Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Imposter Manages To Pass All Tests, Diya To Test Ratan

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mohak sees Imposter’s pic on the college website and says he had studied there. Sakshi says but Ratan looks like me. Bhuvan sees Imposter in Kesar mahal and calls CT. Diya asks someone to get info about Ratan from University. Bhuvan comes to CT and asks her to make kheer to solve the mystery. CT says Ratan likes kheer and says it is a good idea. She sends kheer to Imposter. Imposter eats kheer and likes its taste. CT says he is not our Daata hukum. They were about to go, just then Imposter calls on CT’s mobile and says I am your Ratan, you have sent kheer for me, I have eaten kheer made by you after 12 years. CT is shocked. Bhuvan says if he is our real Ratan. CT takes Diya to Maan Singh’s pic and says you have been Ratan’s pehredaar for 12 years, and kept away from them. She says she has been loving Ratan whom she had introduced as Ratan. Ratan says I have done my duty and fulfilled my promise. CT says now imposter is claiming to be real one and says I am trapped between real and fake one. Diya asks what are you saying? CT tells that imposter identified kheer and says if the imposter turned out to be true then her pehredari will be questioned. She asks her to answer all her questions. Diya says this is not the first time that I am questioned for my pehredari and says you will get your answers soon. She tells Maan Singh’s pic that the man entered their house is an imposter and says she will solve everyone’s questions.

Ratan thinks imposter must have come for money. Meethi comes there and tells guards that she will not show her bag. Ratan says it is a security check. Meethi says when an imposter came seeing your wealth, then anybody can steal my money. Ratan thinks Meethi is right and skip her security check.

Diya comes to Imposter and says you can stay in Palace. She thinks until this imposter comes to Palace, I can’t identify his truth She invites him to Palace. She says if you are not Ratan maan singh and then think that I am between you and your aim. Imposter says my aim is to get Baba Sahib’s wealth and you will get that for me. Ratan hears them and is about to leave. Imposter sees Ratan and informs Diya. Ratan says he was following him for Diya, and asks her to stay away from her. Imposter asks why he is getting affected. Ratan says truth will come out after DNA report, holds Diya’s hand and says she is his wife and nobody can refuse.. He takes her to bathroom and asks why did she invite him to palace. Diya says to expose him.

Ratan tells Diya that they can let the locker open so that imposter steals the treasure and get caught. Diya says we can try. He then show pepper spray for her so that she use it if imposter misbehaves with her. he sprays in his own eyes and washes his face. Diya hopes Imposter is wrong.

Meethi gives jalebi to Bhuvan and says she heard that Raja gave mala’s to his people. Bhuvan refuses. Ratan comes to Diya and tells that he left the locker open. Diya says he will come soon. Ratan says if you go like this then Imposter will keep his bad sight on you, as you are looking beautiful. He applies black spot behind her ear and says imposter stares looking at you. Diya gets emotional.

Later Diya meets Imposter and questions him about his childhood. He answers all well. Diya thinks it has learnt all questions correctly. He then compliments on her beauty. Ratan thinks he will punish him once he gets caught for flirting with Diya. Imposter sees locker room open. Ratan, Diya and others are waiting him on CCTV cam. Imposter sees locker open and takes out necklace from it. Sakshi says he is a fraud. Ratan says once he steals the jewellery, Diya will catch him with guards. Imposter calls Diya and asks her to come to locker room. Yash goes with Diya. Imposter gives necklace to Diya and asks her not to be careless with his treasure. He says you were taking my test, how to believe that you can be careless. He asks her to take Ratan’s test as well who made her blind. Diya looks on. Yash asks Ratan and others to come from CCTV room. Ratan asks did he tell you anything. Yash tells that he told that locker was open and asked her to close it. He didn’t tell about his idea to take real Ratan’s test. Ratan says then why he came. Yash asks Diya to see other side of coin and says we shall test Ratan also.

Precap: Diya and Yash come to Dipu’s house and see Ratan’s pic as Dipu. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    And the plot thickens! Unbelievable, here I am thinking that Ratan and Diya’s love story will begin and they will fall in love before their six month expires and now this imposter has turned up to delay it. Why does CT blame Diya for everything that goes wrong at the Palace? SMH!!

  2. Whatever the hell this drama is serving but current track has me by the hook. If I say its because of our childish Ratan’s bubbling possessiveness for Diya then it would not be a proper truth. I think I’m having a villain syndrome because after Abhay I’m loving this new Ratan. Like hell, he is so damn hot with all those cool acts he is pulling. Eagerly waiting for all the more drama and new Ratan’s devilishly handsome face…

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