Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 53

Hello everyone i am back

After so many epi your response made me feel elated

Without any bakwas lets talk abt epi

Firstly sry for giving u wrong precap that precap was for next epi (,54)

You may find this episode quite boring but this is based on some relationship morals some are my personal experiences and some are my thoughts abt relationship (not only that bf gf i m talking abt all relation i.e.bro sis father mother etc etc) i have highlighted all my thoughts with bold

You will find riansh and ishangre’s miseries and pov i hope i portrayed that well tell me in comments how was that

So epi starts here

Scene 1

Riddhima runs behind vansh and angre behind ishani

But riddhangre bumped into each other

Riddhima is crying

Angre(concerned) – Sona!! What happened why are u crying

Riddhima cries more seing him and hugs angre

Riddhima (crying) – Bha.bhai…wo..van..vansh

Angre – Shhh! Don’t cry come with me..

He takes her to garden..

Both sit on bench riddhima rest her head on angre’s shoulder

Scene 2

Vansh is roaming in whole house like a hungry lion with blood shot eyes

He passes by pool side suddenly he hears some sobs

First he thought that riddhima is crying so he ignored but when he saw the face

He quickly rush to the person

Vansh (concerned) – Princess
Why are u crying

(Yes ishani is crying at pool side)

Seing vansh she quickly hugs him and sobs

Vansh – Shhh!! Don’t cry princess what happened tell me who made my princess cry i won’t spare him

He sits with ishani near pool hugging her..

Scene 3

Back to riddhangre

Riddhima (crying) – Bhai vansh is angry with me

I know i did wrong with him

Now i don’t know what should i do to pacify him

Angre – See sona!! I won’t interfere between you too

But i just wanna say

This is your relationship your marriage not a game

Don’t play it..love it..

Riddhima – I love him alot bhai but sometimes loving someone is not enough na u have to see betterment also

Angre – As far as i know bhai he loves u alot..

I know something is going on between u two which we all are unaware of

Don’t let your ego spoil your relationship

No matter how much u are angry with ur partner we should always pacify him/her no matter who’s mistake is 

Riddhima – But why always me bhai.. why i have to make efforts only he can also do na

Angre – Their is no U and Me in relationship all that is there is WE

Do efforts but don’t let ur self respect destroy

Riddhima – He doesn’t see anything in his anger i accept i did wrong but even i am suffering na

Angre(cupping her face) – See sona!! I know u suffered alot..

But u can’t neglect the fact that even bhai  had suffered alot

You just  think once  in that five years u didn’t have ur memories but what abt bhai he died everyday thinking abt u  and ur betrayal although u didn’t betrayed us but we can’t ignore what we saw from our eyes and the condition of ishani was making him more vulnerable

We both pretended that we hate u to the core but at the end of the day we both ended up crying for u

Whay he felt seeing his lady love’s pic with Garland who is actually alive

Only i know how much he missed u how many sleepless night he had

I had ishani with me atleast i can pour my heart out in front of him but what abt him he had no one sona..no one and u know very well how poor he is in expressing himself

Just try to understand his POV also

Riddhima (hugging him) – Thnk u bhai..i will try my best to understand him

Scene 4

Back to Vishani

Ishani(crying) – Bhai i know angre loves u and riddhu alot even i do

But he is my husband i love him alot

Nowadays he doesn’t even look at me..

All day he keeps thinking abt u or riddhu

He feels that u r hiding something from us

I told him many times but he is not paying heed to me

I missed my angre …who used to take care of me love me

You riddhu and angre suffered alot but what abt me bhai i saw my unborn child’s murder in front of my eyes and  i didn’t even had the time to remorse

How helpless i was being in coma seing u all suffering listening ur talks but couldn’t express myself

Since i woke up from coma I don’t remember when me and angre had our time discussing something abt us

Vansh (caressing her hairs) – See ishani !! If u expect something from him

Make sure u are also fulfilling his expectations too

May be he is wrong but he needs u

He needs your support

No problem in relationship is big untill we are together 

As far as we want to stay together no one can separate us

I know how much angre suffered in those 5 years he used to cry secretly for u so that we won’t get weak

He kept talking to u whole day like normal as if nothing happened

He lost his everything his sister whom he loved whole heartedly his wife whom he loves more than anything and specially his child for which he was so much excited  he had to be strong for us pretending to hate to that person who was his reason to live can u imagine his condition

He got his sister back after so many years and being skeptical for his safe future i don’t think anything is wrong in that even if i would have been in his place i should have done the same

Ishani -Thnk u so much bhai.. I will try my best to mend everything but it doesn’t mean i will forgive him so easily

Leave abt us tell me

why are u angry with riddhu

Vansh (smiling) – Our case is different princess

In our case safety is more imp than being together

And talking about my anger

We get angry on those people only to whom we love

I am angry with her i won’t talk to her but it won’t change the face that she is my sweetheart

She is mine..and i m hers

Ishani – Bhai i know whatever u will do will be the best but plz control ur anger issues the way u behaved with her in morning was not apperiatble

Bhai riddhu pretends to be so strong but she is broken from inside

I had seen that scenario from my eyes when vikram gave gun to her telling her to shoot me

After aryan’s case she loved u bhai give her that happiness what she deserve

We can’t even imagine what vikram did with her my breath get hitched even thinking abt that only

We can’t blame her even we accused her always.. i accused her for having an affair with his own brother you accused her for trying to kill me then my child

She always faced accusations bhai how can we expect from her to have trust on us when we ourselves never trusted her

Moreover we don’t know abt her health issues too what if something is serious  more than our imagination we can’t loose her at any cost

Vansh – i know princess even i can’t see her suffering but what i am doing is necessary for her benefit only

We have to do something sometimes for betterment

Alg hone ki hazar wajah mil jayengi pr sath rhne ki sirf ek wajah hoti hai or wo hai pyar

But for now just focus on angre

Try to understand him and try to make him understand your pov also

He loves u alot he will understand and remember your bhai is quite poor at expressing himself but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love u

You will always find me behind u like your shield

Ishani – i love u bhai

Vansh – Love u too princess

Scene 5

Back to riddhangre

Riddhima – What happened between u and ishani

Angre – She thinks i am not giving attention to her which is quite true

I really got indulged in my own thoughts that i forgot abt her

Riddhima – Bhai plz don’t let anything spoil ur relationship

U both already suffered alot.

Ishani lost her unborn child in front of her eyes

I have vansh on my side but she has only u bhai.. because vansh loves her alot but he can’t express his feelings like u do to me

Give her love.. only ur love can heal her wounds

Angre – I didn’t know my sona became this much mature Not bad!!

Riddhima (smiling) – Thnk u bhai for being with me always

Angre – I don’t think so u consider me ur bhai

If u really love me u wouldn’t have hide so many things from me

Riddhima (hugging him) – Don’t say this ever bhai

I love u more than anything

U were my mother my father my frnd my bhai..

You are my everything bhai..

Plz trust ur sona this time..

Whatever i am doing is for everyone’s benefit only..

Angre (kissing her forehead) – I trust u..but don’t forget
Your own life is also imp..

And i am always with u..

Whenever u feel the need of a Shoulder to lean just call me..i am always be there for my sona

U are not only my sister u are my first child i did ur upbringing with my own hands i had seen u walking first time i had seen u speaking 1st time u are an inseparable part of me baccha

Riddhima – I love u bhai…

Angre – i love u too my baccha

Phewww!! Done for today kafi zada bhavuk ho gya na😂😂

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Precap – Angry vanshu aage aage riddhu piche piche

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