RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 31

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Episode begins with.. 

DOCTOR: Don’t disturb her now. She’ll be fine by morning. 

Saying so, he goes. Vansh and angre comes out.. 

VANSH: Angre, what’s happening here? 

ANGRE: Vansh, whatever I said is not true.. 

VANSH: What!! 

ANGRE: Actually, I followed her. She is hiding something.. 

VANSH: Where did she go? 

ANGRE: She went to our house.. 

VANSH: What? 

ANGRE: I mean sharma house.. 

VANSH: Why did she go to your house at this hour? That too without informing anyone.. 

ANGRE: Even I had the same question. I just waited outside. I didn’t go in. 

VANSH: But, how did this accident happened? 

ANGRE: This is not a accident.

VANSH: What!! It means.. 

ANGRE: Yes, she did it purposely. Because, I know that she can drive well. I saw her noticing me through the side mirror. After that, she purposely did this accident. 

Just then, vansh remembers how well riddhima drove her car during their engagement time to shwetha’s house with the hurted hands.. 

VANSH: You are right.. She drives well. But, why did she do this? 

ANGRE: I guess she doesn’t want us to ask anything to her. She did this accident drama. 

VANSH: But, we can’t ask her anything now. Doctor said that she is not stable.. 

ANGRE: No, even that’s not true.. She is fine. She is acting as if she is not stable. As if she is in shock so that, we won’t be asking anything to her. 

VANSH: But, doctor… 

ANGRE: Riddhima must have made that doctor to lie.. 

VANSH: Angre, the only thing now I understand is she is hiding something big that she doesn’t want us to know. She did everything, such a big drama, her accident, made the doctor to lie. My God!! What’s all this? And why did she go to your house. What did she got there? Moreover, what will she get there? 

ANGRE: Even I don’t understand this.. 

VANSH: But, one thing.. If she is hiding something then, I’m sure she won’t allow us to reach the truth.. Because, as far as I know riddhima won’t change her decision at any cost. If she has decided to hide it, then we won’t that easily get to know about it.. 

ANGRE: I even know that. But, you forgot one thing. If riddhima is such adamant and stubborn then, I’m her brother. I’m more stubborn and adamant than her.. 

VANSH: Angre, just remember whether is there anything that would help us to reach the truth. Because, I was not in that place. Definitely, you must be remembering something. Just think once. 

Angre reminisces everything right from riddhima leaving the house. Just then.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, There is one thing that might help us.. 

VANSH: Whats it? 

ANGRE: First come with me.. 

VANSH: okay let’s go.. 

Both leaves the hospital. Angre brings vansh to the same place where the accident happened.. 

VANSH: Angre, why did you bring me here? 

ANGRE: Vansh, I saw riddhima bringing a box from my house. Definitely, the box must be in the car. Let’s check.. 

Vansh and angre checks inside the car, back seat, car dickey. But, they couldn’t find that box. 

ANGRE: Vansh, it must be here. Because, when I brought her to the hospital, she was unconscious. So, it must be here.. 

Vansh thinks for a while.. 

VANSH: (thinking) As far as I know riddhima is very clever. Definitely, she wouldn’t have kept that document in that car. If she has seen angre, if that box is so important then, she must have kept it somewhere that none could reach it. She did that accident purposely, so she must have planned something to hide that box. 

Vansh thinks for a while and searches around the car. He searches on the road and in the bushes. He finds a box in a bush. 

VANSH: So, this must be that box. She must have thrown out before hitting the tree.. 

VANSH: Angre, I got the box. Is this the same box which she brought from your house? 

ANGRE: Yes… 

They both sees that the box is locked. Just then, a masked person wearing a jacket comes there and holds angre from back. 

Vansh sees it and gets shocked. They couldn’t identify the person because, the person was wearing a long jacket, gloves, shoes and mask. 

VANSH: Who are you? Leave him.. 

MASK PERSON: I need that box. It has my secret. Don’t even think of opening it. 

PRECAP: It’s not riddhima. Then, who is this person who doesn’t want their secret to come out? And why is riddhima trying to know it? 

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