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(Sorry i forgot to mention when vansh saw the cctv he came to know that anupriya had attacked siya)


Vansh: Attention ladies and gentlemen i have invited all of u here to introduce someone very special to me.. My life.. My jaan.. My sweetheart.. My wife Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania.

As soon as Vansh Says this Ahana comes forward.
But vansh goes down the dias. Each and every camera was focussed on him. He goes to the entrance. Everyone found a beautiful girl standing at the entrance… A natural beauty.. The male reporters were ogling at her and some female reporters were admiring her and some were jealous of her.

Vansh takes her to the dias. Except dadi and angre each rai singhania is smirking as they r finally able to remove her from his life. Ishani, Aryan, Chachi and Ahana were smirking thinking about her insult which vansh was going to do in front of the press and dadi was feeling sad for her grandson

Vansh: So let me introduce my sweetheart, my wife, Mrs Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania

After saying this he kisses on her cheeks and riddhima blushes.

Everyone present there were shocked and riddhima was surprised. She felt tht vansh forgave her but she did not knew he will surprise her like this. She was feeling blessed. Both were happy without knowing tht destiny had some other plans.

The reporters were shocked to see a lovey dovey version of VR and his family were shocked as he introduced riddhu as his wife.

Ishani and Ahana were coming forward but one glance from vansh and they did not have the courage to fight back the VR. Dadi and Angre were happy. Angre was happy and relieved as he was able to save both his sis and his bhai’s life.

(A/N- This is something i always wanted in immj2 but did not get.. then i wanted to someone to write on this… But no one did so i took the initiative to write… So here is an official press conference of Mr. Vansh Raisinghania and his wife Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania….)

Reporter 1: Sir when was the first time u met?

Vansh: I was driving my car in speed and suddenly a girl came in front of me. I felt a strange type of feeling tht time itself but being the VR i jerked it away. But she did not notice me

Riddhima was shocked she always thought tht the first time they met was beach party. But she was happy as she understood tht god had already chose him as her life partner

Vansh saw male reporters looking at his jaan with lust so he instantly pulled her towards him by her waist, showing his possession over her and everyone moved their eyes down.

Reporter 2: Mam when was the first time u met sir

Riddhima: At his beach party, he was having a deal there and i was organising his party.

Reporter 1: Mam were u charmed by him at first meet itself

Vansh: I would like to give reply for this, she wasnt charmed by me instead for her i was an arrogant self obsessed person, u wont believe at tht beach party she did not knew i was VR plus she was fighting with me.

Riddhima hid her face in Vansh’s chestย  And smacked his arms by remembering it.

All were shocked tht this girl did not knew who is VR and was fighting with him and VR was laughing on it. Even dadi was surprised and angre was reminiscing tht incident.

Reporter 3: Mam we all know the VR but wht u will say abt the husband version of VR

Riddhima: For the world, he maybe rude, short tempered person, but for me he is the sweetest and most caring person i ever met. He is my love, my life, my everything. He completed me. He gave a family to an orphan like me. He made me cross the limits of love.

Reporters were overwhelmed with her reply plus they were shocked to see a blushing VR.

Reporter 4: Mam and sir this question is for both of u… How did u know that he/she was the one?

Vansh: Well it is a long story. But i would like to share bcoz even she doesn’t know wht i felt. When she backanswered me u see i was flabbergasted. She was the first one who could shut my mouth and i felt happy bcoz she was the only one who did not care who i was, even seeing bodyguards behind me she had the audacity and guts to answer me looking into my eyes. That time i knew this girl will be my death ๐Ÿ˜‰ But considering it as a mere attraction i ignored it but then i met her again in my cruise party tht time i was sure destiny had some plans. My younger sister liked her a lot, she wanted riddhima to be her personal physiotherapist. For those who dont know riddhima is a physiotherapist too. And tht was my golden opportunity to keep her close to me.. But she being my Ziddhima rejected my proposal.

Everyone gasped. Someone had the guts to reject VR.

Vansh: And that was what attracted me more. Even after knowing tht i m VR she rejected my proposal. She always treated me like any other normal person. She never bothered tht i was VR. And thts the reason i love her bcoz she doesn’t love Vansh Rai Singhania instead she loves vansh..her vansh. As my sis requested her she agreed to be her personal physiotherapist. Then some misunderstanding happened between us due to which she resigned. And at tht time i knew i cant live without her, i was dying even by thinking tht she will leave me and tht time i knew i was madly in love with her.

