Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepu Forces Diya To Have Nonveg

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Fan falls down after loose fitting. CT asks Yash to get all fans refixed. Yash says electrician fixed fans recently, he does not know how fan fel. Deepu calls Diya and says he does not know where next fan will fall down, before that she should come and meet him. Diya meets him. H says she prepares nice food, then why Ratan does not like it. He then warns her to not act oversmart, else he will press bomb remote button, he would have blasted Ratan for her mistake, she should arrange chartered plane for him. Diya returns to her room and seeing Ratan fixing his bed on floor says he can sleep on bed. Ratan says it is okay, until they get into husband and wife’s character, they can enjoy as girlfriend and boyfriend. He says good night and sleeps. Diya reminisces Deepu’s warning and thinks she cannot do anything even after knowing the threat, what if something happens to Ratan.

Mohak informs CT that he will take Sakshi to club to make her feel relaxed. Sakshi walks down wearing saint’s clothes and chanting Hare Ram… Mohak asks her to change clothes, they are going to club. She says he should listen to babaji’s preaches. CT asks Mohak not to worry, she will handle Sakshi and takes her away, while Saakshi continues chanting mantras. Chote Thakur comes to Mohak and asks what happened to him. Mohak cries and says Sakshi has becocme saint and does not want to go on shopping or club. Chote Thakur says it is good, he can save money on Sakhsi’s shopping. Mohak says he can sell himself for Sakhsi. Chote Thakur asks who will buy him..okay he will find a solution.

Next morning, Ratan loses Diya’s eyes and says he has brought her favorite gift and shows her favorite car’s pic. Diya gets happy. He asks to get ready to fly in air, holding her waist says he will take her out. Diya reminisces Deepu’s warning she cannot go out of palace. Ratan says they will drive around whole Ratangarh and enjoy. Diya thinks if imposter finds out that Ratan wants to go out, he will create problem. Ratan says he will select a sari for their date. Diya says she is feeling unwell due to pain killer side effect. He says let us go on a walk. She angrily says she told she is having headache and cannot go out. He says it is okay ad goes to get medicine for her.

Sakshi continues chanting mantras. Mohak makes her smell her favorite samosas and says Sakshi likes them a lot. Sakhshi takes them and asks Isha to disribute them among servants, she will have satvi food and will not fall for worldly pleasures.

Diya wakes up from sleep at midnight and looks at Ratan’s locket, thinks what to do to save Ratan and handover terrorist to police. Deepu calls her and orders to bring nonveg food. Diya thinks she has to do something and brings food parcel. Ratan sees her and asks if she is hungry. She says yes. He says he is not hungry, but will accompany her. Diya says he should sleep, else he will act groggy. Ratan thinks parcel is smelling nonveg, but Diya is vegeterian, maybe he is thinking too much. He leaves. Diya takes parcel to Deepu. Deepu opens parcel and enjoys chicken tandoori. Diya feels nauseous smelling chicken. Deepu asks to taste food, who knows she may have mixed something. Diya says she is a vegetarian. Deepu shows her bomb remote. She tastes it.

Precap: Diya runs to bathroom and vomits. Ratan thinks why he is smelling nonveg. Diya returns. Ratan asks if she is fine, if she had nonveg.

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