Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Satrupa reveals the truth

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The Episode starts with Satrupa telling everyone that she has done a big sin 17 years ago, she has hidden a big thing, Vatsalya was not her only child, they did not lose the heir, she has a daughter. She calls Anami inside. Dada ji keeps the pagdi aside. Baldev and everyone get shocked seeing Anami. Pujan says Satrupa is giving me a heart attack. Dada ji shouts Satrupa, you know what you are saying. Satrupa says its equally tough for me also, but its true I have given birth to twins.

Dadi asks why are you insulting us here. Satrupa says I gave birth to two twin sons before, but Lord called them in 21 days, then we did puja and mannats, Lord heard us but I had many questions in heart, I reached Guru ji, he told me that I will have twins again, a son and daughter, he read Nakshatra and told me that I can’t keep two children with me, one child has to stay away, I couldn’t tell this to anyone, I had to do this, I did this for Lal Mahal and my children’s safety. Dada ji asks shall I accept anyone as my grand daughter. He ends the ceremony and thanks guests for coming. Everyone leaves.

Satrupa asks Dada ji to ask Guru ji. She asks Guru ji to say truth. Guru ji says its true, I told her to keep one child away from Lal Mahal, this girl is your grand daughter, my student has raised her. Dada ji says this is cheat, Satrupa I have given you everything believing you are my son, not bahu, you gave me this prize. Guru ji says if both children stayed here, they would have fallen in danger, Satrupa saved this girl and saved your heir. Satrupa says I will answer everything, don’t punish her, this is her house and family. Anami holds her head and feels bored. Dada ji says its my decision that Avdhoot will get the pagdi and rights. Satrupa requests him.

Daamo says I was with Satrupa when the babies were born, I took Anami out, Satrupa is saying true. Baldev says a father doesn’t know that he has a daughter too….. Anami looks at him. Pujan says Satrupa is doing this drama for this pagdi. Dada ji says I can see your true face now, you can do anything for power and money, but I will not let you succeed, just Avdhoot will wear this pagdi now. He asks Baldev to sign on adoption papers. Satrupa refuses. She says I m fighting for my daughter’s rights, you can’t announce any heir, this pagdi won’t be worn by anyone. Dada ji shouts I have to make Avdhoot my heir.

Anami says how much do you all argue, when the fight is around this pagdi, then just Swaha this. She drops the pagdi in havan fire. They all get shocked. Anami says make heart strong now, there will be holika dahan every day now, the real fight is still on. She taunts Satrupa. She asks weak hearted people to be careful, else anything can happen. She goes.

Maid gets food for Sudha. Sudha asks why is ghungroo fixed to jewelry. Maid says so that ghungroo praises you by sound. Sudha says how do you answer right. Maid says Satrupa got a girl, matter is serious. Sudha sees a rose and asks what’s this Naina. Maid says its a dried rose. Sudha says wrong answer, its my wait, when will I get fruit of my wait. Maid tells about Anami. Sudha throws the food angrily. She says Anami is a good name. She picks food and feeds the maid. She says whoever comes in between will leave.

Baldev asks Satrupa to leave with her illegitimate daughter. Satrupa gets angry. Anami comes in front of Baldev.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nandhana

    Why can’t a woman become a heir??answers awaiting I think..the real game is on..


      Becoz its all due to male dominating society.. which too i hate ????

  2. Really outstanding performance this show is becoming one of my favourite I like tashan between satrupa & amani But p recap feeling bad for satrupa

  3. Loving this show – really loving it
    Oh the raw emotions are great
    Love Anami’s strong character I hope it stays that way.
    Pujan and his family evil – hope they are exposed soon – no dragging please
    Love the fast pace of this show – no dragging so far.
    Satrupa is strong willed love her character also but the only flaw is that she should have found where her daughter went to and sponsor her secretly and keep track of her upbringing. But now she just comes across as selfish, because if V didn’t die – would she have ever met Anami?
    I also think that V might be alive and if that so it will give a good spin in the story later on. Because he wanted to be free of responsibilities.
    I wonder what Sudha’s story is?
    Maybe Sudha was in love with Baldev but dadaji chose Satrupa for him and she lost her mind or she could be the sister of Baldev but they do not believe in daughters as heir. Very interesting show waiting to see how all characters unfold.
    Love the police detective – he could be the love interest of Anami later on.
    I hope they don’t mash it up as I am beginning to invest in this show.

  4. I love d pace of this show.. No bullshit dragging. I hope it stays like this.. Next I guess anami will make life hell for lal mahal..she’d want them to send her back.. Let’s see how d story moves ahead..very interesting story.

  5. The storyline is really interesting so far…especially because Anaami’s character is a strong one and hopefully stays so.
    I was wondering who Sudha would have been…maybe she and Baldev were in Love (because of the Rose and the diary shown in the episode) but Dadaji refused….and maybe she could be the sister of Satrupa and has become ‘mad’ because she lost her Lover (to her sister)?…
    I hope that Baldev and Anaami develop a strong Father-Daughter bonding as both have almost the same feeling, when they were seeing each other the first time….
    But let’s see how the show continues and wait for the revelation of Sudha’s character and of course for more dhamaaka by Anaami … 🙂

  6. Diyaa

    Very crisp and powerful episode. Anami and Satrupa, wow acting and chemistry. I am very interested in seeing the relationship between Baldev and Anami develop. I have a feeling Sudha is Narottam’s mother.

  7. I also love this show.. no dragging n powerful acting by every character….

  8. DevaSena

    Nice Episode

  9. Oh I m loving this show more n more.. Anami rocks….. ??

  10. Siyuu

    Tsunamiii rockzzzz… Rkc rockzzz

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