Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Senses Unseen Danger

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya thinking how can that imposter run away easily. Bhuvan hugs CT and asks if she is fine? Police Inspector tells that you all are safe now. He tells that you all are safe now. He praises Diya’s bravery. Diya tells him that Meethi’s dead body is still there. She tells about the imposter. Inspector praises Diya and says our relation with foreigner strengthened now. Diya tells Inspector that Imposter told Meethi that he can’t die until he mission is fulfilled. Inspector asks Diya to leave everything on him. CT tells Diya that they are safe today because of her. She hugs her. Isha also hugs Diya. Mohana thanks everyone for standing with her. Ratan takes Diya to their room. He writes their name and Mrs. And Mr. Ratan Singh. He tells Diya that they are husband and wife and gives all her rights to her. He promises not to leave her. He tells her that he will keep his stuff out and will decorate the room as a couple room. Diya says she loves him and all his stuff. Ratan says what is changed is deal. He says I have seen world enough.

Diya laughs and feels pain in her head. He asks are you fine and hugs her. Balam ji plays. Ratan says anything would have happen to you, but thank god, nothing happen to you and everyone is safe. Diya recalls about Imposter’s words. Bhuvan and CT come to room and pick their photo frame. He promises not to hurt her always and says he will leave all his bad habits. CT gets emotional. Bhuvan hugs her.

Mohak and Sakshi come to their room and see it messed up. Sakshi tells Mohak that they are not safe here, everywhere is dead body and says she don’t want to stay here. Ayush calls Isha and asks about her. Isha says we all are safe and asks him to complete his work and return. She says it is good that you are not here. Ayush says I will soon come. Servant comes and says there is a shuddhi karan Pooja in sometime. Isha says she will come. CT ties holy thread to everyone’s hands. She asks Diya to sprinkle Ganjajal in house corners to keep away the bad sight. Diya sprinkles it. She thinks why can’t I be happy and thinks Palace is not safe still. She senses danger.

Ratan comes there and touches her shoulder. He says he wants to make her wear mangalsutra and says he has repaired it. Diya asks him to make her wear it. He makes her wear it. Balam ji plays….He kisses on her shoulder. Diya says she has brought gift for him. CT asks Diya to come. Diya says she has to go to corridor and sprinkle gangajal there. Ratan says I want to tell you something and says kakimaa sa is calling you. Diya asks herself to calm down her heart. She comes to corridor and collides with flower vase. Knife falls down from it. She thinks this is the same knife with which Meethi attacked Imposter. She thinks Imposter went from here and hidden it here. She thinks to inform family members.

Ratan gets a locket gifted by Diya and says I will never let this go away from me. He plans surprise for her. Diya gets a letter and thinks Ratan called her. She comes to the place and sees Imposter there.

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