Rise of the Dark Shade… (Kumkum Bhagya)

We all know that there are two shades of a person, one is positive and one is negative…. when the bridges of patience falls down the darker shades starts growing, what if the protagonist of the show Pragya turns antagonist for the Mehra family…. a love story dies and revenge story blooms out…. lets take a point of view and fall into the situation where the protagonist changes her role….. let’s see…

Being a mother is more tough than being a wife… One has to take care of every single thought and emotion… more than that one has to remember how to handle those emotion… that neither one gets distracted nor one misleads herself… Its too hard to decide whom to choose and whom to not…. being a father a man can make mistakes and then one has to think that how to rectify them… It is not my story… It is the story of that every mother who struggles to get her son/daughter on the right path without getting them distracted towards the wrong thought… If I talk about myself then I am much concerned for Kiara now… because now the face has changed…. every aspect of thought has changed…. few days spent in India and time spent like the storms take dried leaves with it…. embracing them in its lap giving a new place to die peacefully without getting disrespected by crunching themselves under someone’s feet…. We were happy when we were in London but I guess leading to life which is professional, I met my past again and this time to be honest I didn’t felt what should I must have felt because this time it was necessary to move one…. but it is to be said that when you tie a knot you leave some scars on the rope when that knot breaks… that happened with me too… I was happy earlier to be a single mother but his appearance made me feel insecure about Kiara… she is not born to struggle for anything neither I want to she is just a 6 year old girl who only wants her parents to be with her and somehow I and Mr.King was doing so and are doing that till now but this was not accepted by the destiny that he met us again and the only feel I got after meeting him was Kiara will not suffer because of him and neither will I let him know about our daughter, she is my daughter… I bought her up I struggled everytime to hold on the realation with him but the things didnt worked so I moved on… now he cant replicate my past with me…. now even my daughter doesn’t want to go with him so then this won’t happen though he filed a case on me for the custody of Kiara but I won’t lose her custody ever because this time no matter how much I have to stoop low but I will take Kiara away from the world wich is full of disbelief where everyone is fighting with their own people just to get their happiness, and I won’t Kiara live that life… Now Kiara knows that her dada is not her father instead her handsome doll chor is her father, but the thing which makes me positive towards her thought is that statement which chachi said to me.. “Choice is yours… your past was filled with pain every single moment was the moment of struggle for you and the present is reflecting a calm and sweet life where only three of you are present decision is yours that what you want to do” and now I know that what I have to do… I will die but will not Kiara go in wrong hands… she deserves to be a princess… a warrior princess not the one who loose herself infront of situations… I do remember that when she was so tensed that whether she will be able to stay with me and Mr. Singh or not…. but things got in our favour and giving the holding to case for the DNA test the next hearing postponed on two months later as report of DNA takes time to declare of approx 20 days and now I will play my cards… Mehra family has seen my concern towards them my humbleness towards them… my sincearity towards every relation and played various mind games with me… but now its my turn… they have given pain to my daughter that she was questioning about her identity, and those sobbing little red eyes will always make me strong to fight this battle against them all… I can’t forget that annual function in which she performed her emotions asking about her identity…from me… “flashback is shown…”
Pragya and King went to attend Kiara’s annual function and Abhi along with Purab and rest of the family are also there to cheer up Sunny…. they face each other but ignoring each other takes their seat… here music plays and Kiara’s performance started… she started her dance steps….
“Aye zindagi qatra hoon main Ya main hoon dariya tumhara (O life! Am I just a particle Or am I a river?)
Aye zindagi zarra hoon main Ya main hoon saara zamaana (O life! Am I just a particle Or am I this whole world?)
Ik baar aankhein mila ke bata toh Kya naam hai mera (Just once meet my eyes anf tell me, What is my name?)
Chaand hoon main ya chaand ka tukda (Am I moon or a piece of the moon? )
Ya main hoon daag tumhara (Or am I a blemish on you)
Aye zindagi qatra hoon main Ya main hoon dariya tumhara (O life! Am I just a particle Or am I a river?)
Aye zindagi zarra hoon main Ya main hoon saara zamaana (O life! Am I just a particle Or am I this whole world?)
here she replicates Pragya as “Life” in her song and King as “MOON” as well as her self as the part of moon (Abhi) and if she doesn’t belong to King, if she is a trouble for her as she was alone when she was born…. this lead to the heart wrenching pain for Pragya and she was somehow broke with those questions….”
Main chadhta savera Ya hoon kaali raat (Am I dawn Or am I a dark night?)
Ya mit mit ke banti huyi qaaynaat (Or am I the universe that eradicating and reforming time and again?)
Main girta sitaara hoon Ya hoon falak (Am I a shooting star Or am I the sky?)
Ya waqt ki aankhon se tooti palak (Or am I a broken eyelash from the eyes of time?)
Hai ugte sooraj ki mujh mein tapish (I have the heat of the rising sun in me)
Hai jalti sitaaron ki mujh mein khalish (The pain of the stars burns in me)
Ya mitti ka chota sa main hoon diya (Or am I a lamp made of clay )
Maa ne sawera jo roshan kiya (Which has been alighted by her mother?)
Aye zindagi main roshni (O life! Am I light )
Ya main andhera tumhara (Or am I your darkness?)
Aye zindagi main hoon marham ( O life! Am I salve )
Ya zakhm main hoon purana (Or am I an old wound? )
The boundaries of questions were increasing with the proceeding of program and calling herself as a wound for her mother Pragya was getting enraged more than emotional for her situation she was blaming Abhi for the situations ……………….
Main mitti mein hoon Main chattano mein bhi (I am present in the mud As well as rocks)
Main ose mein hoon Main toofaano mein bhi (I am present in the dew As well as storms)
Ik naam mein kaise samaa paaungi (How can I be encomapssed on a single name? )
Main banjar mein hoon (I am present in barren)
Main bahaaron mein bhi (As well as in the spring seasons)
Main vaani gurbaani azaano mein bhi (I am present in the speech of Gurbaani as well as Azaan)
Main vedon mein hoon (I am present in the Vedas (Hindu scriptures))
Main quraan mein bhi (As well as Quran (Religious text of Islam)
(Meaning, I am present in different religions)
Ek dhaam mein kaise samaa paaungi (How can I be encompasses in a single (abode) )
Main gumbad mein hoon Main minaaron mein bhi (I am present in domes As well as minarets)
Ae zindagi main hi Aleph Main Omkara tumhara (O life! I am present in Alif I am Omkara)
Ae zindagi main hi khudi Main hi khudara tumhara (O life! I am self respect As well as your God)
Every passing word was taking everyone in the to the deep world because Kiara’s emotional performance was forcing them to remeber past and live in the reality and here her consideratin of “mud” with King as present and “rock” with Abhi as past, then resembalance of “dew” with King and “storm” with Abhi as his one custody case shook everyone’s life and logically Pragya was getting more harsh towards Abhi with each word Kiara was siging…

