Rise of the Dark Shade… (Kumkum Bhagya) Chapter 9

Its not necessary that what you feel is exactly right what you want to feel…. sometimes you have to go against your values and morals to commit life or to complete the commitments which you have made with your life, It is so understood that you don’t have to make choice between right and wrong, you have to make choices between wrong and extreme wrong instead…. it is proven that if you are affectionate to something or you are in search of your soul then you will break every possible rule which you can break with anything instead…… It is done with today’s diary ritual and I have to leave as today is final decision of my daughter’s custody… Good bye diary hope I meet you soon…

In the court room

Lawyer1 : My lord! Mrs. Pragya is not here today as according to her family she met with an accident and my opinion here is that it all shows a false image… which says Pragya has committed this accident so that she can blackmail my client Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra emotionally so that we quit this case and Kiara remains with Mrs. Pragya….

Lawyer2 : I object your honor…. My opponent wants to conclude that Pragya faced an accident and she is in coma….

Lawyer1 : I am not concluding these images are saying it clearly

Lawyer2: If it is like that then who is that lady out there seated on the bench with Kiara…

All were stunned hearing that and the look a like of Pragya was called inside, everyone were stunned to see her and even Abhi was shocked to see that the person who was concluded to be in coma was standing just in front of him…. it was clear that the statement kept that “Pragya is in coma” was turned out as a false statement… proceeding went on without any dramatic reaction and then court was adjourned for lunch break

Outside the courtroom

Pragya kept hand over King’s shoulder and he looked at her with some anger in his eyes and said “don’t try to be what you are…. I left you for the same reason and then you are here again with the same work” he left the place and Pragya was upset with his behaviour…. she was leaving the place when suddenly she saw Abhi in front of her who didn’t even allowed to speak her anything instead he said “I don’t know that what you will react on this moment and what am I supposed to react on this but Pragya I want to say that I feel this is not going right…. something is bad in this something is not right here either our separation or this fight between me and you for our daughter or you can say for our right, look we both have right over Kiara but…..” Pragya interrupted “ but what…. let me tell you one thing Abhi you and I both lost that right to say anything over this matter so better that we shouldn’t talk about this” she was about to leave when Abhi held her hand and hugged her tightly… she was stunned for a while and suddenly abhi left her with a suspicious look and flashbacks of all moment spent together…., “You….. you are not…..” Abhi stammered and she replied “ Gosh you finally know that but the question is…. how will you prove this that I am not….” she walked passing Abhi with a smirk…, music played in background “allah duhai hai…. phir bewafai hai…. mushkil rihai hai…. haan tere pyar mein…”

Abhi was all confused with the terms of coincidences which were taking place back to back…

In the court room

All the perspectives were kept in front of the Judge and after listening all the accusations it was his turn to give the correct judgement everyone was busy looking at judge…

Judge.: I have heard both the parties and before getting to the judgement it is clear from statements of Mrs. Pragya that she was never married to Abhishek Prem Mehra as per the statements of Mrs. Disha and proofs presented by Mrs Pragya it is clearly stated that she was never married to Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra and Miss Niara doesn’t have or she shares any relation with Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra this case is clear and judgement goes in favour of Mrs Pragya Singh. The court is adjourned….

All started leaving the place and King started swinging Kiara in joy as she will be with him always there Mehra family was cursing Disha for not accompanying them in getting their grand daughter back as well as they were astonished that how come this became possible to prove that Kiara is not Abhi’s daughter….. Abhi was glaring at the look alike of Pragya and she was looking with a calm smile towards King and Kiara when her gaze fallen on Abhi who was staring her…. she smirked with a wicked smile…. BG played “jhoothi mohabbat hai teri fitrat har martaba sau dafa tuney kiya daga….” she left the place leaving Abhi irked behind, everyone were so busy in blame game that Abhi screamed in anger “just shut up all of you…. you told you that she is not my daughter just because she won the case it doesn’t means that she is not my daughter and if your talking about Pragya then let me tell you that the person who was here as Pragya doesn’t even matches her personality in short she is not Pragya she is just her look a like who was bought here by king I am damn sure…..” He was grinning his teeth in anger and was about to leave the place when he suddenly saw King coming to him….”

