Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 39

Hello everyone i am back

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Epi starts here

Scene 1

Riddhima (shouting) – You!!
Vansh!!! ( Ap sb ki duaye qubul huiπŸ˜‚)

Everyone left bewildered except siya and karan

Riddhima (holding his collar) – What the f**k are you doing here

Vansh (cupping her face) – sweetheart listen to me

Riddhima (jerking his hand) – Dare you to say me sweetheart
You urself hate betrayal and now you did this with me

How ironic na Mr. vansh raisinghania or should i say Mr. Coward raisinghania

Vansh (shouting ) – I did this only for you riddhima and you are considering me coward
Fine then i am.. i am coward
Happy now

Riddhima (crying) – somebody plz tell me what the hell is happening

Vansh – You are my wife now riddhima

Riddhima (shouting) – Shut up!! Am i any object that you guys keep playing with me
Whenever you feel you love me whenever you feel you just throw me out from your life

Vansh (holding her arm) – It’s nothing like that riddhima plz listen to me once

Siya – Riddhu di plz listen to bhai once

Riddhima (looking at siya) – did you know about this

Siya (stammering) -Di..wo..wo..i..i.

Riddhima(shouting) – i said did you know about this

Siya (bowing down her head) – Ye..yes..

Riddhima (clapping) – Wow!! Then i am sure their are few more people here who knew about this (eyeing karan)

Well played guys you all just made my life a game

Vansh (coming close to her) – sweetheart

Riddhima glares himπŸ˜’

Vansh – Ok..ok.. riddhima ..fine (vansu dr gya😝)

Riddhima just calm down first listen to me..

Riddhima -wait wait!! If you are here then where is vyom

Vyom comes from behind

Vyom – i am here shivanya

Riddhima runs to vyom and hugs him (kumbh ke mele me bichde hue bhai behen😝)

Riddhima(concerned) – what he did with you did he hurt you to take your place

Tell me vyom did he hurt you

Vansh (verge of crying)- You think so low of me sweetheart i didn’t hurt him

He himself gave his place to me.

Riddhima (baffled) – What ….

(Holding vyom’s collar )- is this true vyom

Vyom bow down his head in affirmation

Riddhima (breakdown on floor) – everyone played with me and my emotions am i a commodity i feel i am worst than that

And she started crying loudly

The she wipe her tears in determination and gets up

He holds vansh’s hand and drag him to the room upwards
And she pushed him inside and close the door from inside

Scene 2

In hall

Everyone is waiting for them to come down

Siya (to vyom) – I am so tensed what will happen

Vyom – i am just worried for shivanya

Vansh can’t handle her alone
I just hope my worst nightmare won’t come true (guys think why is he saying like this)

Siya (perplex) – What do you mean

Vyom – nothing just pray for her that she is fine

After half an hour

Siya – Now i can’t wait more!! I am going to check them

And she just moved to stairs

Suddenly vansh descends from stairs holding unconscious riddhima in his arms and blood is driping between her thighs

Vansh (shouting) – riddhima open your eyes damn it

Vyom(shouting) – what happened to her

Vansh – she is bleeding

Vyom (shouting) – Damn!! She can die take her to hospital fast

Vansh – rihan !! Bring the car (angu baby is not here)

And they rush to hospital

Scene 3

In hospital

Vansh is crying in siya’s lap

What if something happen to her
This is happening becoz of me..siya i don’t deserve her

Siya – Bhai plz don’t say like this if god has united you with her for 7 births then he must have something stored for you na

Vansh – Plz bring my sweetheart back

Shivay – but how did this happen
What happened suddenly that you took this step

Vansh and siya looks at each other

Flashback starts

Ishani’s room

Vansh is crying holding her hand

Vansh – Wake up princess wake up and he cries bitterly

Suddenly machine started beeping loudly and ishani started moving her fingers

And finally she opens her eyes (badhai hoo apka intezaar pura hua)

Vansh (shouting) – Angre !! Angre!! See ishani is awake

And angre comes running

Trio has tears in their eyes

Ishani hugs vansh started weeping

Vansh looks at angre and they both smile remembering the moment when vansh told angre that he wants ishani to hug him first when she will wake up

Vansh hugs her and they both cry

Angre – Guys am i invisible Here

Ishani hugs him too and cry

Angre – i missed you jaan i missed you so much

Ishani (keeping hand on her stomach) – Our baby !! How much time i was not awake..

Angre and vansh bow down their head

Angre – We lost our baby 5 years ago jaan

And they both cry hugging each other

Ishani – She killed my child bhai!! She is b*t*h bhai..she is not innocent

Vansh – riddhima na i know she killed your baby but why

Ishani – No bhai!! How can you even think about that

I know riddhu shot me that day but it doesn’t mean she killed my child
If she didn’t shot me that day still i would have lost my child

Angre – Ishani please tell us what happened that day

We already punished sona for 5 years

Ishani – What you did with her

Vansh – This is not right time princess plz tell us what happened that day

Ishani face paled and she looks at vansh

Flashback starts ( so it’s a flashback me flashback don’t get confuse)

Wedding day

Ishani and riddhima comes to her room

Riddhima – I go to washroom you wait here

And she comes back after few minutes and left bewildered

Riddhima (in low voice) – ishani!!

Done for today

I really wanted to give whole epi but sorry guys my condition is not that well

I need yr support do support guys

Target in 35

Luv uh all

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