Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepu And Meethi Together Plans Terror Attack On Foreign Delegates

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan comes and collides with Diya. He whispers in her ears that it is him. Diya gets up and asks what is this misbehavior? Imposter asks who is he? Ratan signs that he couldn’t speak. Imposter asks him to play the musical instrument. Diya panics. Ratan plays it well. Diya and others claps. Imposter asks him to be careful while walking. She takes him to room and says if someone identifies you. Ratan says I am taking this risk for you and says how can that imposter touch you, he can’t even touch the flower which is on your head. He takes flower petal from her hairs. Diya asks how did he play it so well. Ratan says he connected it with his phone. Imposter asks his man to bring gun powder inside and says nobody will know.

Deepu’s men keep gun powder, bombs and weapons in the bags. They tagged it as Vivah Event food items. They try to bring them inside, but guards stop them. Deepu lets them come, but Yash comes and says it is Kesar Mahal’s protocol to get everything checked whatever comes inside. Man tensedly shows the potatoes. Deepu talks about Kesar Mahal’s protocol and asks him to keep it in kitchen. Sakshi tells Diya why everyone is calling her Thakurain and says she is just Diya baisa. Diya says time will tell and says she was never desperate for any title. She comes to Kesar Mahal and feels gun powder from the bags. Diya says Daata Hukum is worried about security of this event and says if I check it again then he will not feel bad. Deepu says yes you can check. He thinks if Diya finds the gun powder then I have to kill her and Yash now itself. He keeps back the gun hearing a cracker. Bhuvan asks Meethi to get up. Diya asks who did this. Meethi says gardener’s children scared her. Diya comes back to bag and is about to check it. She finds grains etc. Deepu says may be you got gun powder smell from Meethi as she brought crackers here. Diya says may be. She feels something is wrong and she couldn’t catch it. CT comes to Deepu and says she wants to make guests to taste real dry fruits. Diya says American Delegates are coming here and if this event gets successful then it will be great. Deepu thinks it is very important for him and says he wants to give gift to all guests. Diya’s phone falls down. Deepu sits to pick it. Diya also sits to pick it. Diya gets jealous and thinks of Mohana’s words.

Yash comes there and says Minister Saheb can’t come to Vivah event. Diya says we have to postpone this event and calls all guests. Yash says yes. Deepu shouts on him and says it is not a joke, it will happen for sure. He says he is worried about the sponsors. He then says sorry and tells that we will call some other Minister. Diya appreciates him.

Later Diya tells Ratan that he reacted when she talked about postponing the event. Ratan says his truth will be out. Diya says I can’t understand. Ratan asks her to calm down and says atleast we know that he came for Vivah event. He asks her not to worry. Balam ji plays. Deepu thinks how can I lose my temper and thanks Meethi for saving him at right moment. Meethi says I can give my life for you and this mission. Deepu says Diya is very clever and looks at her pic. Meethi says they don’t know who am I? She asks if he likes Diya.

Deepu says I worked for this event since 2 years and shows bomb, says it will be burial place for many. Meethi asks how his hand got burnt. He asks her to concentrate on mission and not to worry about small things. She asks what will be our motive, and says three foreign delegates will come. He says he will tell later. He tells Meethi that they will not meet again as Diya will doubt. Fake Meethi says ok. Ratan tells Diya that they will find out about imposter’s connection with Vivah Event. Diya says yes, and says he is very clever. She ties turban to his head. Balam ji plays…..He holds her waist and looks at her. She asks what happened? He says don’t know, my feelings for you is changing, I am getting drawn towards you, but couldn’t give name to these feelings. He recalls Mohana asking him to look in Diya’s eyes and if something happens in his heart then it is love. Diya asks him to be careful.

Imposter tells that she has charged 1418 extra and he will give her money deducting it. Diya hears them. Meethi thinks this is the code and that foreign delegates are on our aim. She throws the receipt on the dustbin. Diya picks it and says what is this 1418.

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  1. Not good… ok fine ratan is drawn towards Diya but in a s*xual manner???? Nooooo this is not love damm it… show some other things also…. this looks cheap… I did not feel the chemistry in romantic scenes… ?

    1. why it is cheap whts wrong if he is drawn towards her in s*xual manner .ofcourse he loves her already he is yet to realise thats it

    2. they r wife and husband and he loves her he is thinking he loves her as a friend he uis thiniking it as platonic love only .he is yet to realise that he loves her as husband . if he realise he has sxexual feeligs he will realise its romantic love i.e husband wife love

  2. It’s like Ratan likes Diya cause she is the only one that believes him. Not that love love kinda thing .

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