RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E40 (Riddhima Unwell))

Hello dearies, Here I’m back 😍😍 Hope you all well. Finally completed pure saal ki notebooks before preboards πŸ˜“ tired πŸ˜ͺ

Episode starts with:

Ancient Palace:

Vansh: Where the hell has Riddhima gone? Hope she’s fine. Angre😠😠😠

Angre: Yes Boss what happened? Why are you so stressed and angry?

Vansh:(restless) Angre Riddhima is missing, find her Fit and Fine at any cost, also inform all the members to be present in auditorium within seconds.

(Angre leaves, while Vansh says panicking..)

Vansh: Where are you Sweetheart? Don’t punish me like this πŸ₯Ί. What have I done tell me? Where are you?

(Vansh moves to the auditorium, everyone including the family was present there bowing their head, Vansh angrily said..)

Vansh: Where is your Queen πŸ‘‘? Who dared to mess with her?

Victoria (hiding her smirk): What happened Master? Please say clearly.

Vansh:(glaring): Riddhima was resting in her room, and suddenly she’s missing. All of you move the hell out of here and find your Queen, if you all fail then get ready to face my Wrath.

(Vansh growled getting his Fangs out, all the members rushed from there to find Riddhima, Vansh started throwing things all over the auditorium, Siya managed to go close to him and said..)

Siya: Bhaiya Calm down, we’ll find her, You are connected to her na, so why aren’t you able to locate her?

Vansh: (taking deep breath) I’ve tried doing it Siya but still I’m not able to get her. I don’t know what she must be going through, she’s just a kid and..

( Before Vansh could complete, Kabir came running and said..)

Kabir: Vansh, I guess she’s locked in the VAMPIRE Torture Room because as I passed through it, the door smells Human Fragrance.

Aryan: ohh Shit Bhai… What if she has…

Vansh: Shut up Aryan 😠

(Vansh and the entire family run towards the torture room, Vansh scans his eyes on the Door and it opens but what he saw next Stopped his Life, and boiled his blood, Riddhima lying lifelessly due to no Oxygen and all darkness, Vansh picks her in his arms and moves to their Room, all the members try to assemble in the room to take a look at their finally found Queen, Vansh makes her lie on the bed and pats her cheeks saying..)

Vansh: Get up baby girl, please. Don’t be silent, I want to hear your non stop blabbering, if you are angry beat me, punch ne and but don’t lie quiet like this, Angre where the hell is doctor?

Doctor: Here I’m Master. I think we should give the Queen some blood of her taste she’ll be fine.

Aryan(whispering): Doctor is Finished now.

Vansh:(slapping the doctor): You Fool, she’s not a VAMPIRE but a Human, treat her properly now and wake her up anyhow.

Doctor: Human? (Terrified) I’ll treat her Master.

(All of them keep on looking at Riddhima and Doctor, everyone estimated the amount of importance their Queen has for their Master, how Mad he’s for her and gulped the saliva seeing His anger. Doctor was done treating Riddhima and said..)

Doctor: She’s well but her temperature is decreasing, I guess she’s clastrophobic that’s why her health worsened, Master please provide her some warmth, don’t let her temperature decease and as she’s a human, give her these Medicines.

(Doctor went from their, Vansh looked at Riddhima, while Ajay said..)

Ajay: Go ahead Vansh, You can. Just have control.

Uma: She needs you, do it dear.

Siya: She’ll be all fine bhaiya.

(Vansh without realising that clan members are even present, hastly removes his shirt, and takes Riddhima in a passionate hug, Kabir says..)

Kabir: Take care, we’ll leave.

(And all the members, along with Raisinghania’s left the couple alone, Victoria coming out thought..)

Victoria: 😠 Shit, How come my Plan Flopped. Ughhh!

(Vansh keeps on Rubbing and embracing Riddhima to his Bare Chest, after good 20 minutes Riddhima opens her eyes, Vansh made Riddhima her sit comfortably, stroking her hair asked..)

Vansh: Are you well Sweetheart?

Riddhima:(remembering what happened) Vansh it was all Dark, and I almost choked.. (hugging him tightly) I panicked, but I don’t know how I went there (crying 😭) I’m clastrophobic that’s why u choked Vansh, that place was so scary 😭😭

Vansh:(rubbing her hair): Calm Down Baby girl, see you are fine now. I promise we’ll go back to your house tomorrow morning. I won’t leave you for a minute alone now.

Riddhima: Promise?

Vansh: Promise.

Riddhima: (breaking the hug) Now kiss me to show how much you missed me..

