Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-29)

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The episode starts with Maya informing Abhi the things which happened yesterday night.. Abhi was sure they both can’t do such thing and was trying to remember everything but was unable..

Vikram : I have decided today evening.. Abhi and gitu will get engaged..

Payal : What are you saying vikramji .. that girl she can’t be my daughter-in-law..

Vikram : I can’t understand you.. You are just blaming gitu for what ever happened yesterday.. and i want you not to forget that abhi was also at fault..

Viraj : But bhaisaab its sudden we haven’t done any preperations..

Vikram ; No need of that emgagemt will be done simply … but will make sure the marraige happen grandly.. (looking at abhimanyu) Do you have any problem..

Abhi nods in agreeing vikram..


Anshuman : Mom.. have really gone mad.. she should atleast ask gitu’s permission before doing this..

Pakhi : I think we should ask gitu if she is ready.. its true that what happened yesterday was not… but we all no that our gitu is not like that..

Anita overhears the conversation..

Anita :So you guys are playing with me.. if gitu says she is not ready to get engaged will you break this..

Anshuman : Yes.. mom..

Anita asks the servant to get gitu and she does so..

Anita : Gitu do you have a problem in marrying Abhimanyu..

Gitu : No.. mom

Anita : Anshuman .. i think now you should fo the necessary preparations..

Anshuman and Anita goes..

Pakhi : Why did you tell ‘yes’ to mom we would have done something..

Gitu : No.. bhabhi i really want this..

Pakhi hugs gitu and then goes



Engagement decore.
Anita’s style

She stands in the hall of mansion inviting jhanvi and her daughter Ragini…

Anita : Come in jhanvi ji.. Ragini beta.. where is Arjun and Ashwinji..

Jhanvi : Ashwinji went for a business meeting this morning and will reach tomarrow

Ragini : Bhai has some work in office.. he will come after finishing it..

Jhanvi : Whom else are attending the function

Anita : Pakhi’s family amd just us…  I have thought to do my only daughter’s each thing in special way but..

Jhanvi : Anitaji everything happenes is for good.. and we all know our gitu

jhanvi’s style
Ragini’s attaire

Just then Sakshi and Twinkle enter the scene

Sakshi goenka ..


Twinkle goenka’s dress

Anita : Ho.. shakshi ji you came so late..

sakshi : Sorry for that this twinkle na.. she takes a lot of time in getting ready.

At the sametime Twinkle goes and hug ragini

Jhanvi : Humm.. Ragini also .. i think they are giving us hint that its time to get them married too..

Jhanvi , Anita, Sakshi smile… Ragini and twinkle do then a whatever look.

Ragini : Gitu di … where is she..

Twinkle : Yeah.. where is she..

Jhanvi : She is in her room and pakhi is making her ready..

Twinkle : Oh  .. Ragini.. i think we should help them..

Ragini : Yeah..

Twinkle and Ragini goes to upstairs.. to help gitu in getting ready..

Jhanvi : where is Anshuman

Anita : He went to check some arrangements

Sakshi : Umm..

Anita : I wish everything should be perfect..

Sakshi : Don’t worry it all will be good..


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  1. With each lart story is becoming more interesting..love to read the chapter ..
    Post soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow geetu too is ready to marry anshuman.loved everyone’s attires for the engagement.waiting for the engagement. now you learnt how to add pics.please keep adding pics like this

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