Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Narottam asks for his rights

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Adhiraj getting details by her assistant Ila. She tells about the goon Bala. He recalls Vatsalya’s accident. He says it means Bala is used, then he got killed, who can it be, Pujan Pratap Singh is the wild cat, he is Baldev’s cousin, he was raised by Baldev’s dad, he is close to his dad, he would be hurt that he did not become heir, keep an eye on him, Narottam, he is half male and half female, people say this, he is result of Baldev’s affair, Narottam’s mum disappeared and since then he is dancing on Lal Mahal’s fingers, just check if he is so poisonous, this is Guru ji, who can see future, he is not anyone’s friend or enemy, he is just loyal, he can be dangerous, keep an eye on him.

He says Daamo came with Satrupa in dowry after marriage, she can do anything for Satrupa, these too are investors in royal steels, they can do anything to get money. Ila says they have many enemies, what’s our plan. He says whoever did this thing will come out. Satrupa comes to Banaras. Murari sits at a tea stall. Daamo and Satrupa look for Murari’s house.

Anami and Laksh tease Madhu. Anami says I understand your heart. Madhu asks her to use mind in studies. She combs Anami’s hair. She asks what’s this wound. Anami says nothing, I will get fine. Murari gets jalebis. He says yesterday’s incident was discussed at sweet shop, will you say or shall I say. Madhu asks what did they do. He says Anami and Laksh have beaten some men. Madhu says Anami lied to me, I told you two not to do this. Anami says we explained, but we got attacked, so we had to do this in self defence. Anami says you would be angry on us if I got beaten up. Madhu says I don’t want to make you goon. Murari says everyone is praising Anami, she has beaten goons. Madhu says fine, I m wrong. She gives them jalebis. Murari says feed some to me also. Madhu says have it yourself. Anami asks Murari to complain and end the matter. Murari says I should know things from children.

Narottam comes to Dada ji. Dada ji asks what’s inside the box. Narottam says it has Vatsalya’s secrets. He shows the car. Dada ji scolds him. Narottam says just Vatsalya regarded me human being, his brother, where shall I go to cry our my pain. Dada ji stops him and asks him to say, Narottam shows the little things given by Vatsalya to him. Dada ji cries. Narottam says I heard Avdhoot is getting adopted. Dada ji says I just have this way. Narottam says Vatsalya did not like him and regarded me part of his happiness and sorrow, I have right on his things. Dada ji gets shocked.

Narottam says its not right to give royal steels to Avdhoot. Dada ji scolds him and asks him not to think anything like this. Narottam goes and recalls picking random things from Vatsalya’s room to fool Dada ji.

Daamo asks Anami about Murari’s house. Anami asks why, did anyone die. Daamo says don’t trouble me. Anami says worry just makes person tensed, tension is like funeral. Satrupa says we are in hurry, please tell us. Anami says you asked by love, I will tell you. She gives the directions. Daamo and Satrupa leave. A lady comes to Sudha and says new heir is needed in Lal Mahal, you are still beautiful. Sudha smiles and dips the lady’s head in water. She wipes the lady’s face with towel. She says its my right to look beautiful, I will always be beautiful, snatching right is wrong thing. Maid gets scared of her. Sudha acts mad. Maid goes. Daamo comes and greets Murari. She introduces Maharani Satrupa Vikram Singh.

Murari says she is your mum, you are a princess. Anami asks Satrupa would she come to take her if her son was alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Diz serial is awesome… Narayani sastri is amazing with her performance.. makes emotional in each scene. She carries the character very beautifully. Hope vatsaly is alive and is kept at a secret place by satrupa to protect him from enemies…
    Anami comes to know about vatsaly being her own brother

  2. superb show , the mystery around sudha is still there , she was so rude with the maid . wonderful episode . i dont know why i like this show so much , definitely the cast is one of the reasons , mahima is just too good as anami . the way satrupa looked at anami definitely shows how much she loves her daughter. awesome acting by narayani shastri . anami’s point too is right , cant wait enough for next epi

  3. DevaSena

    Super Excited for Tomorrow’s Episode!!!!!!!! ?❤???? ?

  4. Shilpa

    Awesome episode…. What an acting the actors….both narayani shastri and mahima are too good….so finally mother and daughter came face to face….

  5. I love to see anami to gv nice rod to each of these wicked family members.she is very bold and beautiful also.looking forward for next episode.

  6. VINAL

    Amazing episode waiting for next episode

  7. This serial is an encouragement to the theme “care and save girl child”. This should be seen in prime slot, That would be the time generally when office goers and lady employees reach home and can watch the serial.

  8. I think this show should be of 1 hour time

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