RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 39

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Episode begins with.. 

VANSH: Uncle, what happened? 

RUDRA: As I told, I have brought the papers. So.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, even I have already told my decision. So, it’s final.. 

RUDRA: Riddhima, don’t be selfish.. Can’t you see that because of you all are suffering. Don’t be arrogant.. Just sign these papers. From today, you should not involve in any of these company matters. And it’s final.. 

RIDDHIMA: Even my decision is final.. 

CHANCHAL: Riddhima, please stop arguing. You are married. You should fulfill your duties as a wife, as a daughter in law. But, because of this company today you have brought shame to your in laws.. 

RIDDHIMA: What did I do? It was a fake case.. 

CHANCHAL: You can’t say this to the world. In front of the world, vansh’s wife was arrested.. 

Saying so, she throws a news paper.. 

RUDRA: First pick it and read the headlines.. 

Riddhima reads and gets shocked. Her arrest news was published stated as raisinghania’s daughter in law was arrested on attempt murder case. Vansh takes the newspaper from her and reads it. Followed by him Uma and sia reads it. 

UMA: Vansh, how can they publish this news. You told me that they won’t publish it.. 

Riddhima hears it and looks at Uma and vansh.. 


UMA: Riddhima, actually I have already instructed vansh to take care of it. 

VANSH: Mom, I have informed all reporters already. But, this news… I don’t have any idea regarding this. But, I’ll check.. 

Just then, vansh recieves a call.. One of his business partner enquires him regarding the news. All the others present there understood their conversation..

RUDRA: Enough!! Riddhima, this is the limit.. 

Riddhima cries.. 

ANGRE: Dad.. 

RUDRA: Don’t support her.. All this is because of you. I have already instructed you both regarding this. Now, I can’t tolerate anymore. Even my friends and relatives are calling me repeatedly. I can’t answer all their questions that my daughter is innocent. Riddhima, try to understand. This is our society. And being a girl, you should think about your family before taking any decisions. 

Riddhima cries. Vansh sees her.. 

UMA: Riddhima, please don’t cry.. 

CHANCHAL: Let her cry.. At least, she should realise her mistake now. Riddhima, don’t be selfish.. 

Sia and ishani consoles her.. 

RUDRA: Now, just sign this papers without anymore dramas.. 

ANGRE: Dad, why are you doing this? 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll sign the papers.. 

Everyone gets shocked.. 

UMA: Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I don’t want you all to face any more problems because of me. Mom, I just wished you all to be happy. But, unknowingly I’m the reason for all your problems. Sorry Mom.. Yesterday, I heard your conversation with your friends. I don’t want you to stand again like that in front of anyone because of me. Sorry Mom.. 

Saying so, she turns to vansh.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I’m sorry. I know that you married me for ishani. But, still you supported as much as you could. You supported me as a friend. You stood beside me. Thank you for that. But, I don’t want my friend to face anymore problems because of me. 

She turns to sia.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry sia. I know that because of me even you are worried. Sorry for all that happened because of me. 

She comes to angre.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, there is no need for you to sign.. I’ll handle this.. 

RIDDHIMA: Not anymore bhai.. How many times will you fight for me? I can’t prove myself everytime. I understood that mom and dad were waiting for the chance to get me out of that company. Today, they got that chance.

 Rudra and chanchal puts their head down.. 

RIDDHIMA: Even if you fight with them today. Again tomorrow another problem will come. Dad will again bring this paper. Not anymore bhai.. Bhai, every girl has their own dream. But, here the chances for the survival of their dream is very less. Today, because of someone’s fake case dad has arrived here with these papers to shatter her own daughter’s dream. He is not ready to take a stand for her daughter. Of course, why will he? He was waiting for this chance.. 

ANGRE: Riddhima, you won’t be happy.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know.. At least, dad and mom will live in peace. Bhai, you know this. Bhai, I have the guts to fight with this whole World for my dream. 

ANGRE: Then, why do you want to sign these papers? 

RIDDHIMA: Because, I don’t want to fight with him.. 

She points at rudra.. She thinks of that diary.. 

RIDDHIMA: Not anymore.. 

She goes towards rudra.. 

RUDRA: Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t want to hear even a single word from you dad. I have reached this position after  facing many fights, many competitions. But, I haven’t even thought a second that you’ll be my enemy. 

She gets the papers and pen from rudra.. 

She places the paper on the table and sits down. She clicks the pen and thinks about her each and every success in that company. She cries.. She was about to sign.. 

RIDDHIMA: Dad, don’t forget that I’m signing these papers with my consent. I’m signing these papers because you are forcing me to. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m weak. I don’t want to fight with you. Because, I know that you are not like what you are portraying. 

Saying so, she turns to sign. Vansh gets angry.. Angre was about to stop but, ishani holds his hand. 

ISHANI: Angre, don’t say anything. You can’t stop this.. 

ANGRE: But.. 

ISHANI: Don’t worry.. This won’t happen. But, you don’t say anything.. 

Angre remains silent.. 

Vansh in anger walks towards riddhima lifts riddhima before she could sign and gets the papers. Before anyone could speak further he tears the paper in anger. Everyone gets shocked.. 

VANSH: Enough!! No one here has the right to force my wife. Uncle, she might be your daughter. But, she is my wife. If she is ready to give that company, then I have no objection. Because, I have no right over that company. But, if you are forcing her to leave that company then, I do have problem. Because, I have full rights over her as a husband. 

Riddhima gets shocked because vansh has addressed her for the first time as his wife and she didn’t expect this. Everyone there gets happy except rudra.. 

ISHANI: Now, just wait and watch.. 

ANGRE: Fine..

PRECAP: I don’t have any objection with her decision. And I don’t want anyone of you to object her decision. He walks away holding riddhima’s hand.. 

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