Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 23

Hello everyone i am back

First of all i wanna say that i wrote this episode with my dead brain cells because my mood got badly spoiled after that ruckus on menna’s and jesmine’s ff

I request to all the people if you wanna give suggestions or opinion you are welcome but don’t vilify each other the whole world is fighting with covid let’s support each other

But menna insisted me to post so i wrote this , so forgive me if this is not up to your expectations

@s i hope you are fine and enjoying my ff , take care darling

And yes yesterday i got a comment from @rahul i just wanna know do boys read ff as i have seen only girls here , so if any boy is reading this then do let me know because i wanna praise myself for that πŸ˜‚ because i think boys are not interested in daily soaps so do let me know if anyone is here

So episode starts here

Scene 1

Next day

Mehendi ceremony started

Dadi told to Vansh and Angre that mens are not allowed in this ceremony and they leave

Scene 2

Two ladies come in veil

And mix something in mehendi

Riddhima and Ishani comes and sit

They apply mehendi and other girls started dancing on dhol

Suddenly the same ladies come in between and started dancing weirdly and one comes near Riddhima and touches her cheeks

And other one goes to Ishani and caresses her cheeks

Dadi – Stop both of you..

Who are you and who called you here

1st lady – We are here to bless the bride

2nd lady – Now we are going

And they started running but dadi hold one of them

Ishani – something is fishy

Both of you remove your veil and show your faces

They both hold their veil tightly

But Ishani and Riddhima started removing their veil forcefully

And then removes it

Ishani (flabbergasted) – Angre!!

Riddhima – Vansh!!

And dadi comes near them and hold their ears

Dadi – You both are so shameless
Can’t you stay without your wives for 2 hours

Angre- Sorry Dadi

Vansh – Sorry dadi.. but this is cheating this my wedding and i am excluded from functions

I feel like you will distrub us on our nuptial night too😏

Riddhima (glaring him) – you better keep your mouth shut😏

Ishani – Seriously you both came here that too wearing sareeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But what you mixed in mehendi

Vansh – Nothing it was just fragrance oil as my sweetheart don’t like mehendi’s smell and honestly i too feel it like cowdung

Dadi – Ok now let’s celebrate

And they all started dancing together

Scene 3

Riddhima – Vansh see my mehandi and now you have to find your name in my hand

Vansh – VR love challenges😎

And he started finding his name

1 hour later

Vansh – I m searching since one hour sweetheart where is my name

Riddhima – First say that you lost the challenge

Vansh – Noways

Riddhima – Then forget that you have a bride

Vansh – Not fair!! Fine i lost the challenge

Riddhima shows him her left hand on which Vansh is written

Vansh – But i was searching in right hand

Riddhima (Laughing) – Did i forbid you to search in left hand

You were the one who was searching in right hand onlyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Vansh (glaring ) – I don’t want to talk to you.. cheater , you cheated me

Riddhima (kissing him on his cheeks)- Still you don’t want to talk to me

Vansh pulls her by her waist and kissΒ  on her cheeks

Vansh – You will be mine soon

Scene 4

Haldi ceremony started

Vansh – I will apply haldi to my bride😎

Dadi – You can’t even see her
So don’t you dare (dadi always rocks)

Vansh – This lady is always behind my romance

She won’t let me become father with this behavior even after my marriage

And she leaves making Vansh pissed

Everyone started applying haldi to Riddhima

Angre comes and apply haldi

Angre (in tears) – I can’t believe that my Sona is getting married

I am so happy for you Sona

Riddhima (weeping his tears) – Since childhood you are my father and you are my mother
I love you bhai

Then Vansh comes and everyone started applying haldi to him

Ishani comes and apply haldi

Ishani (in tears) – Finally you are getting married bhai i am so happy for you

Vansh (weeping her tears ) – You are crying as if i m the bride who will go to other home after marrige

Ishani ( hitting him softly ) – Shut up bhai

And ceremony ended

Scene 5

Riddhima is going to her room suddenly someone pull her in a room

Riddhima (Shouting) – You!!!

Vansh (keeping his palm on her mouth ) – You gave me heart attack in kidney sweetheart , stop shouting otherwise people will beat me in my own houseπŸ˜’

Riddhima (laughing ) -Ok but what are you doing here

Vansh ( encircling her in arms) – How cruel the world is

Everyone was forbidding me to meet you

If this will continue then how will i become fatherπŸ˜‘

Riddhima – Still you came here shameless man

Vansh – Because i can’t stay away from my sweetheart

He brushes his cheeks with her applying haldi on it

And riddhima started blushing

Vansh – Now give me a kiss (despirate man!!πŸ˜‚)

Riddhima – How shameless Vansh

we are getting married then do whatever you want

Vansh (coming close to her) – Once you are mine

Even you won’t be able to forbid me

Riddhima (hugging him) –Β  Will EverythingΒ  be fine vansh

I can’t lose you and i can’t even imagine my life without you

Vansh (kissing her crown) – Everything will be fine sweetheart

I won’t let you go away from me ever

I love you

Riddhima – I love you too Vansh

Scene 6

Ishangre’s Room

Angre is sitting on bed and Ishani is sitting on his lap

And she brushes her cheeks with him

She started kissing on his bare chest and neck

He grabs her hair in his fist and started kissing her lips and neck

Angre (betweem kisses)- Dare you to go away from me

I can’t breath even for a second without you jaan

Ishani – As if i can live without you

Promise me Angre you will always take care of yourself whether i will be with you or not

He catch her lips and started kissing passionately as if their is no tomorrow

I won’t let you go anywhere even if you want

You and my baby are my lifelines

I love you jaan

Ishani (hugging him) – I love too Angre

Scene 7

Finally the wedding day arrives
Vansh gets ready in his attire and sits in Mandap

Scene 8

Riddhima ‘s Room

Riddhima gets ready

Anupriya – You are looking the best the bride in the world😍

You are not my daughter-in-law
You are my daughter indeed

And they hug each other

Dadi (kissing her on forehead) – God will keep you and Vansh always together

She takes her blessings

Siya (hugging her) – Bhai is gonna dead after seeing you like this

Riddhima – I love you siya plz get well soon i want to see you walking holding my hand

Ishani (hugging her) – You are my Sister riddhima

You did so much for me

I love you

Riddhima (hugging her) – I love you too Ishani

I love you all

Now plz don’t cry i am not going anywhere

You all are my family and
I can go to any extent to protect you guys

Suddenly Angre comes

And he sees Riddhima in bridal attire

And he is having tears now

Angre (kissing her forehead) – My Sona is looking like a fairy

He gives her a ring

Angre – This is the last belonging of Mom

It is a blessing for you Sona

Riddhima (crying)- Thankyou bhai..
I love you so much

Bhai promise me you will always stay on vansh’s side to protect him

Angre(hugging her) – I love you too sona and yes i will always protect my bhai

Scene 9

Vansh is sitting in Mandap

Pandit ji – Call the bride

Ishani – i will bring her

And ishani brings riddhima

She is descending from stairs

And Vansh is mesmerized by her beauty

They both are looking at each other and having tears in their eyes

Vansh (thinking) – You are the most beautiful bride i have ever seen sweetheart

Finally we are going to unite forever

Riddhima (thinking )- Finally you will be mine Vansh

And she comes near Vansh and sits

Done for today guys

I wrote this with much difficulty

Target is still 30 comments and i am glad that you are above the target since 3 days keep going guys

And yeah the next episode will give you so many heart attacks in kidneys it will be like season 2

Stay tuned

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