RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 17

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Episode starts with… 

Vansh and riddhima reach the house. Uma gets happy seeing them. 

UMA: Thank God you both came. Riddhima you have some post marriage rituals to complete. Riddhima you have to cook for everyone. 

VANSH: Mom, already I’m tired..

UMA: Vansh..

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I’ll explain to him.

Uma goes… 

VANSH: My God!! I’m fed up with all these rituals.. 

RIDDHIMA: Monkey..

VANSH: Where is the monkey? Where did you see it?

RIDDHIMA: Right in front of me..

VANSH: What!!

RIDDHIMA: Monkey, are you going to cook?


RIDDHIMA: It is me who is going to cook. Then, what’s your problem here? Why are you tired?

VANSH: Don’t call me monkey..

RIDDHIMA: Monkey..

VANSH: Don’t call me like that..

RIDDHIMA: Monkey..

VANSH: Irritating devil..

Saying so, he runs.. 

Just then, Uma calls her so she goes.. 

Uma asks her to make halwa. Riddhima gets shocked. Uma goes. Vansh looks at riddhima’s expression. 

VANSH: (thinking) Now, why is this devil standing like this. Let me ask her..

VANSH: Idiot, what happened? Why are you standing like this? Mom just asked you to make halwa. She didn’t ask you to pose for making any statue.

RIDDHIMA: Did I ask you anything?


RIDDHIMA: Then, leave the place..

VANSH: Idiot, it is you who should leave the place.

RIDDHIMA: I’ll stand here only..

VANSH: Idiot, for making halwa you should first enter the kitchen..

RIDDHIMA: I know that..

Saying so, she goes.. 

VANSH: This girl is really a puzzle for me. One side she is so matured and handles every problem calmly. On the other side, she is behaving like a mad.. My God!!


Chanchal asks ishani to make sweets for everyone. Ishani goes into the kitchen. While, angre follows her. 

ISHANI: Now, angre where are you coming?

ANGRE: To help my wife.

ISHANI: Your wife very well knows to cook. So, she doesn’t need her husband’s help. Better, leave. .


Ishani makes halwa and serves it for everyone. 

CHANCHAL: Ishani, you passed as a good daughter in law.. 

ANGRE: Passed?

CHANCHAL: Every daughter in law of the house will make a sweet and serve it for their in-laws. Today, my daughter in law passed her first exam and proved that she is the best daughter in law.

ANGRE: Is there any rule that the daughter in law should make only sweets?

CHANCHAL: Yes they should only make sweets.

ANGRE: Who made all these rules?

CHANCHAL: Now what’s your problem in this?

ANGRE: Not a problem for me. I have to make an important call. So, I’ll be back in few minutes..

Saying so, he goes.. 


RIDDHIMA: Who made all these rules to make sweets. I don’t know to make sweets. Now, what will I do? Last time when mom and dad asked me to make sweets, bhai made it for me. This time, even he is not there to help me. Idea!! I’ll see the youtube and make it. But, what halwa will I make? Idea!! 

On the other hand angre calls vansh..

VANSH: Tell me, angre..

ANGRE: Vansh, just now ishani made halwa. Is riddhima making any sweet there?

VANSH: Yes.. Mom asked her to make sweets. But, I don’t know what she is making?

ANGRE: Vansh, first stop her..


ANGRE: Vansh, she doesn’t know to cook sweets. Vansh, Mom is calling me. It’s my free advice. At least, go and see what she is doing?

Saying so, he cuts the call.. 

VANSH: So, this was the reason why that devil stood like that when mom asked her to make halwa. Let me go and see..

He goes to the kitchen. Vansh comes there and sees her. She was about to add sugar.. 

VANSH: Stop it…

Saying so, he pushes the sugar bottle.. 

Riddhima gets angry.. 

VANSH: Stop looking at me like a devil and look there..

RIDDHIMA: Why should I look there? You spoiled my sweet. What did I do for you? Why did you push that sugar bottle?

VANSH: Sugar?

RIDDHIMA: Stop questioning me. Why did you push that?

VANSH: Idiot, that is salt..


VANSH: Look at it first..

Riddhima looks at it and finds that it was salt.. 

VANSH: When you don’t know to cook then, you would have told mom, right?

RIDDHIMA: I know to cook..

VANSH: Just now, I saw your cooking skills.. Okay, tell me What are you going to do?

RIDDHIMA: Chilly halwa..

VANSH: What!! My God, this girl is going to send us to hospital, it seems..

RIDDHIMA: Almost everything is ready…

VANSH: You just move aside. I’ll make the sweet..

RIDDHIMA: I know to cook..

VANSH: Don’t make me a killer. Better stay aside and learn how to make halwa.

RIDDHIMA: You just go out. I can manage..

Vansh takes a knife and blackmails her.. 

VANSH: Idiot, how many times will I repeat the same thing? This is my last warning. Stay aside. Don’t interfere in this…

RIDDHIMA: Are you blackmailing me?

VANSH: Yes. Shut and stay aside.

Riddhima moves aside. Vansh takes some bread slices and cuts it.. 

RIDDHIMA: Will you add bread to chilly halwa?

VANSH: Idiot, shut up and stay silent. I’m going to make bread halwa.

RIDDHIMA: Then, what should I do with these chillies?

VANSH: Put it into dustbins or else you yourself eat everything.

RIDDHIMA: Do you think me as a  animal to eat everything?

VANSH: I told you to shut.

Saying so, he shows the knife. 

VANSH: Finger on your lips..

Riddhima sits aside and keeps her finger on her lips. 

Vansh makes the halwa and was about to go. Just then, he sees uma coming there. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, mom will get to know that you made this halwa. She’ll think that I don’t know to cook. Now, what will I answer her?

VANSH: Stop it. Just close your eyes.


VANSH: I told you to close your eyes.

Riddhima closes her eyes. 

VANSH: Now, I’ll leave through window. After 10 seconds open the pan in front of you. 

Saying so, vansh goes.. 

After ten seconds, riddhima opens her eyes and opens the pan. She finds the bread halwa ready and a smiley picture being decorated with the dry fruits. 

Riddhima smiles seeing it.. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank You Monkey…

Vansh sees her smiling and thanking him through window. 

VANSH: Your welcome devil..

Saying so, he smiles… 

PRECAP: It all started because of you. Ask her to open the door. Vansh falls on the floor. Riddhima laughs.. 

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