Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya feels guilty

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

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Ratan says I will apply it on your rashes. She sits. He applies ointment on her rashes. Yeh rishta likhenge naya ji plays. Ratan says I know you will not lie, so I will lie. He goes down and tells CT that Diya can’t do this rasam. CT says invitations were sent and asks what happened? Diya comes there. Ratan tells CT that Diya had kesar milk and got rashes. She can’t wear heavy jewellery. CT says you are right and asks Diya to go and rest. Ratan says now Diya don’t need it. CT asks why? Ratan says he will apply ointment and takes Diya with him.

Nitya tells CT that Ratan is taking care of Diya well. CT asks her to go to Mohana’s house with Yash and gives her gift for the festival.

Mohana thinks Nitya and Yash must have brought the stuffs, but it is actually brought by Arpita. Arpita says she left her father as he couldn’t take care of her financial needs. She says why do you hate me. Mohana says you have lost your right and asks her to go. She threatens to cut her wrist. Arpita says I will go and asks her to come, whenever she wants, says I am your mother, and you can’t change this truth.

Ratan asks Diya to do whatever she wants and says today you got holiday. Ratan looks on. Ratan asks what happened. Diya feels guilty to hide truth from them. Ratan praises her and tells God that Diya is so good etc. Arpita collides with Nitya. Nitya tells her that her curse worked and tells that Ratan and Diya are inseparable. She invites her to Kesar Mahal. Arpita goes. Nitya and Yash come inside and gives shagun to Mohana. Nitya tells her that their mood was good, but just now they saw naagin outside. Yash asks Mohana to make sherbet. Mohana asks Yash whom they met. Yash says one woman hates Diya very much and is our enemy. Nitya comes there. Ratan comes to Diya. Diya asks what is this fake color and asks if she will get real rashes? CT is coming there.

CT falls in the bathroom. Diya and Jhunki break the door and rescue her. Diya’s hand get wet as she tries to close the tap. Later, CT tries to wipe her wet hand. Diya gets tensed as her hand is colored.

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