Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Accepts She Loves Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan takes Diya on a date and proposes her showing his family bangle given by CT. Diya angrily throws bangles and destroys decoration shouting she does not love him at all and wants to go away from him. She is fed of his pestering continuously and does not want to be related to him anymore. She orders him to hire a chartered plane for her by morning to drop her far away and leaves. She reminisces Deepu ordering her to get him out of country in a chartered plane and accompany him. She asks how will she inform her family. He asks to misbehave with them and make them hate her. She agrees and leaves. Deepu thinks he will get out of this country with Diya and even break Diya and Ratan’s relationship.

Ratan goes to CT and cries hugging her that Diya wants to go away from her and asked him to hire a chartered plane tommorrow morning, his mistake are making him go away from Diya. CT says she will speak to Diya and walks to Diya. Diya feels sad for breaking Ratan’s heart. CT walks to her and pleads not to break Ratan’s heart and give a chance to their relationship. Diya gets adamant and says she is tired of Ratan’s immaturity and wants to go away from him. CT continues trying to convince her, but she rudely speaks to CT and says Ratan will stop loving her soon when he matures and she gets older, what will she do then, it is better she leaves. She blows off lamp with her hand indicating everything is over now. CT leaves disheartened.

Sakshi calls palace security and orders them to call baby doll from their number and lure her that she won 10 lakhs on her member and when she comes to collect money, kidnap her and bring her in a gunny bag. They nod yes and leave. Sakshi thinks when Baby doll is stuffed in gunny bag for a whole night, she will forget her Mohak sa. Chote Thakur walks in muching apple and asks her to change her ways, else Mohak will go away from her. She says she will see how will he go away from her. He smirks and leaves. Security calls him and asks if she is baby doll. He in woman’s voice says yes. Detective says she won 10 lakhs on her mobile number and should come and collect it from their office. Chote Thakur gets greedy.

CT returns to Ratan and tells Diya has changed and wants to go away from him. Ratan reminisces Diya taking nonveg suspiciously, vomiting, etc., and rest of recent incidents and says he is missing something, something is wrong, Diya is not like that. CT says they way she misbehaved with her and her demand of chartered plane, she has changed and will leave him in the morning, he should accept truth. Ratan says he will not so easily and will find out reason. Diya hears their conversation and walks to her room sadly. Ratan looks at his letters for Diya and feels sad. Diya also opens cupboard and sees notes falling down and reminisces time spent with Ratan and their love for each other. Tere liye Hum Hain jiye…song..plays in the background.

Sakshi calls Mohak and says she will do as he says from hereon, gives him his bag and says he can go with his baby doll wherever he wants. Security guards brings baby doll in gunny bag. Sakshi says here baby doll is, he should leave palace right now and go with Baby doll. Mohak asks to check who Baby doll is and how beautiful she is. Sakshi angrily opens bag. Babasa gets out of it and throws shoes on security scolding them. Sakshi apologizes. Mohak says it as Babasa’s plan to get her back to normalcy from sadhvi.

Diya gets heavy hearted thinking of living Ratan. Ratan walks in and says he will help her pack bags. She says no need for that. He says let us play old game and lighting match stick and asks her to look into his eyes. She blows off stick and says she does not want to play any stupid game. He insists, but she scolds and sends him away. She then walks down to living room and looking all around hopes time freezes. Ratan thinks how to make her accept that she loves him. She breaks vase and cuts his hand from it and shouts in pain. Diya runs to him and applying bandage says let us go to doctor. He says it will take 1 hour to reach doctor, she will be delayed. Diya says she does not care and he needs treatment first. He says he will get well with turmeric milk for a week, but needs her presence. He insists her to accept that she loves him, pulling her towards. Diya gets afraid seeing bomb locket, but accepts she loves him a lot.

Precap: Ratan takes Diya in car, car’s tyre punctures. Ratan says Diya he will change tyre and walks towards dickie. Diya thinks if Ratan opens dickie terrorists Deepu will shoot him.

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