give that a try. With a heavy heart, bye RKC!?

  6. star plus dont give space for new shows.. now a good show ended… starplus give so much concentration on trp… sincerly i have to say one of the best show is this one.. everybodys performences and star cast.. story line.. all are good..low trp bcz of no famous cast, no over romance, etc.. star plus promote the useless show of ib yrkkh… yhm also not worth to watch.. naamkaran is average… i dont know what is the problem of star plus

  7. Samathasuresh

    Just like bahubali one ending with bahubali music… But curiosity is there still because they didn’t announce the second part… So mysterious ending…

  8. What the hell was that!!!! Star plus did not just end one of their best shows with a million unanswered questions for no good reason?!?!
    So much potential and such a change from the other star plus story lines where the woman does nothing but suffer to please a man and his family. Star plus finally made use of their “Nayi soch” approach but didn’t waste time in cancelling it and most likely replacing it with a show that shows the torture of another woman.
    I really hope they bring it back for their own sake cos I’m this close to removing the star plus package from my sky box.

  9. My granny actually guessed that the show would end with vatsalya’s entry, but then I felt sad as I wanted to see a happy family moment of vatsalya-anami.

    But then somehow I feel that they might have given a hint for second season. Really hope that they’ll give a next season for this @ least in Star Bharat. But some people said that , a second season cannot be expected.?

    Really loved this show & thanks to date plus for giving a very beautiful show like RKC. This was an epic show in the history of SP??

    Will miss Lal mahal family members??

  10. Minna Chandran

    Good the show ended without dragging but lit of threads missing like how is v alive where he was why didn’t he return. Will anami and adi Raj get together what happened to pujan n family? The sister also was interested in pujan son what happened to that?? Incomplete ending!!! Trp is OK but the makers shouldn’t allow that to dupe the viewers

  11. now that vatsalya is back , the show comes to the starting point with a question that who will become the next heir and where will anami live because now there are three people who can become the heir of the family now , anami , vatsalya and narottam (as he too is accepted by his father , ofcourse he too deserves some property and position in lal mahal )

  12. So many unaswered questions are there , how they end this show. Unexpected from star plus.

    Can any body share the link of that background song jaaniyaa


  14. A second season perhaps? Cos the way the makers hav ended the story has left me with questions…….

  15. What a waste of my prescious time I thought this series was going to last a little long . Every day I does look forward to see this series
    Nice series but a crappy ending . I could a see a lot more episode to come here

  16. RKC part-II will air soon

    1. Is it confirmed???

  17. Are they forced to end the serial RKC? It seems the serial has been abruptly stopped. This was the only serial with heavy story value and without any illogical scenes like IB….

  18. What happened to star plus…Dil Sambhal ja Jara and now this one..ended like a short story..not happy at all…

  19. Bakwas only suspense ending…

  20. Very bad ending. No conclusion at all.

  21. Waiting for new season hope come soon?

  22. SUDIPTa kanshabanik

    The serial was incomplete atleast 1more episode should be there. We want to know ,how batsalya got alive again

  23. Awesome serial we want to see vatsalya acting plz don’t say it was last episode continue next season we r eagerly waiting..?

  24. Sarvendra Kumar

    This show is not complete please complete I am very excited seen next episode

  25. Wats dis end toh pura dekha na chahiye tha
    Sub surprise suspense tha?? we need one more episode

  26. End achay se toh karte wats dis how vatsalya was alived surprised suspense end we want one more episode on ..

  27. Very abrupt end. Some explanation should be there on Vastala’s return.

  28. Please start with new season…eagerly waiting for Anami and Vatsalya ?

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