Now this was a shock for everyone present there. Even Angre, Riddhu and Kabir were shocked tht vansh was in love with her from the beginning. Riddhu was now damn emotional. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Vansh: So i proposed her for marriage and she again being my Ziddhima rejected me.

Now everyone gasped. Even the Raisinghania’s were shocked to know tht riddhima had rejected him.

Vansh: But me being VR anyhow managed her to marry me.

Reporter 1: Mam wht abt u?

Riddhima: Iย  actually dont know when i fell in love with him,when i felt tht he was the one..Maybe bcoz of the care and love he bestowed on me or maybe bcoz of the strength and respect he gave me. (chuckles)When he had got hurt tht time i felt immense pain, i wasnt even able to imagine him getting hurt. It felt as if i died a hundred times and at tht time i knew i was madly and irrevocably in love with this arrogant jerk.

Vansh blushed and laughed hearing this
Now the reporters were damn shocked. Did she just call VR an arrogant jerk? And he is blushing and laughing.. They all felt this was the 8 wonder of world. Now they all were sure tht VR is madly in love with his wife. All were shocked except Angre as he knew his bhai’s love for his bhabhi, even kabir was shocked.

Vansh: Well now i think so u asked enough questions. Now u all should leave us alone. U see husband and wife need to spend some quality time ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Riddhima was blushing hard. Her cheeks had turned into dark shade of red. And cherry on the top vansh kissed her once again in front of everyone
Vansh( whispering) : Stop blushing sweetheart or I’ll do something in front of press and my family. By seeing u blushing like this i feel to bite those red cheeks of urs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Riddhima snuggled into his chest and smacked his arms

Everyone were shocked to see this romeo and flirty version of VR. The reporters took few of their couple pics and went away.

The Rai singhania’s were ready to insult riddhima but one glance from Vansh and they understood the old VR is back and if u go against him then u ll face hell.
Vansh sent riddhu to room and came in hall.

Ishani: Bhai how could u….

Vansh( dangerous tone) : Shut up ishani. I wont listen a word against my riddhima. I am warning all of u. Stay away from my sweetheart or else u all will regret y u were born in this world. And this is applicable to each one of u ๐Ÿ˜ก. Ahana get out of my house now or else i ll erase ur existence and i have something to show u all.

He then proved riddhima’s innocence.. He even showed how riddhima agreed to marry Kabir to save ishani and her child. All threw kabir out of VR mansion. All were feeling ashamed of themselves. So they quietly went to their respective rooms

Riansh room,
Riddhima is sitting near window reminiscing everything. Just then she feels a pair of hand wrapped around her waist, knowing who the owner is she leans on his chest.

Vansh snuggles in her neck and start giving kisses on her neck. He then turns her

Vansh(thinks) : I should tell her the truth abt my revenge. If she will learn it from someone else then she will break into bits and pieces. I cant take the risk, i cant lose her, i was abt to lose her bcoz of my stupidity, i wont repeat it.

Vansh: Sweetheart actually i wanted to tell u that…
Someone knocks on the door. Vansh opens it and finds Angre. He tells him to come to study for some work.

Vansh goes to riddhima: Sorry sweetheart i have an important work i ll come in few mins. U take rest and kisses on her forehead

Riddhima: Ok vansh

In study,
Angre and Vansh were discussing abt business. They had been working for a lot of time.

Angre: congrats bhai. I was terrified when u told me to call the real media.

Vansh: Thx Angre. I know i was abt to commit a sin but dont worry i ll not repeat it instead i m sure tht i ll tell her whole truth

Angre: Yes bhai. Its very imp she learns the complete truth

Just then Dadi enters the room
Dadi: I cant believe this vansh, we were going to hurt an innocent soul like her.

Vansh: Yes dadi, i know i was abt to commit a sin but by god’s grace i learnt the truth by the footage of cctv or else i would have lost her

Dadi: Yes vansh i m happy tht u did not execute ur plan of announcing ahana as ur wife and then pretending to not know riddhima to take revenge from her….

Suddenly they heard a sound of something falling. They looked at the door to find riddhima with tears in her eyes, her eyes were red due to crying.

She had come to give dinner to Angre and vansh but when she reached there she heard everything dadi said and in shock the tray fell from her hand. She was unable to believe her vansh was going to bring another woman in his life and pretend to not know her only to give her pain, to take his revenge.

Vansh was dumbstruck. He wanted to tell her the truth but this was not the way.

Vansh: Riddhima… (Coming forward to hold her)

Riddhima: Dont u dare Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania.

