The Ring… Swaragini ff part -8

Hii friends… I am here with next part of “The Ring”. So enjoy…
Racap- swara’s behavior made others to think that she has some mental problem..
In morning,
Swara was sleeping peacefully but her sleep got disturbed by hearing sanskar’s voice. He was talking to someone in low tone but still swara could hear him. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at his voice direction. She found a doctor standing in front of sanskar. It seemed like they are taking about something serious. Swara heard their conversation.
San- plzz doctor, we don’t need your any help. My wife is okay.
Doc- mr. Maheshwari, we all have seen your wife’s act last night. She was behaving like a…
San- stop it doctor. I have told u my wife is fine. She don’t need your any treatment.
Doc- I am just advising you as a doctor. Your wife is imagining that someone is trying to kill her and all. It can be dangerous for her and even for others.
San- swara was scared that’s why she was behaving like that. It doesn’t mean that she is mad.
Dac- as your wish mr. Maheshwari. If you don’t want to admit her in my private mental hospital then take my card. In case of change of your mind..
Sanskar took that card with a jerk. He was angry on that doctor for saying bad about swara but he didn’t say anything to him because he respected his profession. Finally that doctor left from there and sanskar moved towards swara. She immediately closed her eyes because she didn’t want Sanskar to know that she has heard his conversation with doctor. She was happy from inside because her sanskar was still at her side. Sanskar sit beside swara and put his hand on her head. Swara opened her eyes and smiled at him.
San- how are u feeling. Swa- better then before but i want to go home.
San- i know and i have talked to doctor. We can go home. Now go and get fresh. We will leave right now.
Swara slowly got up from bad. Sanskar helped her to go to washroom because her leg was hurt.
First Swara was scared to go in cause of last incident but still she went in because Sanskar was there. After sometime she came out, till then Sanskar had completed all formalities of hospital. They both left for home. Sanskar had already informed Ramta that they are coming home. Swasan were sitting in car. There was complete silence between them. Swara was looking outside through window, lost in her own thoughts and Sanskar was trying to focus his mind on driving but he can’t. There was a battle going on inside him. A battle between his mind and heart. He could fight with anyone who said wrong about swara but what about his own mind. He was confused. His heart said that he should not doubt on swara’s mental condition but what about his mind, who was questioning him again and again. He had checked hospital’s cctv footage. In that swara ran out from her ward looking behind and shouting for help but there was no one behind her. Same she did when she came out mortuary. No one knew what happen in mortuary because there’s camera was not working at that night. Finally he decided to ask Swara everything in detail. He stopped the car near a park because he wanted to talk to her in any peaceful place. Swara had already faced a bad incident at home so he decided to talk to her here.
San- swara, let’s go in park. You will feel good.
Swa- but Sanskar mom dad must be waiting for us.
San- come na plzz.
Swasan came out but swara couldn’t walk properly with her wounded leg. Sanskar saw this, he didn’t said anything to swara and picked her up in his arms. Swara got surprise with his sudden act.
Swa- Sanskar, put me down. What are u doing?
San- my princess is hurt na so i am just helping her. I can’t see her in pain.
Swa- Sanskar stop. Everyone is looking at us.
San- so what? I am your hubby na.
San- shut up.

Swasan entered in park. Some people clapped by seeing this lovely couple and commented that how romantic they are. Sanskar gave a wink to swara and swara blushed hard. Sanskar went near a bench and made swara sit on it. He sit beside.
Swa- Sanskar, u r too much.
San- i love u too much. Swa- i love u too Sanskar.
Saying this swara hugged him slowly. Sanskar wrapped his arms around her soldiers. They stayed in that condition for some time, then they apart.
San- swara, come let’s eat ice-cream.
Swa- no Sanskar. I am not in mood.
Again the silence took place between them. Sanskar never had seen swara this quiet and specially with him. Sanskar tried to start asking about last night.
San- you know swara, last night that road was jammed so badly.
Swara looked at his face.
San- Swara..
Swa- hmm..
San- what happened last night with u??
Swa- will u believe in my talks??
This time Sanskar was silent. He didn’t know what to say.
Swa- will u believe that soul again tried to kill me.
San- it’s not possible Swara..
Swa- that’s why i was not saying anything Sanskar. No one can believe in this all but what can i do if this all is true.
Swara started telling him everything in detail from begging. She told him everything from her first experience with that horrible soul on which he had not believe. Then academy’s incident, her conversation with that soul and finally the last night’s incident. Sanskar was hearing everything carefully, he couldn’t believe but still he couldn’t ignore her talks.
Finally swara was done by telling all these things to Sanskar.
San- so u mean to say a soul wants to kill one of us. That soul don’t want anyone to get their love cause it didn’t get it’s love.
Swa- yes.. And this all is not my imagination Sanskar. That soul is real.
San- ok so why is not that soul coming in front of me. And why is it targeting us. There are many couples but why us??
Swa- i don’t know anything but that soul told me that we have made a bond with it.
San- bond?? Which kind of bond have we made with it.
Swa- don’t know..
San(i high tone)-then what do u know swara.
Swa(in same tone)- i just know that Ragini want to do us apart and she will do this by killing me.
San- Ragini??
Swa- yes Ragini. I think that soul’s name is Ragini.
San- how do u know??
Swa- i have seen this name written on that soul’s hand when it was pressing my neck.
Sanskar felt that he had heard this name even before. Suddenly he remembered that girl who met her that night.
Sanskar (in mind)- that girl told her name Ragini only na. Oh stop it Sanskar, how can that girl be related from this all. She was just a normal girl.
Sanskar had made in his mind that there is not any relation between that Ragini and these all incident happening with swara but still he wanted to confirm it.
San- how’s that soul i mean Ragini look alike.
Swa- when i first saw her singing, she was looking so beautiful.
Swara described everything thing about Ragini. Her clothes, her face. This was it. Now Sanskar was numd. He didn’t know how to react. He didn’t know what to think because whatever swara told about that soul. Her clothes, face and all was completely matched with that Ragini whom sanskar met.
Sanskar(in mind )- how can it possible?? That girl whom i met at that night in Jungle was same as Swara is describing about that soul but she was a normal girl. She was not any soul. But when i talked about temple, she behaved so weirdly.
Sanskar’s chain of thoughts was broken by Swara.
Swa- you know Sanskar, first she was beautiful but then she turned in a ugly looking soul and after sometime she became more horrible.
San- what??
Swa- yes, when she was talking to me she had another face and voice but when she was hurting me, her face her body and voice was different. When she talked about love, she was having another face and body but when she was hurting me, she had changed.
Sanskar was not getting anything. He suddenly got up.
San- let’s go swara.

