RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 11

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Here the episode begins…

RIDDHIMA: Varun, I know it’s you.. Take off your mask. I saw your tattoo and scar on your left hand. Don’t try to fool me.. Take off your mask.. 

Varun takes off his mask.. 

VARUN: Riddhima, you are doing a big mistake. 

RIDDHIMA: How dare you? You don’t even have the rights to speak.. Do girls look like a puppet for you? How dare you to show your face even after doing all this? 

VARUN: Its not my fault. It’s those girls fault who blindly believed me. They even left their parents and friends and blindly believed me. Even shwetha was ready to leave her parents. Even you told her many times. Did she listen to your words? No.. People sometimes become fool in love. Those girls including shwetha are fools. 

Saying so, he laughs.. 

Just then, riddhima comes forward and slaps him hardly. He falls down. Both angre and vansh we’re shocked.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu,.. 

RIDDHIMA: No, bhai.. Please, don’t stop me.. How dare he to speak like this.. Today, because of him shwetha is in this state. Not only shwetha, many girls life was spoiled because of him.. 

Varun gets angry and gets up.. He comes forward to slap Riddhima. But, riddhima holds his hand and slaps him again and pushes him. He falls on vansh and angre and they both hold him. 

Just then, ayisha comes there along with the constables. 

Varun gets shocked seeing the police there.. 

ANGRE: How did you come here? 

RIDDHIMA: I informed her bhai. Actually, the moment I recognized Varun, I called her. All these while the call was going on.. She heard everything and came here. I even recorded this call. Now, Varun you can’t escape. This phone call will be the evidence against you. Because, you yourself accepted the crimes.. Now, what happened to your smile? Where did it vanish? You shouldn’t have done this.. 

AYISHA: Thank you riddhima.. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t thank me.. Actually, we all should thank Varun. Because, today he himself accepted his crimes. Actually, it is he who helped us today.. I have sent that recording to you.. 

AYISHA: Thank you.. 

Saying so, she was about to take him. But, suddenly he takes his gun and aims at riddhima.. 

Everyone gets shocked. He holds riddhima in one hand and pointing gun at her. 

VARUN: Now, you all just have to follow my instructions. 

ANGRE: Varun, don’t do anything.. 

VARUN: If you want your sister alive then, get her phone from her hand.. 

Riddhima gives her mobile.. 

VARUN: You too take your phone out ( pointing at ayisha). Now, you both delete that call recording.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, don’t do it.. Ayisha, please don’t delete it.. 

VARUN: If you want her alive then, delete it.. 

AYISHA & ANGRE: No.. We’ll delete it.. 

Meanwhile riddhima looks at vansh and does actions asking him to take a knife from his nearby tray. Vansh understands her actions. Ayisha and ANGRE was about to delte the recording. Just then, vansh takes the knife and throws it to riddhima. She catches it and immediately attacks varun’s hand. He drops the gun in pain. She immediately takes the gun and aims at him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, did you delete the recording… 

ANGRE: No.. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank God!! Now, your game is over.. Ayisha, take him immediately.. 

Ayisha handcuffs Varun and takes him.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, are you fine? 

RIDDHIMA: I’m absolutely fine, bhai.. 

VANSH: Are you okay? 

RIDDHIMA: Didn’t you hear me? I said, I’m absolutely fine.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu… 

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. Sorry, vansh.. 

VANSH: My God!! Did you even know to apologise? First time, I’m hearing this from you.. 

RIDDHIMA: All my fate.. Anyways, thanks for being with us.. But, how did you understood my actions.. 

VANSH: A genius like me can even understand a fool’s action. 

RIDDHIMA: Hello, bujji.. 

ANGRE: Bujji? 

VANSH: Do you know him? She said that it was some important character.. Who is it? 

Riddhima laughs and goes.. 

VANSH: Why is she laughing now? Who is that bujji? 

ANGRE: I really don’t know, what you guys are going to do after marriage? 

Saying so, he bangs his head and goes. While vansh follows him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, get the discharge details from the doctor. I’ll go to shwetha’s house and inform them. You get those details and call me.. 

ANGRE: Ok, riddhu. But, don’t go alone. Take vansh with you.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ok.. Do I have any other option? I’ll go with him.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. I’ll leave now. You call me after getting those details.. 

Saying so, she goes while vansh follows her.. 

Vansh drives the car. They both reach shwetha’s house.. Just then, Angre calls riddhima.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, doctor said that they’ll discharge shwetha tomorrow. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay, bhai.. You go home. I’ll come there after informing uncle and aunty… 

Saying so, she cuts the call and foes in. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, where is shwetha? 

OLD MAN: Riddhima, did you found her? 

RIDDHIMA: Uncle, don’t worry. We got her. She’s fine. But, you’ll be able to see her only by tomorrow.. 

OLD MAN: why? What happeed to her? 

RIDDHIMA: Uncle, don’t worry.. H

She is in her friend’s house. It is the next city. I’ll got there by tomorrow and get bring her home. Don’t worry, she is fine.. 

OLD MAN: Thank you so much riddhima. Today, you have saved our life. I won’t forget this help until I die. 

RIDDHIMA: Will you thank your daughter.. 

She takes his blessings and goes.. Vansh and sejal follows her.. 

The trio reach riddhima’s house. They all find Angre standing outside the house.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, what happened? Why are you standing out? 

ANGRE: Riddhu, it’s 2.00 am.. What will we tell our parents? I don’t have courage to go in alone. We even didn’t attend their calls.. What will we do now? 

RIDDHIMA: I have a plan.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima gets ready for her marriage… 

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