King: Abhi…. don’t think that I am here because I won the case and all just remind one thing that I want to know the reason you did it all because Pragya will never disclose her secrets obviously…. so after all this mess I just request you to share that with me….”

Abhi cuts off: Why you want to know what was amid us and what does it matters now, when you won not only her heart but her whole life as well…

King: don’t take me wrong and don’t think me as your rival because who knows that who was yours is not with me too…. that’s why I want to know why this all is happening…. that’s it

Aliya interrupted.: Listen Mr…..

Abhi mocks.: As I know today there is our conference at Panama Hotel… just wait for the evening and you will know it all…..may be in our performances you will get to know your answers…

And he left the place silently… along with all other Mehra family members

Panama hotel

Conference was over and everyone were busy in dinner before the performances of Abhi and King…. Abhi was lost in the idea according to which he will ask Pragya about their relation publicly and there King was lost in thoughts about where was Pragya lost from hospital… if she was here then where was Pragya and who was the third person helping them up to here it was obvious that she was chorus part for his songs every time but where was she…. all he knew that for the conference she handed him a letter just before her accident and wished to sing the same song thats it…. but what was the reason behind was still unknown he was all lost in thoughts when lights turned off and beneath a spot light the visible person was Abhi with his guitar and a projector screen on his back….. he pulled the guitar strings and the projector started projecting some images…. those were the happy moments of them…..

rajj ke rulaaya, rajj ke hansaaya (She made me cry like anything, made me laugh like anything.)
maine dil kho ke ishq kamaaya (I lost my heart and earned love.)
maanga jo usne ek sitaara (When she asked for a star,)
humne zameen pe chaand bulaaya (I called the moon to the earth.)

wo jo aankhon se ik pal na ojhal huye (the one who never got away from my eyes for a moment,)
laapata ho gaye dekhte dekhte (got lost suddenly when I was looking.)


King was trying to figure out the meanings of those pictures as till now he was sure that Pragya was Abhi’s lady love but according to the circumstances which took place 8 years back he betrayed her when she needed him there look a like of Pragya was getting somehow numb looking at pictures of Pragya and Abhi as well as dropping eyes of Abhi which were saying as if he has lost everything in life…..


sochta hoon ke wo kitne masoom thhe (I wonder how innocent she was,)
kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte (when I saw how she transformed herself in no time.)

wo jo kehte thhe bichhRenge na hum kabhi (the one who used to say we’ll never be get separated,)
alvida ho gaye dekhte dekhte (said goodbye in no time.)

ek main ek wo, aur shaamein kayi (There was me, her, and many evenings,)
chaand roshan thhe tab aasmaan mein kayi (there were many moons lighting the sky.)

yaariyon ka wo dariya utar bhi gaya (That sea of togetherness ebbed away,)
aur haathon mein bas ret hi reh gayi (and there was just sand left in my hands.)

koi poochhe ke humse khata kya hui (someone ask her what mistake I made,)
kyun khafa ho gaye dekhte dekhte (why she got upset with me in no time.)

aate jaate thhe jo saans ban ke kabhi (the one who used to be my breathe)
wo hawa ho gaye dekhte dekhte (became air in no time.)


It was clear by his words that he was missing her to the hell and more than that he wonder where is she because after the court he went to see her at hospital and she was not there he was getting hallucination that she in front of him forgiving him for his all mistakes…. but soon he realized that it was all a myth and the dream was broken with strike of claps and applauds


wo hawa ho gaye dekhte dekhte
alvida ho gaye dekhte dekhte
lapataa ho gaye dekhte dekhte
kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte

jeene marne ki hum thhe wajah aur humeen (I was the reason for her living and dying,)
bewajah ho gaye dekhte dekhte (and then I became ‘without reason’ in no time.)

sochta hoon ke wo kitne masoom thhe
kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte

Everyone were so happy by the performance there that look a like whispered in King’s ears “Its your chance don’t wonder like this she was his wife….”

