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Here it goes…

Vansh was driving very fast as if his life would end if he gets late.  He recalls the conversation he had when he got ridhimma’s call


Vansh: have you reached ridhimma??

Unknown:  Mr. Vansh , ridhimma and her husband met an accident.  We are taking them to city hospital. Please come soon.

Vansh’ s  phone  fell out of his hand


Soon he reached city hospital and went inside.  There stood the inspector Vansh went towards him and asked

Vansh: are ridhimma Kabir  fine?? Is the baby fine??

Inspector:  Mrs. Ridhimma and the baby are fine but we are sorry to say that Mr. Kabir is dead. He sustained some serious injuries and died before we reached hospital.


Vansh was shocked to hear this and all the dreadful feeling of ridhimma’s reaction came in his mind. He also considered Kabir as his friend . Ridhimma loved Kabir a lot ,it would break her and not to forget  she was carrying a life inside her. This could affect both of them severely.

He finally managed to handle himself and started going towards ridhimma’s room.

As soon as he entered he saw ridhimma lying on bed with many machines attached to her body. It pained him to see her lying like lifeless  body when she herself was full of life and happiness.

He went and sat beside her taking her hand in his he placed a small kiss on backside of her hand. He kept his hand on her baby bump and soon tears accumulated in his eyes thinking that even before coming to this world the child became fatherless.

He knew what a child faces when he loses his mother or father at a tender age as his own father died only when he was five . His heart ached  pain ridhimma will feel after knowing about Kabir.


He felt some movements in his hand and saw ridhimma slowly opening her eyes. Vansh held her hand more firmly and said

Vansh: don’t worry the baby is fine .

Ridhimma:  Vansh how is ka…bir?? ( weak voice)

Vansh knew this was coming but still he went numb. He was not able to say anything and ridhimma looked at him anxiously  but fortunately she was still under the control of sedatives due to which she slept again. Then Vansh broke down not able to contain the painful feeling anymore.


(now directly writing after discharge as writing Ridhu’s break down will be very difficult for me . Ridhimma knows about Kabir )

After discharge

Vansh was driving car towards his home when he glanced sideward and saw ridhimma looking outside.  A girl who would turn anyone sadness into happiness was now herself sitting drowned in her own pain.

Vansh remembered when he finally told ridhimma about Kabir death she cried a lot until she fainted .

It has been three days now she doesn’t cry but has gone silent .

After sometime we reached home and I looked at ridhimma lost in her thoughts.

Vansh: ridhimma we reached.

Ridhimma just nodded and opened the door to step out .Vansh was fast to reach there and held her securely and lead her inside his home.

Since it was ridhimma’s 8th month and a crucial time of her pregnancy  Vansh decided to work from home until ridhimma delivery .

He used to crack jokes occasionally in an attempt  to make her smile but failed which broke him more.



It was ridhimma’s ninth month and one day her labor pain started . Vansh drove her to hospital where doctor took her for delivery process.

Vansh was pacing to and fro in front of room and was looking at the door again and again , angre saw all this and kept a hand on his shoulder assuring him.

The door opened and nurse came out with baby in her hand and said

Nurse: congratulations Mr. Raisinghania it’s a boy.

Vansh carefully took the baby in his hands and looked at his cute chubby face , he was exact copy of his mother.

The baby with his little hand held Vansh finger which made Vansh smile instantly . Even though it was not his baby but he will love this cute boy as his own son.

Vansh was sitting beside ridhimma in her room while she was resting . Slowly she opened her eyes and looked here and there for her baby.

Vansh got up and carefully lifted the baby and gave it ridhimma . Seeing the way ridhimma smiled  Vansh smile grew wider ,indeed the baby was a bundle of joy. She smiled first in this 2 months after seeing the baby which gave Vansh hope that ridhimma will recover from her sadness with the help of her son.


The baby was named Ridhan . Ridhan became very attached to Vansh in a short span of time. Vansh used to finish his office work early so that he can come home and spend time with ridhimma and Ridhan. They were his sweet small family. He still loved ridhimma but didn’t confess as he knows she still loves Kabir. Ridhimma slowly started coming back to normal with help of Vansh Angre and her Ridhan.


One day ridhimma was passing by Vansh room when she heard Angre and Vansh conversation.

Angre: till when you will not confess your love for ridhimma Vansh. You love her since last 4 years but you still haven’t confessed.

Vansh: she considers me as her best friend . Most importantly she still loves Kabir . I don’t want ridhimma know because I know she will not be able to love me and I can’t marry anyone else than ridhimma .  So lets stop this discussion  here only.

Angre: but Vansh

Vansh: angre please

Angre sighed defeatedly while ridhimma looked on shocked. She went to her room quietly and sat thinking

Vansh loved her for past 4 years and she was unable to see it. He didn’t even let her know after she introduced Kabir in fact he wouldn’t have said it in future also.

Now she got to know why Vansh distanced himself after her marriage as he was not able to bear the pain of heartbreak . Vansh loved her and Ridhan like his own family she couldn’t see the love he had for her in his eyes. But the bigger question was will she able to love him to love him the way he deserves ?? He loved her selflessly will she able to love him that way??

The respect she had for Vansh now increased to many folds ,he just did all this so that she stays happy he loves Ridhan as his own son even after knowing he is her and Kabir’s son .

Kabir and his memories will always be dear to her no matter what but if life has given her a chance to be loved again if it has blessed her with man like Vansh  in her life she was no going to waste it. She will try to move on she will allow her heart to feel for some else if it wants.


As the days went ridhimma started seeing the love Vansh has behind his every action . The way he makes ridhan laugh and plays with him the way he makes her feel secure , ridhimma could not help but to fall in love with him .


One day when Vansh returned from office he saw all lights were off  and darkness all around when suddenly something shined in front of him and he was shocked to see it.

He saw lights arranged in a beautiful pattern and ridhimma kneeled down in front of him with a ring in her hand .

Ridhimma: I know Vansh I cannot love you the way you deserve to but I want to spend my rest of life with you beside me not only as BFF but as my husband .I could’nt help but to fall in love with and want  to See the rest of the life with you . Will you marry me??


Vansh was too stunned   to react he waited for this moment since long now its finally  in front of him. He pinched himself to confirm it was a reality or not.

Ridhimma chuckled seeing it and stood up .

Ridhimma: it’s a reality Vansh I know you love me since long

Vansh looked at her and said

Vansh: you don’t have to love because I love you ridhimma there is no compulsion.

Ridhimma: I love you because I want to idiot not because you love me

Vansh hugged her instantly and she reciprocated wholeheartedly .

Ridhimma: now answer me will you marry me??

Vansh : how can I no to this ,so yes I will marry you and love you all my life. Give ridhan the father love he deserves and promise to protect and keep both of you happy all my life   .

He showed his hand and ridhimma slides ring in his ring finger .

Vansh: but what about my ring which I will make you wear , it was all a surprise for me

When angre called fro behind

Angre: here is yours

Vansh: angre you knew about this??

Angre: yes I knew and I helped ridhimma also now don’t ask silly questions and do your work.

Vansh made ridhimma wear the ring and hugged her tightly and whispered in het ear

Vansh: I love you

Ridhimma: love you too (whispered back)

Angre: oye I also helped yaar you all forgot me

Vansh : shut up and come

They all shared a group hug. After somedays ridhimma and Vansh were married nd live happily ever after


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