Swara held his hand.
Swa- are u also thinking that i am mad.
Sanskar confused expression turned in to concerned one.
Swa- do u also think that i am suffering from any mental disease.
She had tears in her eyes. Her voice was choking between talking. She tighten her grip on Sanskar’s hand.
Swa- will u leave me for this kind of behavior.
Now tears had made their way out of her eyes. Sanskar hurriedly cupped her face in his big palms.
San- sshh… Swara stop crying. I don’t think anything like this about u.
Swara hugged him tightly and started crying loudly.
San- oh swara, plzz don’t cry. I will never leave u. I love u more then my life.
Swa- i love u too.
Soon Swasan left from there for home. Sanskar’s mind was bouncing cause of all these things (sorry if your mind is also bouncing cause of confusion, i will clear it soon). First, he had not any faith in all these paranormal activities, second, that soul’s looks matched with that girl whom he met last night, are they both same and third Swara, she was suffering from something which he was not able to understand. Her pain and tears were hurting him more then anything. Swasan reached at home where Ramta and Shemish were waiting for them. Swara got a bit happy after seeing her ma baba. She hugged Shemish tightly. Being her parents they both could feel that she is really not well. They all talked for sometime time. Sujata and Sarmishtha made her eat food forcefully. Ram and Shekhar were supporting them. They all were totally unaware about all these weird stuffs happening with swasan but this was the time to tell them. After sometime Sanskar took swara to there bedroom and ordered her to take rest. Swara lied down on bed and soon drifted in sleep. When sanskar was sure that she had slept, he came down to Ramta and Shemish. They all were still talking about swara that how this all happened with her.
Suj- don’t know how she got hurt in academy.
Sumi- sanskar was with her na..
San- yes ma. I was with her.
Ram- then tell us what happened there.
San- i don’t know. U know something weird is happening with swara.
Shekhar – what do you mean sanskar??
Sanskar told them to listen to him carefully. He repeated all those things what had swara told him including his own experience.
Suj- i think any bad soul has possessed our shona.
Ram- stop it sujata. These all soul and evil spirits are just myth. They r not real.
Sumi- yes, this all is just rubbish. I think shona is imagining this all.
Shekhar- but sharmishtha, i have seen man paranormal cases. What if any bad spirits is really behind our shona.
San- oh god, you all are confusing me more. I am so worried about swara. Give me any suggestion to help my swara.
Suj-i think i should call pandit ji and asked him to come over here. He can help us if it’s about any bad spirit.
Ram- oh plzz sujata stop it. I think we should consult to any good doctor.
San- why doctor dad. Swara is not ill.
Sumi(with tears in her eyes)- he mean to say a doctor who treat mental patients..
San- ma, swara is okay. She is not mad.
Shekhar- so you mean to say that swara is right. There is any soul of girl who is doing this all with her??
Sanskar didn’t say anything. He sit on couch putting his hand on his head like a defeated person.
Sumi- i think we should call doctor.
San- i don’t want anyone to say that my shona is mentally ill.
Ram- this is not any big deal Sanskar. It is just like a medical check up.
Shekhar(emotionally )- What is happening with my flower like daughter.
San- everything will be ok. I am with her. We all are with her. h na??
Shekhar- yes.
San- dr. Malhotra has give me his card. I am going to call him.
Saying this Sanskar left from there. Ramta and shemish sit there and again started talking about how to protect swara from this problem.
Precap- swara’s mental check up. Sanskar got to know that swara is right about that soul.
Sorry for being late friends. I was a bit busy. I know that this episode was not so good but i wrote it in hurry so couldn’t think any interesting thing. There was not any horror scene in this part but what to do. I have to show some normal things also na. I will post next part soon and that will be full of horror so plzz charge me for that with your comments.
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