Before king could get anything he was called by the host on the stage and then music started where including Abhi even King was shocked to see two ladies looking alike crossing each other in same saree…. and same level of rage as well as craziness to end everything in their eyes….

Baba lauta de mohey gudiya mori (Please give back my doll father)
Angana ka jhoolna bhi (And the garden swing too)
Imli ki daar waali muniya mori (Give back the small bird which sits on a tree)
Chandi ka painjna bhi (And my silver ornament too)


All were confused that what was happening that two similar faces were there King was well aware that this whole thing was Pragya’s plan and he was also trapped into the same…. as she clearly mentioned in her lyrics that every innoscence was lost……


Ik haath mein chingariyan (There is a fire flame in one hand)
Ik haath mein saaz hai (And grace on the other hand)
Hansne ki hai aadat humein (We are addicted to the smile)
Har gham pe bhi naaz hai (And we are proud of my struggle)

Aaj apne tamaashe pe mehfil ko (Today, with our acts)
Karke rahenge fida (we will entertain everyone)
Jab talak na karein jism se jaan (As long as there is a soul in our bodies)
Hogi nahi ye juda (This won’t separate from us)


Manzoor-e-khuda (We accept everything in the name of God)
Manzoor-e-khuda (We accept everything in the name of God)
Anjaam hoga humara jo hai (Whatever is written in our fate, it should happen)
Manzoor-e-khuda(We accept everything in the name of God)
Toote sitaaron se roshan huaa hai (The sky is lit with the broken stars)
Noor-e-khuda (The light of God)

Ho chaar din ki ghulami (Yeah, the four days of slavery)
Jism ki hai salaami (The body salutes and follows the orders)
Rooh toh muddaton se aazaad hai (But, the soul is free from slavery)
Ho, Hum nahin hain yahan ke (Yes, We don’t belong here)
Rehne wale jahaan ke (We are from the other world)
Woh sheher aasman mein aabaad hai (We are from a city which resides in the sky)

Ho khilte hi ujadna hai (We go through sorrow as soon as we find happiness)
Milte hi bichhadna hai (We get separated as soon as we meet)
Apni toh kahaani hai yeh (This is the story of our life)

Kaagaz ke shikaare mein (We are on a boat made of paper)
Dariya se guzarna hai (We have to cross the flowing river)
Aisi zindagaani hai yeh (This is how our life is)

Zindagani ka humpe jo hai karz (The debt we have on our life)
Kar ke rahenge adaa (We will definitely settle down)
Jab talak na karein jism se jaan (As long as there is a soul in our bodies)
Hogi nahi ye juda (This won’t separate from us)

Manzoor-e-khuda (We accept everything in the name of God)
Manzoor-e-khuda (We accept everything in the name of God)
Anjaam hoga humara jo hai (Whatever is written in our fate, it should happen)
Manzoor-e-khuda (We accept everything in the name of God)
Manzoor-e-khuda (manzoor-e-khuda) (We accept everything in the name of God)
Manzoor-e-khuda (manzoor-e-khuda) (We accept everything in the name of God)
Toote sitaaron se roshan huaa hai (The sky is lit with the broken stars)
Noor-e-khuda (The light of God)

Baba lauta de mohey gudiya mori (Please give back my doll father)
Angana ka jhoolna bhi (And the garden swing too)
Imli ki daar waali muniya mori (Give back the small bird which sits on a tree)
Chandi ka painjna bhi (And my silver ornament too)


