Riddhima: Savage Wife OS by Tanvi

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Riddhima came out of the washroom, back to normal in a salwar and kurta. She combed her hairs and braided them loosely and came downstairs too see everyone looking at her only.

“Bhabhi you are going somewhere?” Aryan asked her.

“Don’t worry Aryan. I am definitely not going to your girlfriend’s home to tell her that you are going to break up with her.” Riddhima said calmly and Ishani choked on the juice she was drinking.

“What happened Riddhima? Are you tired?” Ishani asked touching her forehead.

“Of what? Dealing with you?” Riddhima replied.

“OooOooO” Aryan shouted creating a nice background music as Riddhima flipped her pony.

“She really needs a mental hospital.” Ishani murmured and went away.

Riddhima entered the kitchen and made some toasts for herself, she came back to the dining table and started eating it.

“Riddhima? Going to the office? Will give the tiffin to Vansh..we went without eating anything.” Dadi said and patted her head.

“Ji Dadi. I will give him.” Riddhima smiled and said.

As she reached his office, the receptionist faked that she is working on something important and made Riddhima sit there for 5 minutes.

“Is Vansh free?” Riddhima asked again.

“Mrs. Rai Singhania can’t you see I am…”

“Stop! I listen to music, not bullsh*t. So tell or I am going barge in” Riddhima said angrily.

Tue receptionist made a face and looked st the computer nonchalantly.

“Yes he is free.” She replied.

“Not so thanks” Riddhima said with a tight smile and went away.

Opening the door of his cabin with a thud, Riddhima glared Angre and he ran away like a bullet train. Vansh smiled looking her back to normal.

“Come sit na sweetheart.” Vansh said and Riddhima sat angrily and placed the tiffin.

“Are you still angry Riddhima?” Vansh asked trying to talk to her.

“No. See I am not angry. I am VERY ANGRY!” Riddhima shouted and…and…Vansh flinched.

“What happened Riddhima?” Vansh asked trying to act innocent.

“You are a great example of factory error. TheΒ  one who made you burnt the wire of ‘ patience’ inside you.” Riddhima said angrily and Vansh just started at her blankly.

“You are fine or what? Your mood is changing faster than plane on an airport.” Vansh said softly. “Tell na what did I do”

“The trash is picked every Thursday. Please make sure you have booked a seat for yourself. Love you.” Riddhima said kissing his cheeks and went away.

“This girl is going to be death of me..” Vansh thought and smile.

(Of course he has no guts to say that lol)

Reaching back home in the evening, Riddhima kept her purse on the couch and sat with a deep sigh.

“Riddhima…you actually need makeup. You look…pale. And I don’t want a pale bhabhi to be joked on.” Ishani said munching on her chips while Aryan giggled.

“Look whose telling. Ishani….you are just a girl with 10 editing apps on the phone, so please ” Riddhima said with a chuckle.

“I hate you!” Ishani said…

“And your boyfriend does the opposite” Riddhima said and left, while the duo felt their eyes will be out of the socket.

“How dare she say like that…I will tell bhai about her today. He will surely scold her.” Ishani said and called Vansh.

Vansh returned home and directly entered their room, Riddhima was sleeping on the couch in an uncomfortable position. Vansh picked her up and placed on the bed while she stuttered making sounds.

“Riddhima have your dinner then sleep na please.” Vansh whispered into her ears.

“Hmm…” Riddhima replied and woke up rubbing her eyes.

(Me: bed pe kyu letaya jab uthana tha tohπŸ˜—
Also me: words jo badhane the πŸ™‚)

Ishani had already told everything to Vansh, so she expected Riddhima to be sad but there she came with the same anger on her face.

“Wow…looks tasty”Β  Vansh said

“Yeah…just LOOKS” Riddhima said and Vansh frowned.

“Wese wear did you get this Riddhima? Chor bazaar?” Ishani said pointing to the locket in her neck.

“Nah..f…” Riddhima was cut by Ishani.

“Oh Vansh Bhai must have given it to you.” Ishani said.

“You know what….look at this” Riddhima said handing over a bill to Ishani.

“But…it has your name?” Ishani said

“Exactly” Riddhima said with a smile.

“Boss…Shayne and Jai are coming tomorrow.” Angre said breaking the utter silence.

“Say them to come with family.” Vansh said looking at Riddhima, who smiled a bit.

“You should take a seat.” Vansh said as soon as they entered the room.

“Why? Are you a…” Riddhima was cutted by Vansh.

“Cause you have been tired running in my mind and fluttering in my heart all day” Vansh said and picked her up, turning off the lights.


Next part- Riddhima: Naughty Wife

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