Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Ratan Outsmart Imposter’s Terrorist Attack

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya looks for Ratan and sees IRIC written on welcome board. She thinks if we read 1418 in hindi and English, and says IRIC. Ratan manages to come out through window and tells Diya that he saw Meethi with gun and bomb. Diya is shocked and recalls Meethi saving Imposter which she felt gun powder smell. She tells him that 1418 is IRIC and the target is him, and says that day gun powder was brought inside the palace. She tells that the gun powder is in pearls necklace and it went missing after electricity went off for 2 mins. Ratan says we shall handover Meethi to Police. Diya says we don’t have much time now, and says Imposter asked Bhuvan to make IRIC wear the pearls necklace. She runs to stop Bhuvan for making IRIC wear the necklace.

Bhuvan welcomes the guests and says we can give our life for them. Imposter thinks you will give your life soon. Diya comes running there. Bhuvan makes other foreign delegates wear the pearls necklace. Diya gets other pearls necklace and comes running there. Goon signs Imposter Deepu. Bhuvan is about to make IRIC wear the necklace, when Ratan switches off lights. Bhuvan thinks how did electricity go? Ratan thinks of Diya’s words that they have to end the imposter’s game very cleverly, if anyone comes to know about the bomb in the necklace then everyone will panic and try to run. Diya comes to Bhuvan and asks him not to say anything and changes the necklace. She runs from there. Electricity comes back. Bhuvan makes him wear necklace. Imposter thinks IRIC will die in 8 mins. Diya checks the necklace and tells Ratan that the necklace has bomb with 8 mins timer. She says we will diffuse it, but they can shoot IRIC. She tells that Imposter came here with solid planning and that’s why he took your disguise so that he can take security in your hands and become daata hukum. She tells that if something happens to IRIC then India’s relation with foreign will spoil. She sees pamphlets and says cultural program. They hear a couple going to changing their clothes for dancing.

Dance program begins. Imposter checks the time. Diya and Ratan dance on the song Pallu latke…Bhuvan sees Diya and asks what is happening. Diya asks him to call police and not to question her. Imposter waits for bomb to explode and when it don’t explodes, he thinks Diya changed the necklace cleverly.

Everyone dances including foreign delegates. Imposter asks Meethi to shoot IRIC using his watch. Meethi and the terrorists come there and shoots at the security. Bhuvan sees them and they shoot at him, but he is saved. Meethi and others shoots in air. Everyone hides. Meethi asks everyone not to move from the place. She checks and asks where is IRIC. She shoots in air and tells that everyone is trapped by the terrorist attack and says if anyone try to run then they will die. Diya and Ratan take IRIC and others to the secret room. They get worried. Ratan asks them to relax and says you are safe here. Diya calls Police, but she couldn’t call and says they have stopped all the communication. She feels bad not to understand the code when they decoded it. Ratan asks her to look in his eyes and says you have done what you can done. Ratan says our family members lives are in danger, we have to go and rescue them.

CT asks where is Daata Hukum. Sakshi sees him with Meethi and asks him to save them. He says it is good that you told me, now it will be easy for me to kill you all. Everyone gets shocked and hide again.

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