Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Proposes Diya

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Deepu points gun at Diya and warns how dare she is to think of getting him arrested, he can blast dragon with just press of a button. She pleads not to. He orders her to arrange chartered plane for him. Ratan calls her. Deepu asks to pick call. Ratan asks Diya to tell her friend to stay for sometime. Diya says it is impossible. He asks to let him speak to her friend. She says her friend is in washroom. Servant calls Ratan and informs pest control in palace has finished. Deepu says Diya that she has learnt lying well in his company. Diya warns her to forget he will escape, he will be caught soon. She returns back to palace murmuring she has to make arrangements before family returns. Vase falls down. She keeps her mobile on table and refixes vase and forgets it. Ratan walks in and seeing mobile picks it. Diya returns and nervously thinks Ratan should not question her about mobile. Ratan thinks he will not question her where she would lie and returns mobile. Diya thinks why he thinks her as good, she is not. Ratan thinks she should look via his eyes, wherever there is love, there is trust. She thinks if he trusts her so much. He thinks a lot. She asks if he said something. He says no, let us go in before family returns.

CT speaks to Maan Singh’s photo and says Ratan and Diya are made for each other and their divorce should be canceled. Ratan enters and says she is right, he has canceled divorce proceedings. She asks he realized his love now. He says yes, he will propose her today. She gives him family bangles and asks to give them to Diya.

Sakshi continues her drama as sadhvi/saint. Chote Thakur walks with Mohak and asks him to keep his mobile near Sakshi, he has saved his number as Baby doll. He does same. Sakshi sees baby doll on mobile. Mohak acting as nervous picks mobile and suspiciously talks with Chote Thakur. Sakshi listens to him. Mohak says he will keep mustache for baby doll and will get her another jewelry. Sakshi thinks babasa was right, Mohak is having an affair.

Diya prays god and thinks Ratan trusts her so much, but he should not question her much. Ratan thinks he will not question her until she herself answers. Deepu calls Diya and orders to meet him. She meets. He asks what happened to chartered plane. She asks to wait. He says she is partner in crime now and hid him from police. She asks to be specific. He says Ratan will propose her tonight, she should reject his proposal. She says she will not. He insists to do as he says, he is making their date more romantic. She leaves. Deepu thinks she is so helpless.

Diya returns to her room and sees a beautiful dress with greeting card on bed. She goes to change and reminisces Ratan’s love for her. Ratan prepares romantic dinner table for them with flower decoration. Diya reaches there. Ratan smiles at CT who is watching them hiding and walks away with Diya. He takes her to venue and romantically proposes her with rose bouquet and shows family bangles, saying he wants to be with her forever, will she. She says she loves him madly and wants to spend 7 lives with him, I love you very much, hugs him. Ratan asks to tell if she accepted his love or not. Diya gets out of imagination. She throws bangles and flowers and says she does not need anything, she is tired of guarding him and wants to live her life going far away from him. Ratan stands heart broken.

Precap: Ratan cuts his hand. Diya rushes to him worriedly. He says she loves him a lot. She says no. He repeats. She says yes she loves him a lot. He asks why did she lie then.

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  1. I like the show so much . Unlike other shows it is showing relationship and all a nice way . See other shows showing hell 2 husband’s …2 wife’s … Poor girl and rich guy first they will fight and then love non sense shows …but RLHN is best unique story … But sad it is ending very fast …??

    1. All best unique story will end soon, disgusting stories will last for years

    2. Vanisha Shrivastava

      Right such as YRKKH YHM DABH TSMSP SSK etc nonsense show last for years but good shows last only for a few months

    3. yes its viewers fault

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