Iktara Meera ka (I am the iktara of Meerabai (the musical instrument of Meerabai, devotee of Lord Krishna)
Doha Kabire ka (I am the couplet of Kabir)
Iktara Meera ka Doha Kabire ka (I am the iktara of Meerabai, I am the couplet of Kabir)
Main khaali pyala hoon pagle fakire ka (I am the empty goblet of a crazy beggar)
Aaghaaz koi na anjaam hai (I have no start or end)
Mera toh koi bhi nahin naam hai (I don’t have any name)
Toh kyun tu tere rakhwaale ghera lagaate hain (Then why do your protectors surround me)
Rasmon ke pinjre mein qaid karaate hain (And imprison me in the cage of custome?)
Kyun daam dete hain thappa lagaate hain (Why do they attach a price tag to me?)
Mujhse kyun main ki jung karaate hain (Why do they make me fight my own self?)
Jung karaate hain Jung karaate hain
Main behti nadi hoon mujhe behne do (I am a flowing river, let me flow)
Main pal pal sadi hoon mujhe rehne do (I am century in every moment, let me be I am)
Dhaara ki tarah main zameenon mein (on the ground like streams)
dhool ki tarah Main hoon aasmaano mein (I am like dust in the skies )
Teri hi beti hoon ae zindagi (O life! I am your own daughter)
Mitaaye mitungi na main do jahaano se (I won’t be eradicated even by the two worlds)
Ae zindagi tu hai meri Main hoon sirhaana tumhara (O life, you are mine I am your pillow)
Ae zindagi ik sach yehi ( O life, this is the only truth)
Baaki hai jhoota fasaana (Everything else are false tales)
Ik baar aankhein mila ke toh maano (just look into my eyes once)
Nahin koi naam mera (and tell me that I have no name)
Nahin koi naam mera (tell me I have no name)
It was enough to tolerate for Pragya her patience broke as she narrated herself as meera’s ektara which means the prayers she offered to the god and the dedication level of Pragya towards Abhi was reminded by her then she considered herself as couplet of kabir which clearly means King as Pragya was not his wife but he was always present for her same as Kabir’s word’s were present for society and every situation she said herself as the empty bowl of beggar which clearly took Abhi to the moment that he was the one who was beggar and wasnt having anything (Kiara) in his bowl (in his life) she said she doesnt have begginning nor the end then why all were fighting for her and were trying to make her identity with their name….Pragya ran and hugged her tightly wiping her tears off saying ” yes you are my daughter… daughter of a life and you dont need any name dear you are name for your ownself” she asked that who taught her this song and who prepared her as well, Kiara doesnt answered a word but her gaze fallen towards someone and looking at the person Pragya smiled emotionally…”
Flashback ends
” You said you are the daughter of life Kiara and belive me Kiara your mother won’t let you become the matter of rival for everyone…. they have seen the whiter shade of your mother and now its time to show them the darker side of mine…”

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  1. Sry to say this but it’s hurting us more
    Already we ‘re In a Delima and this story also makes ourselves worried for our favourite couple so don’t make them hating

  2. And I am glad this one’s not cliche but unique, you always bring uniqueness and yk what people say? Don’t expect they lead to dissaponitments but believe you ke your work your words they way you portray emotions through the lyrics of different songs always force me to expect more and more from you and always you fufill them you don’t lead me to dissapointment. This was different and not cliche, no wonder where will the show go I know this one will go in righr direction.

  3. Backkkkk with a BANGGGGGGGGGG…. I am sooooooo happy to see you back here Surbhi….. i really love this plot and Pragya….. I always wish to see this Pragya in real KKB but u made it, why should she always forgive those ppl who always hurt her and treat her like a doll whenever they want to play they need her and they will throw her out like a doll when they dont want to play…. Mehras deserve her hatred and revenge for playing with her and her daughter’s emotions too…. why would women always forgive their husband whatever they do in the name of love????????? please continue dear its asusual an awesome and unique plot……. waiting for your next update….

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    FINALLY! YOU R BACKKKKK!✌ And The Plot Is Really UNIQUE DUDE! Just Like You?? Keep Writing✍?❤

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