Rishmi love forever-getting back her love epic-1

Rishmi love forever -epic1
Story line before my fanfiction.
After marriage Rishi started to avoid the Lakshmi saying some reason. After somedays Rishi will be in baised manner due to Lakshmi good nature. Rishi started to ignore Malisha.Malisha planned to expose Rishi family secret Based on marriage reason.Lakshmi learn the truth about marriage.At the same Rishi started to fall for Lakshmi without realisation.Lakshmi started to avoid Rishi.
“Here im going to start my fanficition story.Hey hai readers I’m Anjesta .Im a new wrritter if any mistakes sorry readers”.

” One fine day morning Rishi is looking for Lakshmi in room.But he didnt found her and he get tensed because she is not in room.He then searched throughout the oberoi mansion.He didnt found her and he kept asking throughout the family members did you guys see lakshmi but nobody knows.Atlast Ayush told that i have seen babhi is going out earlymorning.Nowdays Lakshmi will do her daughter in law duty but she didnt accompany with anyone of this house because everyone has backstabed her.Rishi after hearing this from Ayush he get little tensed if she left me completely and went outside the house.I couldnt able to see her then she forgive me Rishi mind are running with this thoughts.Rishi father came towards him why are u getting tensed.You will be happy when Lakshmi left you and also you can enjoy your lyf too bla bla saying to expose real rishi mind to him.His father realised rishi is madly love with Lakshmi. Rishi anger increased and raised voice aganist father and declared he cant live without Lakshmi.Next seven generation she will be only mine nobody can take her from me.After wards Rishi realised what he said to his father then he realised that he madly love with Lakshmi not Malisha .Malisha is just attraction or infactuation.He thank god Malisha have left me because of his avoidance .she went to USA.Rishi is happy that he loves Lakshmi.suddenly he realised she is not here.Rishi went to search for lakshmi but he didnt found. At first he went to Lakshmi chacha house if she went there.Lakshmi didnt inform the truth behind the marriage to her family members everyone asking Rishi if Lakshmi is fine why you didnt bring her to meet us.Shallu and Bani told to rishi they are missing her lot.Even she didnt talk to us .Rishi understand the pain of Lakshmi.Lakshmi consider Bani and Shallu as her child but she is not talking to them also.Rishi inform them he will take Lakshmi to your home and we will stay one week after my hectic schedule .Rishi say to them i will leave now.Rishi then he searched in orphanage here Lakshmi used to spent more times with this children nowadays.Orphanage kids are kept enjoying Rishi,they think Lakshmi sister has came.Rishi think lakshmi didnt came here also.Rishi get devasted he didnt found her atlast he pray to god he should find her.”Remaining will continued…will he found her…

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