Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Acts To Be Drug Addict

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan falls down on the ground. Diya and Servants lift him. Diya reads the Meethi halwai’ sweets and rejects the sweets. She thinks Ratan’s stomach got unwell because of it. Mohana says such sweets will not reach Ratan again. Yash tells Diya that he has decided to leave Police job. Mohana gives her feet and asks if she is not happy, and says yash wants to join family business. Diya says my happiness doesn’t matter, and says yash shall be happy. She says I felt that he is happy with his job and he was proud of his police job, and I really don’t know if he is happy or not. She questions Yash. Yash is silent. Mohana says of course Yash is happy and takes him with her. Bhuvan sees Diya coming there and tells her that parcel came for Ratan from Goa. He tells that such parcel came before also and says he will give. Diya says I will give. Bhuvan asks her to open it and check once. Diya says Ratan will open it.

Ratan comes and snatches the parcel, he asks what you are doing with it. Powder from the packet falls on ground. Diya asks what is it? Ratan picks it. Diya asks what is it. Ratan says I am not a small boy to tell you and goes. Bhuvan asks what is this white powder. CT tries to hear Bhuvan. Bhuvan asks her not to spy and says I will not be unfaithful to you. CT says she will make pan for him.

Diya recalls Ratan picking the powder from floor. Nitya comes to Diya and asks what happened? Diya tells her that Ratan got irritated with her when she found white powder pack. Nitya says I will find out what was in that packet. Bhuvan and Ratan hears her. Bhuvan says we will force her to say I hate you and whispers something in his ears. Ratan comes to Diya and says sorry. He asks her to come and gets her hand washed. Balam ji plays……They look at each other. Ratan asks Diya where is she lost? Nitya asks them to go and says she will take care of food. Diya thinks she has to make arrangements in room. Bhuvan calls Ratan and asks him to fall down from stairs. Ratan falls down. Nitya asks Servant to bring haldi boiled in ghee. Bhuvan asks Ratan how did you fall? Ratan says I didn’t feel that I am walking on stairs. Bhuvan says such things happen with persons taking drugs. Ratan asks Diya not to tell CT.

Diya takes him to room. Ratan acts to be in pain. Diya says what is happening to you. Ratan thinks his plan is working and tells that he is assuming things and sometimes felt like flying in air. Nitya asks Diya to apply turmeric ghee on his back and asks her not to hesitate being his wife. Diya asks Ratan to take off his tee. Ratan refuses, but she insists. He removes his tshirt. Diya applies turmeric ghee on his back. Ratan thinks Diya must be doubted on him now.

Ratan asks Diya how she can love him. Diya tells that love just happens without any thinking and she loves him.

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