Vansh: No sweetheart pls listen to me…

Riddhima( choking on her voice) :If u have ever loved me just reply in yes or no vansh. Were u going to leave me all alone in manali and announce Ahana as ur wife ๐Ÿ˜ญ?

Angre: Bhabhi…

Riddhima: Angre i m talking to my husband. Stay out of it. No one will speak except him. Yes or no vansh
Vansh (closed his eyes) : Yes๐Ÿ˜ญ

Riddhima was shocked would be an understatement, she was beyond shock, she was not able to handle the truth, so she ran to their room, vansh ran behind her and tried to stop her

Vansh: Sweetheart listen to me. I…

Riddhima: How could u vansh… How could u do this with me… I knew i hurt u a lot…. I even betrayed u unintentionally… But i did repent for all of this… How could u do this with me…. I hate u Vansh Rai singhania… Just get out of here… I hate u.. U wanted to break riddhima. Congratulations Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. U have broken riddhima so well that now no one can mend her..

She closed the door and leaned onto it and started crying..even vansh leaned onto the door outside the room and started crying

At tht time he heard a scream

Siya :Bhai…..

He ran to siya’s room.. Everyone reached there, siya told the truth to everyone. Vansh was more guilty now. He did not knew wht to do. He ran to his room

Vansh(crying): Sweetheart pls open the door..

Riddhima: Don’t u dare Mr. Rai singhania. If u even tried to enter in this room then u ll find dead body of riddhima

Vansh knew her well. So he went to the bar.

Vansh(drinking and crying) : I am sorry sweetheart for wht i have done… But i ll repent for it.. I know i have hurt u a lot… But i know tht even after all this u love me….

The best thing abt u is tht u have loved the vansh who needed love, u loved the vansh who broke u, who destroyed u… Now its my turn i ll not let our love die… I ll mend everything between us

Vansh slept on the floor itself, same goes with riddhu

Next morning

Vansh sees riddhima coming out of their room with her suitcase

Vansh: Riddhima pls dont go. I beg u. I know i have wronged u a lot but pls give me a last chance. I promise i won’t disappoint u.

Riddhima: I am going from here. U will get the divorce papers in few days. Sign it and leave me or else i ll kill myself.

Vansh was numb. He loves her a lot he can neither live without her nor let her die.. He sat on the floor crying..

Riddhima was about to leave the house but

Siya: Bhabhi…


She ran to her and hugged her tight. She cried on her shoulder.

Siya: bhabhi pls don’t go..

Riddhima: No siya i cant…

Siya: Bhabhi i know bhaiya did very wrong with u but pls stay here at least for me till i m completely fine… Pls bhabhi….

Riddhima: ok siya. But i ll leave this house as soon as u will be fine.

Sita: Ji bhabhi

Vansh was very happy. He was determined to pacify her

One week went away like this. Riddhima was staying in her old room and vansh in their room. Vansh did everything to pacify riddhima but she ignored him.

Finally one day vansh called riddhima to terrace. He had decorated it just like the date night with vihaan

Vansh: i know riddhima i did very wrong with u but i m sorry sweetheart. I am really very sorry
Pls forgive me for the last time. I promise i won’t let u have any complain.

Riddhima: Stop it vansh. Just stop this nonsense. I kept on telling tht i did not do it knowingly but u were hell bent on destroying me. Just tell ne vansh if u had not learnt the truth then wht u have done.
Vansh was silent..

Riddhima (emotionless) :See…ur silence is the answer vansh. Even u know tht u would have executed ur revenge plan. U would have given her my rights…

Vansh: No riddhima. I would have never given her ur rights. Only u have right on me. Riddh…

Riddhima: Do u remember our 8 vow vansh. U had said tht if i betrayed u then i should kill myself and if u will betray me then u will kill urself with tht golden gun. Now tell me who is the betrayer amongst us vansh.. Tell me..

Vansh was numb

Riddhima: U know wht vansh u cant because u know the truth.

She says this and goes from there. But by mistake she fitted something in his mind which was going to create havoc in their life.

Everyone returned home. They all went out so tht vansh could spend some alone time with riddhu and pacify her. But all learnt wht happened so they retired to their respective room.

At night riddhima was packing her suitcase to leave the next day.

Someone knocked on her door. She found Angre standing there. She was about to say something but

Angre: Pls bhabhi. Let me speak. I wanted to tell u. Even after knowing this u wanna leave bhai then no one will stop u .

