Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 19

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The episode starts with:

Riddhima was lying on the floor. Vansh took her in his arms. They all left to the hospital..

At hospital:

Doctor took Riddhima to the ward. Everyone was waiting outside. They all were worried for Riddhima.

Sejal: you all don’t worry..she is fine..she just fainted because of crying continuasly..

Vansh: are you a doctor?

Sejal: no sir but I know..and listen you all we will do a prank on riddhu…

Vansh: shut up Sejal..can’t you see her state..

Sejal: sir she is alright..I know..listen we will tell her that Aayush uncle did not agree for your love.. sir you also act like that you both will get separated..

Vansh: Sejal…

Sejal pacifies them all with much difficulty and all of them agree at last..

Sejal: ok done..we will go inside when doctor allows.

Riddhima was well so she got up from her bed and she heard everything that Sejal was telling..

Riddhima(thinking): you all..you fell into this idiot Sejal’s plan..now I will tell you all.

She calls out the doctor. Doctor comes.

Riddhima: doctor please inform my family that I lost my memory..

Doctor: what are you saying ms. Riddhima..I can’t do this..you just fainted Nothing else.

Riddhima: doctor please tell them that something hard was hit on my head.. please doctor..I will pay you for this.

Doctor: ok.

Doctor leaves and inform the same to all of them. They were shocked. They all rushed to Riddhima’s ward. Riddhima changed her expressions.

Vansh: Riddhima..

Riddhima: who …who..are you(pretending to be scared)

Aayush: beta I am your dad..

Riddhima: how can I believe you..what if you all are here to harm me..

Aastha: no beta riddhu..we are your family..come to me my child..I am your mother..

Riddhima: no…no…

Vansh comes close to Riddhima..

Riddhima: don’t come close..you will harm me..stay away..

Vansh was shocked.. he was broken. His love was not identifying him.. they all left from Riddhima’s ward.

Riddhima(thinking):oh god I hurt them..but they deserved this..


Aastha: what we can do now?

Aayush: we have to take riddhu forcefully with us..

Aastha: no Aayush..

Vansh: aunty I think uncle is right. It’s for her safety only..

Aastha: ok as you both wish.

They go to riddhima’s ward.

Vansh: come sweetheart..

Riddhima: no no..I will not go with you..

Vansh takes her in his arms.

Riddhima: leave me I knew you will harm me..mr..leave me.

He puts his hand on her mouth and takes her into the car. They leave to malhotra mansion..

Riddhima:I will complaint you all..you all are doing wrong..

Aastha: shh riddhu..it’s for you only..

Vansh takes Riddhima to her room.

Riddhima: you…you are…

Before she could say anything he points knife at her.

Vansh: shh.. sweetheart not a word more..


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