Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya and Ratan Get Terrorist Deepu Arrested

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Ratan brings police and gets Deepu arrested. Inspector praises Diya that she risked her life for the country and country is proud of her. Ratan shows cactus to Diya and says he got her gift. She says that is the problem with 21 year old who lives in fantasy than seeing reality in front of him. Ratan repeats that he will obey her, work hard for family business, will have tea at 6 a.m. daily with her, etc. She hugs him. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Mohana informs Yash about Mohak losing 90 lakhs in gambling and Sakshi mortgaging her jewelry. Sakshi promises that Mohak will not gamble hereon and requests for help. Yash says he will request Ratan to repay Mohak’s loan and will help her get jewelry back from jeweler. Mohana asks if she has any photo evidence. Sakshi says yes. Yash says he is ex-police officer and will use his skills to get back her jewelry.

Mohana and Yash inform CT about terrorist hiding bomb in Ratan’s locket, Diya risking her life to save Ratan, etc. CT says she wants to see Ratan first. Ratan with Diya enters. CT happily hugs him and apologizes Diya for misunderstanding her even after seeing her for years. Diya apologizes for being rude to her and says she is like her mother. CT continues her emotional speech.

CT consults panditji who suggests her not to send Ratan out of house as stars are not in his favor. Chote Thakur enters and starts his drama. CT scolds him that Ratan is in bigger problem than him, he should stop complaining about small issues.

Ratan gets romantic with Diya and says he wants to kiss her. She says no. He grips her and insists. She says he can try his best. He grips her again and says she has to promise to go on a date with him. She says yes and walks into bathroom. Yash calls Ratan and asks to meet him right now. Ratan meets him. Yash informs him about Mohak and Sakshi. Ratan gives him check to give it to Mohak and asks if he can help him in his plan. Yash says he should be with Diya.

Yash and Mohana walk into jeweler’s shop disguised as special police force and say they got info that he has hidden smuggled jewelry. Mohana shows Sakshi’s jewelry. Yash says this jewelry is bought without paying custom duty and hence smuggled one. Jeweler says he does not have it. Mohana acts as calling income tax department. Jeweler agrees and returns jewelry pleading to spare him. Sakshi enters and slaps him for trying to betray her. Once the return home, Mohak says he paid his loans and will not do any mistake again. Yash hugs Mohak and Sakshi hugs Mohana and thanks her, promises to do her manicure and pedicure for life. Their emotoinal bonding continues.

Ratan and Diya are about to leave house when CT stops them and says they cannot go out of house, says she has arranged pooja for them, asks Diya to prepare sweets for pooja and Ratan to help her in NGO work. Diya smirks at Ratan goes to kitchen to prepare sweets. Yash tells Mohana that they should make Ratan and Diya clear their distance. Ratan sits with CT checking NGO ledger. Yash walks in and informs Ratan that Nitya bua is calling him, winking him. CT says what work she has and asks Ratan to sit. Ratan insists and leaves. He goes to kitchen and gets romantic with Diya and tries to kiss her, but CT comes there. Ratan hides. CT asks Diya why flour is on her face and asks to prepare sweets soon.

Ratan goes to room and breaking his coat button asks CT to send Diya to fix button. Diya walks to him and says he has many coats. He insists to fix it. She fixes it and says he will not get his kiss. Ratan holds her. Serial’s title track continues in the background.

Precap: Ratan asks Diya how can lights go suddenly. Diya says don’t know,
even family is not at home. Ratan gets romantic, lifts her, and takes her to room.

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