Riddhima: Ok angre. U have always been a brother to me so Go ahead i m ready to listen to u

Angre: Bhabhi do u know y bhai hates betrayal?

Riddhu frowned

Angre: Bcoz from childhood till today he has always got only betrayal in his life from each and every person. Bhai was very small when his mother left him. Uncle was broken as uma aunty left him due to which he was not able to take care of the business and his family. He became an alcoholic. Vansh bhai loved his mom a lot. He wasย  most attached to her. He got betrayal from his own mom at the age when children cherish their childhood. Then also bhai used to take care of both his sisters. Then dadi made Ajay uncle marry Anupriya ji. With this uncle was coming out of his loneliness. He always considered her as his children’s mother and a good friend nothing more. Rudra chachu tried to handle business but he only increased losses. Ajay uncle started to handle business again, to remove debts he joined mafia. At this time, ishani in her stubbornness drove a car and caused an accident. To protect her from punishment bhai took blame on himself and went to juvenile center at the age of 14. Four years he spent there. And in these four years, the jolly, happy, soft hearted vansh died and heartless vansh Raisinghania was born. In this four years, he was bullied a lot as he was son of Ajay Raisinghania. All uncle’s enemies made him their target. Due to this the child in him died. Then the vansh who came out could never withstand betrayal and would make the opponent pay for it. Then he joined business and everything was going very well. Him joining the business took it to new heights. But then on his birthday, he got a present from someone. It was dead body of his dad. That day the humanity tht was left in him also died. Then ragini came in his life. She was a proposal from Dadi’s friend. At first bhai was normal with her but later due to her care he started to love her. And at tht time he came to know she never loved him but was with him because of his money. He broke to bits. His faith in love also broke. Before ragini was shot she told him tht his mom was killed. Three years he took care of her to know who killed his mother.

Riddhima was crying badly after learning wht vansh went through in his life

Angre: Then u came in his life, he knew tht u were a spy inspite of this he trusted u, fell in love with u and thought tht even u love him. Even i felt tht bhai was lucky to have u in his life. We both were happy bcoz we knew u wont betray him. But then kabir came and told the truth. The half truth. But he did not believe him at tht time he believed him when he saw the footage in which u were kidnapping Ragini. U dont expect him to trust u even after seeing tht proof. Even u did not trsut him tht also without having any proof then hoe can u expect tht from him. After tht Bhai broke. He did not break like this when his mom left him, when his dad died, when ragini betrayed him, he broke the worst way possible bcoz he loved u the most. Just imagine how would u feel when u come to know tht ur life partner married u for the sake of his lover. All the time when u felt he loved u it was just a full proof plan to find proof against u. And just imagine the amount of love he had for u tht he committed suicide learning tht u gave proof against him to kabir. I know wht he was abt to do was wrong but it was justified bhabhi. Now its upto u bhabhi. U want to forgive him or forget him. But remember one thing u both were at fault. He was wrong bhabhi but even u were wrong. Only bcoz u did it for ur love doesnt make it right. U knew he was a criminal and he knew u were a spy. If anyone tried to create misunderstandings between u. U both trusted others and never confronted each other. And one more thing bhabhi even after all this he was abt to confess his revenge plan to u. To have a new beginning with u…

Angre went from there.

Riddhima was numb learning tht vansh knew from the starting tht she was a spy inspite of all this, he protected her, loved her, cared for her. Riddhima understood tht both were at fault.

She was having a bad feeling as if someone is going to harm her love. She ran to their room. And the scene tht she saw shocked her

Vansh was all red due to crying amd he was holding the golden gun on his forehead

Vansh(crying badly) : iss ishq mein marjawan kuch bhi kasam se karjawan.

And then there was a gunshot.

Riddhima was shocked to core. She was continuously crying. Her eyes were read due to tears

Riddhima slapped vansh hard on his face.

Vansh was happy to see riddhu there. He was smiling like a baby

Riddhima(crying and shouting) : R u mad Vansh. How could u do this. U were again going to leave me alone..(Hiccuping) I…I..came here to tell tht.. I.. I..forgave u. Tht we both were at fault. U were right from ur pov and i was right from my pov.. Y the hell were u trying to take ur life. Did u even thought how i will face…(sobbing very badly) how i will live without u.. U were again going to make me go through all tht…

Vansh(crying) : But u only told me to fulfill the 8 vow. This was the only thing u asked how couldn’t i fulfill it… And u were going to leave me and i can not live without u . So it was better tht i die…

He was not able to speak as she slammed her lips onto his.. Both were kissing each other passionately.. One was showing her love, anger, insecurity, frustration and the other was showing his grief, loneliness, love.. They were kissing each other hungrily trying to reduce the pain, grief and loneliness they felt in this one week.. Nibbling each others lips.. Sucking it.. Biting it… Their tongues were fighting for dominance.. But this time riddhu won.. And he was happy to see his angry little wife getting wild… Then he opened the zip of her dress….

