RiKara OS – Loved Here Enough


 Loved Her Enough 


He hated. All of it. Every second of it. Bit was there anything he could do? Anything that could turn things to his favour? NO. There was nothing. Except her. Except her forgiveness.

But would she forgive? Would she let go of all and start afresh? Would she?

He knew the answer would be a two lettered word which he desperately wanted to be the three lettered one. One that would change everything.

She knew it was him the moment he stepped into his life in that disguise on that Karwa Chauth night. Their eyes had met, heartbeat had increased and breaths laboured. Her heart was elated to learn of his arrival but……..

………. but was she ready to accept him? Take him back after what all he has done? After all those nasty accusations and curses he hurled at her, was she ready to let go of all those so easily?

If so, why?

Again, she failed to retrieve an answer. She failed again. Failed to her heart.

He watched he being decorated for the marital night, a night that newly wedded couples looked forward to.

His heart ached to realise that at one point of time, the same thing happened with him too. The occasion was the same as back then but the groom was not.

Her friends cracked blush worthy jokes while she lowered her gaze. But that fiery glint in her eyes was missing.

Was it really so? Or was he hallucinating like always?

This time he wanted the answer to be the two lettered one instead of the three lettered.

He did not know why he had done that. But the fact remains that he did. He had let her go. Willingly.


“Abb kanyadaan karne ka waqt ho gaya hai.” (It’s time to hand over the daughter) the Pandit said.

“Par kanyadaan kaun karega? Uski toh Papa nahi hai.” the crowd chanted and a confusion broke in.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Perhaps she could now get a few seconds to confront him while someone arranged for her kanyadaan.

But the unexpected did take place.

“Koi gal na ji. Agar aapko aitraaz na ho toh Maaji hum hai na. Ji hum karenge kanyadaan.” said he.

“Kya sach! Aap karoge, beta? her mother asked, tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Oh kyun na ji! Hum aapko Maa bulate hai aur Gauri ji ne humme yeh friendship band di hai, humme aapna sabse achcha dost banaya. Toh ji abb iss Dosti Ko nibhane ka waqt as gaya.” His words chocked.

“Sukriya Dilpreet beta. Jeete raho.”

She couldn’t fathom what just happened. She felt dizzy.

But all seemed well when she felt that familiar touch. His touch. His warmth. Was everything okay now? Was all this a dream? She closed her eyes to relish it and confirm her thoughts only to have it gone. His warmth hone. She snapped open her eyes to find him walking down the mandap and that her hand was on top of her nearly husband, Ajay, who passed her a smile. But she did not return it.

Her kanyadaan was done.

Flashback ends

Her trance broke due to the laughter of her friends. She could still feel him in the room. His eyes all over her.

“Chalo sab. Abb isko zara akele chhod do.” One of the friends say and the rest followed suit and went out of the room.

He also came out from behind the long curtain that he was hiding.

“Chalte hai Gauriji. Shaadi mubarak ho. Aapna khayal rakhna.” (Goodbye Gauriji. Congratulations on your marriage. Take care.) He said and turned to leave.

“Rukiye Omkaraji. Humare sawal ka jawab dijiye. Aapne humara kanyadaan kyun kiya?” (Wait Omkaraji. Answer my question. Why did you do my kanyadaan?) She asked.

“Oh na ji. Omkara nahi, Dilpreet. Myself Dilpreet Singh not Omkara Singh Oberoi.”

He moment those words slipped he regretted. She already it was him and now he has given away.

“Agar aisa hai toh aapko pata kaise chala hum kis Omkara bi baat kar rahe hai? Natak maat kijiye air sawal ka jawab dijiye.” (If so then how do you know which Omkara I’m talking of? Stop your drama and answer my question.)

He stepped closer to her that his lips almost touched her earlobe. “Kuch sawalo ke mein seedhe jawab nahi de sakta.” ( I cannot directly answer some questions)

Her heart skipped a beat realising their proximity. Her breaths got laboured but he stepped away.

He turned around to exit when Ajay entered.

“Shaadi mubarak ho, Ajay ji.” He wished. (Congratulations on your marriage, Ajay ji.)

“Ji sukriya. Aapne bina yeh shaadi sambhav nahi hota, Dilpreet ji.” (Thank you. This marriage wouldn’t have been possible without you.)

He smiled. “Chalte hain.” (Bye.)

And with that he was gone. Fine from her life. Perhaps for forever.

He never once looked back at her and continued to walk. Walk until she could not get a glimpse of him anymore. Perhaps he hiding his unstoppable tears. Perhaps he has afraid that she would ditch her new life if she sees his crying. Perhaps.

She did not know when Ajay took her in his arms and the bedroom door was closed. He started kissing her neck. But she did not feel anything. All her sense did not function. All her nerves were numb.

Perhaps they were gone with him. Perhaps.

Their meeting was incomplete. Would they cross paths again? Will everything be alright again?


She realised he loved her. Enough. Enough to her go.

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