Vansh: Riddhima, you aren’t well so…

(Before Vansh could complete, Riddhima fused their lips together and after some time Vansh to started reciprocating, Riddhima bit his upper lip and shoved her tongue inside and they both explored each other’s every corner of mouth, and suddenly Raisinghania’s entered the room witnessing the scene they turned their faces opposite. Vansh and Riddhima were startled they settled themselves, Vansh wore his shirt, and asked..)

Vansh: Anything serious?

(Nobody could answer, gathering some strength Siya said turning around..)

Siya: Wanted to meet Riddhima.

Vansh: Yeah. You all can meet her she’s fine now.

(All come to Riddhima and hug her, Aryan says..)

Aryan: You scared all of us. How are you feeling?

Riddhima: I’m better Bhaiya.

Siya: See your cheeks turned more red due to the warmth Bhaiya gave (teasing)

Kabir: Stop it Siya its something Personal. Waise Madam all okay?

Riddhima: I’m great Dude 😜

Angre: Glad you are fine bhabhi. Boss I think your doubt is right.

Ajay: What doubt?

Uma: Dear first tell how you reached torture room?

Riddhima: Wait, me and Vansh came in this room, we chatted, then after our Makeout session, I was tired so i slept…

(Everyone felt awkward but Riddhu us Riddhu, she continued..)

Riddhima: after that I opened my eyes feeling choked and then you all know. That was Really scary.

(Vansh signalled something to Angre and he left nodding, while Vansh said..)

Vansh: Tomorrow we all are going back home as Riddhima’s parents will also be arriving, there’s something important to be discussed tomorrow. Kabir even You’ll be in VR Mansion tomorrow.

Kabir: Aisa kya hai? ohh hnn mera 130th Bday

Everyone: Shut up.

Vansh: I’ll tell tomorrow only. And now Riddhima you sleep I’m here only.

Uma: You need rest. See you in morning Sweetie.

(All left the Room, while Vansh smirked and got angry thinking something, Riddhima said..)

Riddhima: (puppy face) Are you still worried about me? I’m here with you fit and fine.

Vansh: I just need to calm my inner worries which only you can do(sniffing her scent)

Riddhima: Really? Then..

(Riddhima pulls her dress straps down giving him free access to her shoulders, he starts nibbling on her nape, , meanwhile Riddhima starts licking Vansh’s lips seductively, this arouses him and he bit Riddhima’s shoulder then sucks it to soothe her pain, he Removes her top, while she says..)

Riddhima: Ahh… Vanshu Slow down…ohh

Vansh: It’s late Sweetheart I need to calm my beast.

(Vansh unclasps her bra and throws it on the floor, and hovers over her, he starts massaging her boobs and loosing patience, bit her nip*le hardly..)

Riddhima: Ahhhhhhh….Ohhh Vanshu It’s paining..

Vansh: Sorry Sweetheart. I’m Really sorry..

(Vansh kisses all over her br*asts and sucks them softly to give Riddhima pleasure and subside her pain, Vansh says..)

Vansh: You are so beautiful baby Girl.

Riddhima: Uhh.. Ahh.. I can’t wait to be f**ked by you.

Vansh: No Riddhima, there’s time in that. (In mind) Alot of time Riddhima. I don’t know how I’ll f**k you, what if I end up loosing my all control, which I just did..

Riddhima: Yeah till Marriage πŸ˜’ Okay now come I want your chest to rest my head.

Vansh:(lying beside her/still playing with her boobs) R you sure about the marriage?

Riddhima: Yes after 10 days na, on my Birthday. Tomorrow I’ll tell papa about you, but will not tell that you’re a VAMPIRE Otherwise they’ll get the entire house on head. Plan is ready I’ll tell them that I love you, they already know Ajay Sir, so they’ll agree and then day after tomorrow you n your family will meet them 😁 simple Dimple 😚 Okay now I feel tired, πŸ₯±πŸ₯± sleepy as well, stop playing with my boobs and lemme sleep, when I’m in my Sweet Dreamland, make me wear my clothes, for now you can play with my br*asts, Good night 😘 (pecking his lips..)

Vansh: (in mind) God she speaks non stop, her plan is ready wow. And just minutes before she told me to stop my activities and now telling me to continue. And then she can’t wear her clothes rather want me to make ker wear. The VAMPIRE King Vansh Raisinghania Has fallen for this silly princess, Indeed Love is a dangerous place to be in πŸ˜›

Episode Ends!


Tell me your theories regarding the precap.

Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciation is needed in the comment section below πŸ™ Thnqu ❀️ keep supporting πŸ™πŸ˜˜

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  23. Another wonderful, amazing n excellent episode My Dear Stuti. Loved reading n you also wrote this episode very well.
    Vansh is panicking as he can’t find his Sweetheart anywhere n he just wants her back fit n fine. He asks Angre to gather all the clan in the room. The clan come with their heads bowed down. Vansh orders them sll to go n look for their Queen n if they don’t find her then they will face his wrath. Vansh was very angry n his gangs came out. Victoria smirked n says that what happened Master. Vansh tells them that he took Riddhima into the bedroom n she is now missing n he cannot find her anywhere.
    All the clan get scared by Vansh n all scurry put to search for their Queen.
    Vansh starts throwing things n Siya gets close to her Bhaiya n tells him to connect to her as Riansh have a connection. Vansh tskes a breath n says thst he has tried but he cannot connect.
    Suddenly Kabir comes running n tells Vansh that as he was passing tbe Vsmpire torture room he got a human fragrance.
    Vansh n all tbe Rai Singhanias n Kabir run to the torture room n Vansh scans the lock with his eyes n the door opens.
    Vansh is shocked at what he finds. Riddhima lying lifelessly on the floor. He quickly pucks her up n psts her cheeks asking her to wale up. He takes her to her room n lays her on the bed n pats her cheeks again. He asks her to get up n keep talking. He then asks Angre to call tbe doctor.
    Dr comes n checks Riddhima n says that she is fine just needs blood.
    Vsnsh slaps him n says she is humam. Check her properly.
    Dr checks her n tells Vansh she will be fine n gives medication for her. He says that her temperature is decreasing n she dhould be kept warm. She is claustrophobic m had panic attacks. The Dr leaves. Ajay says its fine Vansh but stay in control. Vansh eothoit realising that the clan was also there, takes his shirt off n hugs Riddhima close to himself. Kabir says take care. We should all leave. Victoria is baffled as her plan failed.
    Vansh was stroking her hair n after 20 minutes, Riddhima opens her eyes. Vansh makes her sit comfortably n asks if she is well. Riddhima says that she was choking n is claustrophobic n had panic attacks holding Vansh tightly n she also says she doesn’t know how she got there n tbe place is scary n she cries. Vansh says you are ok now n i am with you. I won’t leave you alone. Riddhima says promise n Vansh says yes promise. Vansh asks her to rest but she kisses Vansh on his lips n Vansh reprocicates.
    All the Rai Singhanias come in n tbey see Riansh n turn around.
    Riansh get embarrassed n Vansh adks is anything wrong. Siya turns around n says that tbey came to see Riddhima. Vansh says yes you can visit Riddhima as she is fine now. They all ask her how she is n all give jer hugs. Uma adks her how she got to the Torture room. Riddhima tells how she got there. Angre says he has a clue to who may be responsible. Vansh signals to Angre n he leaves tbe room n Va ahbsays that they are going back home tomorrow as Riddhimas psrents will be back n also Kabir will be at VR Mansion with them. Kabir says oh yeh its my 130th birthday n everyone asks him to shut up. Una asks Riddhima to rest n they all leave tbe room. Vansh smirks n Riddhima asks him if he is still worried about her. She pull down the top of her dress n Vansh shsrys nibbling her shoulders n Riddhima licks his lips seductively. Vansh gets aroused n then starts loving her. He bites her by mistske n then kisses her to lessen the pain.
    Riddhima is tired n adks gim to stop n let her sleep. She says to dress her when she is sleeping. Goodnight n pecks him on his lips. Vansh in his mind thinks that he has fallen for this silly princess n now he has yo dress her after she sleeps. She is such a chatterbox. We done My Dear Stuti. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’žπŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸŒΉ. You wrote very well. All the emotions, feelings n reactions were portrayed perfectly ❀ 😍 😘. Very proud of you. β€πŸ˜πŸ˜˜βœ‹βœ‹πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸŠπŸ“πŸ₯­πŸŽπŸ‰πŸ«πŸ«πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸ§πŸ§πŸ¦‹πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ¦‹. Lots of love, hugs, kisses n loads of blessings flying over to you ❀ πŸ¦‹ 🌹. Looking πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ forwards to the next episode πŸ‘. Until then, please take care n stay safe ❀ 😍 😘. Love you.β€πŸ’žπŸ₯°πŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹

    1. Stuti Abigail Tyagi

      Thnqu ❀️ keep supporting πŸ™πŸ˜˜
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      Your detailed analysis of the episode gives so much encouragement!!
      You too take care 😍 and love you too πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ€©

  24. Amazing,no words to say

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  26. Fabulous dear n Victoria should realise her mistake before die

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