The whole plan’s blue print was out and as both the ladies left the place with smirk Abhi held one hand without knowing who the lady and dragged her to a room there he asked her “what the hell is going on and what was that all…. just answer me otherwise I will kill you today….. because I don’t have time to react on whatever you did… just tell me damn it….” he was getting mad in anger and the lady infront of him was just smirking on her activities and then suddenly a voice came from back saying “I will tell you….” a shadow shown entering room and turned out to be a look a like said “Its my story… story of Pragya then how can someone else narrate it….” Abhi was hell shocked to see Pragya there and without giving him time to react she said “it was always your and your sister’s game to react but this time I thought to change the board so this time the plan was mine and reaction was yours…. remember that accident of Tanu….” voice came from back “ I wish I could kill her…” Abhi turned back and was shocked to see Disha there…. Pragya continued “you thought you are getting what you want but I made sure that you shouldn’t get this time what you want…..” Disha continued “ I always tried my best to take revenge on you people because you never left a chance to humiliate me your sister always embarrassed me infront of everyone and the only task you had was to look everything like a statue and then spoiling di’s life you wished that you will snatch her daughter also from her….” Pragya continued “It was my plan to scare Tanu like hell I was making sure that she should out of scare… but you spoiled my plan… by taking earlier dates…. No wonder…. I didn’t let you win because this time game was mine and small losses couldn’t make me lose because a mother was playing game this time…. So I called her…..” pointed her finger on look a like she said “Khudaya Pragya…. at least take my name…. after all I am the one who saved you…. well Mr. My name is Suraiyya and to detail about this face let me take you to the flashback….

Pragya tried to commit sue-side falling from cliff but luckily she was saved and King’s car was passing by he saw her, she was breathing and was alive he and Suraiyya took her to the hospital where they got to know that she was pregnant and due to major loss of blood she was out of senses and after few days doctors concluded that she was in coma and there were complications in her pregnancy…. few days went same like that but one day while Suraiyya was performing on King’s creations an incident took place and Chandler fell on her face… the face was destroyed and with treatment it was concluded that her face was destroyed and can be restore only by plastic surgery….. they were having only one option which King suggested on insisting of Suraiyya and that was using Pragya’s face…. after that Suraiyya got her new face but she lost faith of King on betraying the lady who was not in her senses she tried every possible thing to get him back she even serogated Kiara keeping her in her womb for 9 months and caring her like a mother…. after about a year Pragya got consciousness and King told everything to her…. and on questions by him she said , some people just know to love not to know what a love means….” and then taking that accident plan as a key to enter here was my come back dear khudaya Suraiyya always find her ways… to be with king” said Suraiyya…. “And then that accident took place obviously it was very dangerous but believe me not more than my intentions because this Pragya decided to not to surrender against any circumstances and so I remembered about Suraiyya because I knew that after my accident I will succeed in giving you the same pain given by you to me on you dadi’s death and the only way was Kiara but doing this can give her more pain too…. that’s why her foster mother was there with her the one who saved her life was with her…. so it didn’t matter if her real mother was there with her or not….” Pragya said…. “and I made sure that accident shall be real… though it was so tough to do that but it became possible only with courage to fight against you people….” Disha claimed…. “Khudaya Suraiyya was never in this but to be honest their plan was to trap you in murder case but I thought you should get some mercy by us…..” Suraiyya exclaimed she was continuing her statement when everyone heard King screaming Kiara’s name everyone rush their to see and followed slowly by Pragya…. there they come to know that someone kidnapped Kiara and King was behind them…. Suraiyya without thinking about anyone once rushed behind them with her scooty and Disha stood back to be with Pragya who was getting restless there Abhi also went following them both….

