RiKara SS – Silent Love (Chapter 3) Tujhe Bhula Diya

Hey guys, I know I have not Updated here for days and am terribly sorry for that. Please forgive me. One more thing, Tujhe Bhula Diya has been changed to Silent Love. Don;t get confused. Here you go.


                                                   Chapter 3


Walking up to him, she knelt on the floor by his side where he was on his knees, crying his heart out.

She placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up.

“Omkaraji, please don’t cry. See -” She was cut off.

“Chulbul, help me pack my bags and pack yours too.” said he.

“But Omkaraji, you cannot – ” Gauri tried to protest.

“No ifs and buts Chulbul. You don’t tell me what to do. You just  listen to what I say. You are packing the bags or not?”

With that he got up and went up the stairs leaving her kneeled down on the floor, clearly indicated that the last question was not really a question but an order which she had no choice but follow.

Sighing loudly, she got up and followed the path in which her husband disappeared.


It was two in the morning when Gauri managed to come down to the parking area of the Oberois, safely.

When she did, she saw an irritated Omkara standing in front of his black BMW, continuously checking his watch. He had a green shirt on with a beige colour waistcoat and hair done in a half ponytail. He looked very handsome. Gauri gulped down her saliva when her eyes caught the sight of his first two shirt buttons open and a little hint of his chest.

She stumbled but managed not to land on the ground. The luggage that consisted of three heavy suitcases and two large handbags. One suitcase belonged to Omkara and the rest to Gauri. She also had a handbag, hanging down the left shoulder.

“Chulbul, are you crazy? So many bags?”

“Omkaraji, you only told to back our bags and I just followed your orders.” she said meekly.

“Yeah I did. But -……….. Ahh leave it. Get into he car.” Omkara said irritated when he saw that the hands clock were already makingst their way to the next hour.

He waited in the car but there no sign of Chulbul. Frustrated, he got out of the car to find him struggling with the bags.

“Chulbul, you get in the car and I’ll do it.” he said.

“Arre nahi nahi Omkaraji, you don’t worry. I can do it.”

“Yeah I can see that. Now move.”

“Areeh Omkaraji -” Omkara glared.

“Okay. As you wish.” Chulbul meekly said and move story the passenger seat while Omkara put the bags in the car.


It was nearly three hours they had started their journey. Gauri knew they were going far from home but this seemed too far. She never got to ride an aeroplane, her fate didn’t permit her to do so. But today it was not just some aeroplane but the private jet of her husband.

Three long hours flying in mid air with no one but a grumpy silent man who behaved as if he didn’t learn speaking and now after boarding down too, she was still with the same man, her husband, whose behavior didn’t change a bit.

Gauri was extremely bored. She looked all around the car in which they were now travelling. It felt nothing less than that of a tightly sealed tin can with its doors closed and windows raised up.

She looked from the corner of her eyes at her husband who seemed to be oblivious of her presence. She kept quiet for all this time and now this deadly silence was getting on her nerves, terribly.

She gave out a loud sigh. But Om still seemed to be oblivious of her presence. She sighed again. This time louder than the previous one. Still no effect.

Praying to her Shakerji to save her from the consequences, she took a deep breath, silently and then with all her might shouted out loud “OMKARAJI!!”

The car immediately came to a halt. “What happened Chulbul ? Can’t you I’m driving?” Omkara said, irritated.

“I can but I am bored plus I don’t know where we are going and I haven’t said a word since we left home….”

“It’s not home anymore. It’s Oberoi Mansion. Just Oberoi Mansion.” Omkara said gritting his teeth. “And don’t worry you won’t be bored once we reach.” He resumed driving.

“But where?” she asked.

Her questions were once again left unanswered.

TBH, I thought there wasn’t any need for this chapter as it’s not that important regarding the plot of the story. But then I guess, this was needed to show the kind of bond Omkara and Chulbul shared. Hope this update didn’t bore you. Will be back soon.

Btw, any guesses as to where these two are heading? Comment down your answer. Will be waiting.



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