Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya’s Plan To Trick Deepu Fails

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya explains her plan to Ratan and says they have to take risk to save their family. On the other side, Deepu tells they will bomb blast this hotel and complete their mission even if they have to sacrifice their life. His aide walks in and says boss’ life is more precious than this mission, she has another plan. She shows toxic fume smoker and says they will spread toxic smoke all over palace and kill Diya and her family. Diya on the other side explains her plan to her family and asks if they are ready to help her. Family say they are all ready to help her and will support her. Ratan says Diya is risking her life to save them. Chote Thakur asks who will go to face terrorist. Diya and Ratan at once say they will.

Deepu orders his team to spread toxic smoke in all rooms, and they obey his orders. Deepu with his team then goes towards Diya’s family. Diya walks to him. His team points gun at Diya. Diya asks to spare her family, she will give her Erick’s address, she needs Nitya bua’s inhaler from her room also. Deepu agrees. Diya shows him map. Deepu’s aide yells she is trying to trick them, and map may be wrong. Diya challenges to try himself while she is under his team’s control. Deepu leaves with few of his team while his aide continues pointing gun on Diya and tongue lashing her.

Ratan with his Chote Thakur and other male members fixes hot water trap in a room where Deepu would come and hides. Deepu walks towards room. Ratan and Chote Thakur’s jokergiri starts. They discuss once Deepu opens door, boiling hot water will fall on him. Deep stops near door and inserts his mobile to record situation inside room. He realizes about the trap and opens door with a stick. Water falls on stick. Deep realizes about the trap. Ratan tells team that their plan failed, they should escape via secret door now. They all run away.

Deepu calls his aide and asks hr to catch Diya, she laid a trap to kill him. Diya realizes what is going on and pushing aides runs away. Aide shoots her in vain. Deepu returns and catches Diya, shouts how dare she is to try to kill him, where is Erick. Diya says even if she dies, she will not tell Erick’s info. Deepu warns he will kill her if she does not and ties her to a pillar.

Precap: Diya tells Deepu she will not give Erick’s info even if he kills her. He says he will toruture her until she speaks and suffocates her in plastic bag.

Update Credit to: MA

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