Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-35)

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Maya releases her hug..

Maya : what are you doing here??

Arjun : You are my to be wife and i am not committing a crime by comming here like this

Maya : Arjun??

Arjun : Okay.. i am here because i wanted to see you in this jewellery..

Arjun takes the necklace and makes Maya wear it..

Arjun : You are looking beautiful..  just like how my mom..

Hearing this Jhanvi’s words echos in Maya’s ears…

Maya : Arjun can i ask you something..

Arjun : Yeah sure..

Maya : Today when your mom came and gave me this jewellery she said to me that its your mother’s

Arjun : Yeah..

Maya : I mean she should have told me that its her but she specified its your..

Arjun : You are right .. She is my stepmom

Maya looks at arjun shockingly..

Maya : And Ragini..

Arjun pulls her to a wall.. his eye were red..He holds her sholders tightly

Arjun : Please.. Maya.. we have kept it as a screte to ragini. and any of us want ragini to know it.. i hope you understand..

Maya : Yeah.. Arjun i.. i understand and i pro..promise you that i am with you.. she wont ever get to know..

Maya hugs Arjun tightly..


Twinkle , Yuvi and Lucky and Ragini are shown dancing.. Twinkle comes from the dance floor and orders a Orange juice..

Yuvi : Are you not enjoying the party..

Twinkle : Yeah.. i am really enjoying it..

Just then a few boys comes and sits next to Yuvi and twinkle.. and starts commenting on her. Yuvi hearing this fumes in anger.. He was about to get up and hit them.. but twinkle stoos him by holding his hand..

Twinkle : Yuvi.. i think we have to go .. its getting late..

Yuvi : Okay..

He signals lucky and Ragini who was dancing and The 4 leave.. yuvi’s roofless jeep.

Ragini : Why are we leaving so early..

Twinkle : Some boys were commenting on .. so i thought of leaving early..

Lucky : Oh.. then its good that we are leaving early.. those type of boys can go any extent

Yuvi : Are you mad… today we will run from them . Then they will again stalk us.. we run.. its good that we fight back and finish it once an for all..

Ragini : Yeah. i agree with you yuvi..


Anita : Gitu get ready tomarrow as we have to shop for yiur wedding..

Gitu : Okay mom..

Anita tealises that pakhi who is sitting next to her is in an other world

Anita : Are you okay pakhi beta

Pakhi : Ji maa.. i am perfectly fine..

Saying this pakhi goes to her room.. And finds Anshuman checking some file..She goes to her wardrobe to take her nightdress..

Anshuman holds pakhi to her side

Anshuman : Are you angry with me that i am not comming with you to pick Aayan

Pakhi : No.. anshuman there is nothing like that.. i..

Anshuman : If you have told me earlier i could have done something

Pakhi : Seriously anshuman its okay..


yuvi and twinkle drops them to their respective house and they goes to there room.. And its shown that someone is watching them..

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  1. It was a small update but an early one so no prob..okay maya got to know about the truth..wow coming up is shopping..who was eyeing the 4 crazy birds??hope now vansh is not upto any more trouble..i dont want ragu to know bout the truth from him..

  2. Jasminerahul

    arjun making Maya wear the necklace was romantic. finally from arjun Maya came to know the truth.that was unexpected. when some boys commented on twinkle yuvraj getting angry and hitting them was exciting.wonder who is warching them.nice to read anshukhi scene.thanks for adding their pic like i requested.whenever you write a couple scene please add their pic too.

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