Bas baaaki aap sochlo…๐Ÿ™ˆ…. Ki kya hua hoga๐Ÿ˜‰

Next morning,
Two lost souls were sleeping peacefully hugging each other. The sun rays fall on his face and he opened his eyes and found the most beautiful view in front of him. His dear wifey sleeping in his arms.. Her arms are covered in his torso and due to sun rays she was snuggling more into him. He was smiling seeing there naked figures and remembering last night.. Just then he remembered something tht caused a dangerous glint in his eyes.

He remembered wht all he did in this one week

Obviously he was not going to take his life without settling his scores with all those who dared to hurt his SWEETHEART.

He took revenge with everyone even his FAMILY

Ishani learnt the hard bitter truth tht sunny sold her. She even heard him calling her a pro*titute and bi*ching abt her to his friends. He even told them tht she was pregnant with his child. She was broken to the core.

The Ishani Rai Singhania was used and thrown like a tissue paper.. Tht time she remembered how she used to disrespect riddhima.. Call her s*ut and b*tch.. But the truth was… It is truly said pain to the heart is more difficult than any physical pain and she got tht.

Aryan was given a deal to handle and vansh made sure tht not only he lose this deal but also his so called respect. Aryan lost the deal and was badly beaten by the guards as he had done a big mistake.. Not only this even a girl blamed him for molestation. She even had a video proof and she demanded money from him. Aryan had put his money on this deal and as he had lost the deal, he incurred a lot of losses, he could not inform his bhai bcoz he actually molested tht girl.

To save her son, chachi had to sell all her jeweleries… The thing she loved the most and had to see his son coming back home in a wheelchair as he was beaten very badly

Now the most imp persons AHANA and KABIR

Vansh tortured ahana a lot. All the things tht she did with riddhima, vansh did with her, plus he proved her as a con woman in front of the whole world and gave her to her enemies

Kabir.. He was tortured the worst way possible… As he had done two big mistakes… First to make vansh’s queen his pawn and second creating misunderstanding between him and his sweetheart.

Vansh gave electric shock to kabir. Slapped him hard, pour hot oil in his private part and then cut his p*nis. He let him stay in that pain for few days. And then spread leech on his body and left him to die

And obv he did not forget Mother india – Anupriya. He made her walk on pieces of glass, coal, nails and then gave electric shock to her.. And the best made her see all the torture given to her dear son. And with this she turned mad…

Just then he felt someone kissing on his cheeks. He jerked from his thoughts and found his sweetheart, his riddhima staring at him. She was his life, his everything and he can do anything for her even if it means to give pain to his family, he knew she would have forgiven everyone easily so he took revenge without telling her.

Riddhima: Good morning vansh

Vansh: Good morning sweetheart๐Ÿ˜˜

Riddhima: Where were u lost?

Vansh: Just in last night’s memory

Listening this she blushed
He can’t believe even after all tht happened between them she is same as before. He thanked his stars and her god to send her in his life

Vansh: Riddhima i m sorry i…

Riddhima: Shh… Vansh i said na bygones are bygones… Now i want to have a new beginning with u. So now no past…

Vansh: ok sweetheart… As u say ๐Ÿ˜˜

And with tht vansh lifted her in bridal style and took her to bathroom.

Riddhima: Vansh what r u doing?

Vansh: Come on sweetheart. We need to take bath

Riddhima: We… U go alone i ll go after u..

Vansh(winking) : Na sweetheart… I m not gonna leave u alone ever in our life… Aur waise bhi yesterday night who was not ready to leave me(smirking) and getting wild

Riddhima blushed, snuggled into his chest and smacked his arms and with tht they both promised for a new beginning with trust and love….

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      or if u want i can post on india forums….

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    Exactly what i want in the show
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    Holla.. all my readers.. I know u loved this TS and would want to read more like this.. but due to someone who copied my work i cant post it now on telly updates… I m going to take legal actions against tht someone as i gave a warning but he or she is not ready to remove so till then….

    here is the link to one of my os.. i have posted…


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      The above is my profile in wattpad ๐Ÿ‘†

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