RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E48 (Caroline 😻)

Hello Beautiful People! So finally got the First Dose Of CoVaxin, pain in my arm is unbearable so sorry for a short update and if you find any mistakes in the below written episode 🥲


Episode starts with: 


Raichand Palace: Author’s POV;



(They break the hug and came closer to eachother, as their lips were about to meet, Vansh’s phone rang and looked suspiciously at Riddhu after seeing the caller ID…)


Riddhima: Who’s it Vansh?


Vansh: Carol


Riddhima: (panicking) Is Isabell bac…


Vansh: Shh Sweetheart, wait lemme talk.(Picking the call and keeping on speaker) Hello Carol..


Caroline: You Dumbo, Idiot, Stupid, I’ll kill You!


(Riddhima’s eyes angered listening to all this and she was about to speak Vansh Interrupted..)


Vansh: But Carol..


Caroline: (yelling) Shut up! You blo*dy are getting engaged tomorrow and I’m getting to know it from those Jokers.


Vansh: Who Jokers?


Caroline: Kabir and Aryan. But why didn’t you tell me?


Vansh: I’m so sorry Carol, I was so busy with the things around that I forgot to tell you moreover I only told them to tell you. Now tell me when are you reaching here? I’m dying to meet you.


Caroline: Aww, you think I’ll melt. Well! If you think so then…. You’re right because even I’m dying to meet you. I’ll be reaching tomorrow morning. Waise just tell whose that Girl who agreed to marry a Dumbo and Arrogant man Like you?


Vansh: She’s sitting right here, you wanna talk?


Caroline: Amm…  Nope I directly wanna meet her and talk, till then Good Night 🌃 Love you ❣️


Vansh: Good Night 🌃 Love You Too 💞


(Disconnecting the Call he looked at  Riddhima who was Burning in Anger and Jealousy. He nervously said..)


Vansh: Swee…..theart…..


Riddhima: Why You said Love You Too to Caroline? You Love her not me?


Vansh: No baby, she’s my bestfriend I’ve told na what she means to me and why, so in that sense we do really love each other, plus she has only me in her life no one else.


Riddhima: Why?


Vansh: Isabell tried to seduced Carol’s  Husband Max, love of her life since 120 years, but he didn’t get manipulated and threatened to expose her, she killed him, after that she was broken, then she found me and forgetting her pain she healed mine 🥺🥺 please don’t be bad with her or jealous of her. I love you only, no one can take your place in my life but Carol has her reserved place.


Riddhima: Shh! I know 🥰 I’m sorry for behaving immaturely. She’ll be my friend too 😊


Vansh: ( nodding smiled) come let’s get you on bed tomorrow is a hectic day.


Riddhima: Okay (puppy eyes) but huggy me as always ❤️.


(They got on the bed, she snuggled into his embrace and slept, he kissed her forehead.)



Episode Ends!





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