Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya’s Plan To Get Deepu Caught Fails

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya brings nonveg to Deepu and imagines pointing gun on him. Deepu forces her to have nonveg, else he will press bomb remote. She eats nonveg and runs to washroom to vomit. Ratan thinks what happened to her and offers her mint. She says she got acidity due to headache medicines, is tired and wants to rest now. She sleeps on bed feeling guilty. CT sees nonveg packet in dustbin and over phone asks hotel manager who ordered nonveg. Manager says Diya. CT goes to Diya and confronts why did she order nonveg on Ekadashi day and if she eats nonveg, why did not she inform. Ratan enters and says he ordered nonveg. CT asks not to cover each other’s mistakes and leaves. Diya asks Ratan why did he take blame on himself. Ratan says he trusts her a lot.

Sakshi continues behaving like a saint lady/sadhvi and meditates with servants. Mohak says Chote Thakur that he neesd old Sakshi. Chote Thakur says he will and asks to start drama. He loudly says he had been to jeweller, why Sakshi’s jewelry was with a beautiful young woman. He walks to Sakshi and asks if this jewelry is hers. She says yes. He says Mohak gave jewelry to another woman. Mohak acts not to mislead my wife. Sakshi says she trusts her husband. Chote Thakur asks to think like a wife. She looks at Mohak and leaves.

Inspector meets Diya and says they are still searching terrorist and will be around palace disguised as pest control team. Diya thinks terrorist cannot be caught until bomb locket is removed from Ratan’s neck. Police enters disguised as pest control team. Diya asks Ratan to go to Mohana’s house as pest control will start here. Ratan asks her to go, he will stay here. Diya gets Deepu’s message and thinks he knows about this, how to send Ratan out now. She acts as picking he purse and dials her number via landline, acts as speaking to her friend and promising to meet her. She asks Ratan to go to Mohana’s house, she will come later. Ratan leaves.

Diya asks pest control team to go and check other rooms while she brings keys of this room. She opens door asks Deepu to accompany him as police is searching him. Theey both hide under stairs. Diya says she has plan for him to escape and gives him pest control clothes, asks him to wear them soon. He dos and she thinks she has to get bomb remote someone. Real pest control officer comes. Diya sends him away. Once Deepu moves, she picks remote silently and pointing gun at Deepu says terrorists place is in jail. Deepu pleads to spare him, he will do as she says. She says he is terrorist and deserves punishment, she will get him punished. He laughs and says she picked fake remote, real one is with him. He snatches gun and orders to do as he says, punishment for her mistake is Ratan’s death. Diya gets tensed looking at remote.

Precap: Ratan tells Diya that he wants to spend life with him. She angrily says she wants to go away from him forever.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is it true that this serial is gonna END!?

    1. Yes, I saw somewhere last epi will be on 1st june

  2. Your Comment oh no now what happen then???

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