At an isolated spot

Kidnappers took Kiara to an isolated spot and there came Suirayya following them… their plan was to kill Kiara on the spot and they were about to shoot Suraiyya came in mid and the bullet hit her right shoulder and she started bleeding heavily…. and fell down the same moment… there king also came at right time the kidnappers were running he saw them, they were none other than Nikhil and Tanu, they were hell scared by now that’s why Tanu opted to escape and Nikhil decided to kill King also so that they shouldn’t get caught….. King took Suraiyya in his arms trying to awake her “Suraiyya get up… it’s just a shoulder hit nothing else you will be fine…. just keep faith” Suraiyya cuts him and said “wait Ranjha…. I could have been alive if you wasn’t there to attend me…. it was easy for me to survive… but ranjha you destroyed everything by coming here…. every single day I wished that I could be at that place where Pragya was… I could develop same love in you as Pragya did even in her unconscious state….I wish I could die when I lost my face but I forced you to change my face with Pragya so that I will be able to sleep in your arms at least but my faith… and today when this moment is here I don’t want to live anymore because I will not be able to face you after confession.. so its better….. (Ranjha…. arey deedar hua hai tera zara deedar karne to de… zindagi to bohot jee liye hum ab is khaab me marne to de….”) and there was silence everywhere with sound of weeping of a child which was of Kiara….. she was so scared looking Suraiyya like that who was Pragya for her…. King was looking at Suraiyya’s face that he couldn’t ever thought to know what was in her heart…. she just slept in his arms and that’s it BG was playing in slow motion with their flashback of friendship days….(“baba… lauta de mohey….. gudiya mori…. angna ka jhulna bhi…. imli ki daal wali muniya mori.….chandi ka painjana bhi……. (Oye Ranjha….. (King heard her calling but was hallucination)) he was all lost in her and then he also fell down losing his conscious state…. and Kiara was now broken as she witnessed that her beloved dada was shot on his back by the same man whom she saw murdering someone…. she was about to shout but she also fainted at the moment and Nikhil thought she died because of shock… Nikhil and Tanu escaped and then there reached Abhi searching for Kiara he found her fainted and then his gaze fell on Suraiyya and King who were dead by the time he was shocked and saw the murder weapon near them he picked it up from King’s hand to take something and at the same moment Pragya entered she was stunned looking the scenario she moved ahead and fell near King…. running her fingers in his hairs she screamed…. being in shock Disha who was after her also reached there and tried to console Pragya…. Pragya while looking at King said “ I lost Disha… we have lose everything destiny played again and snatched rose from my life…. (haar gaye disha hum haar gaye re….. sab kuchh haar gaye… phir se meri kismat ne khel khela mere sath phir mere daman se phool le gaye Disha….. har gaye re hum…) and that also because of this man…(she rushed towards abhi holding his collar) you… you stooped so low that you killed him…. I always knew that you can’t fill anyone’s life with happiness and you found only one to destroy and that was me…. you killed my life…. (patting her head) you snatched my everything Abhishek prem mehra…..”

Abhi with tears in his eyes tried to explain but in vein as she didn’t gave him chance to speak…. and said “just listen one thing Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra just leave from here before I lose my left patience and do something which doesn’t goes in anyone’s favor….. just leave….”

After few days

Pragya was so numb after this incident that she didn’t even talked to kiara she was just remembering the 8 years of her life which spent happily like never she was having a family but now all was end…….. as King was a star so it was obvious that his case was to be filed and because Abhi was noticed escaping from the spot so he was framed in the case…. Pragya was called in witness box for her statement and there she gave statement in favour of Abhi saying “ Yes the culprit escaped but that was not him…. it was Mrs. Tanu Mehra…. who killed my husband as well as my twin… Suraiyya jaan thats all I want to say…”

The court was adjourned and Abhi got bailed….

Outside the court room when Abhi and family came to her with an intention of remarriage proposal…. she said “I forgave you Abhi now go away from my life because Pragya will never marry again as she was loyal to Abhi but didn’t got the same in return and she was also loyal to King and he became the saviour of her life as well of her child’s life now widow of King will always be loyal to him so just leave and never show your face again…….

The End

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