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Vansh and his team left to capture the last point which will make them win the war . They started at night so that the enemy can’t see them and they can easily climb and reach the top.

Here Ridhimma was trying to sleep but sleep was far away. She was really tensed for Vansh . She was just praying to god to make India win this war and Vansh to be safe. After along time she got sleep and slept hugging Vansh and her photo.

It was nearly dawn and Vansh with his team reached at the top and positioned themselves to attack the enemy . They started firing and the enemy got alert started firing back .

He saw one of his team being targeted from back when he was fighting with other and ran to him and pulled him aside. One of their soldier was injured so they pulled him behinds the rocks .

After a long session of firing finally they were able to capture the point and most of the enemy soldiers were dead.

Vansh went towards the Pakistani flag planted on top of a small watch house and removed it .

He had happy tears in his eyes as they finally won the war and he was the fortunate one to host Indian flag on the top but then he thought something and called his team and they together marked it as Indian territory .

Vansh connected to his senior and said ” jai hind ” sir . Major on the other side smiled widely as he knew that they finally won the war making this two months hardship worth . Every soldier who lost their life was worth it.

Major: well done bhagat .

Saying this he disconnected. Bhagat was Vansh code name and “jai hind” the victory line.

Just then Vansh saw a Pakistani soldier who was trying to take out the Indian flag. He shot him at his leg . He went near him and saw that he was the leader of group. He pushed the gun barrel on his fore head and clicked the bullet into his skull . He died on the spot . Turning back he shouted


And all other reciprocated it with same intensity.

They began descending down the mountain . Many soldier were injured so they need to be provided medical help urgently. .

Soon they reached the base and all soldiers injured were assisted.

Amid all these war going Ridhimma on other side started having labor pain. She was taken to hospital for her delivery. She was eagerly waiting for Vansh call. She handed over her to the nurse present in the room and asked her to pick up her husband’s call when he called . She did’nt want Vansh to miss this moment and if by chance Vansh calls in between delivery he will be able to witness this moment.

Vansh after ensuring all his team members are safe directly went asked for a phone . Connection were established by now and he will be able to see his Ridhimma face to face after 2 months. He dialed Ridhimma number and called her and when the phone got connected he was surprised to see Ridhimma inside delivery room . Instantly his eyes got teary as he saw the baby . He witnessed the moment of delivery of their baby which he thought he would miss definitely due to these situations .

Ridhimma led semi conscious and she was exhausted. Nurse went near her and said

Nurse: mam your husband called .

Listening to this a wave of energy rushed inside ridhimma she opened her eyes and saw Vansh who shedding happy tears

Ridhimma: Vansh ….

Vansh: ridhimma ….

There doctor was tensed as the baby wasn’t crying which they normally do

Doctor alerted ridhimma about it and both Vansh Ridhimma grew tensed . Ridhimma took their daughter in her hands and was trying to wake her up while Vansh looked tensed .

Suddenly the baby kicked ridhimma’s hand and opened her eyes. The first person she saw was her dadda and smiled .

Vansh was on ninth cloud seeing this . He was the first person their daughter saw and also smiled . Ridhimma saw this and smiled widely while shedding happy tears .

They were the happiest person of this world. Firstly India won the war and secondly their daughter was born. They didn’t need words to express this feeling they were just looking at eachother their daughter and smiling .

25 years later.

Ridhimma was standing in a army function . It was a memorable day for her . Today their daughter Vanya was going to be awarded medal for excellent service to army and nation.

Host : now I would like to request army chief Vansh Raisinghania to give this major Vanya raisinghania for her selfless and true service to this country and its people .

Vansh got up from his chair and Vanya came forward and saluted him. Vansh proudly attached the medal to their daughter. He was a proud father and Vanya was looking at her father beaming with happiness . Both were having happy tears in their eyes. Vanya saluted Vansh again and went back to her group . Nothing could be better than be awarded by her father for her

After the function got over Vansh was standing outside with ridhimma when Vanya came running and hugged her father . Vansh also hugged her back and patted her back .

Vansh: I am so proud of you Vanya.

Vanya: love you dad

Vansh: love you too Vanya .

Ridhimma: am I Mrs. India that I am being ignored.

Vanya pulled ridhimma into the hug and clicked a selfie . They were smiling and were just the happy family .


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