#riansh – revenge on shield -#immj2(part 2)

Heyaaa guyss !! I am back with my update ..hope you all will love it and enjoy it …so let’s start …


At late night when vansh came back to the room ..he saw that the paralysing bottle was kept open …he became shocked …..


He was about to go to riddhima to ask ..which medicine she ate …his phone ring indicating ANGRE


Vansh : Hello !


ANGRE : Boss ….(mute conversation )


Vansh : What!!!


Vansh fell down on his knees , crying face , looking completely miserable


Vansh goes to Riddhima crawling on his knees and say beside her


Vansh : Riddhima … Riddhima please get up …


Riddhima felt like someone shaking her upper body …so she opened her eyes to see , vansh sitting beside her on floor in a miserable state


Riddhima ( concerned ) : Vansh …what happened …..


She tried to get up but was unable to …seeing her difficulty and uneasiness ….vansh asked


Vansh : What happened riddhima


Riddhima (panicking ) : Vansh ..I can’t get up …my legs are not working ..


That was it and vansh remembered he saw the paralysis medicine bottle open .


Vansh (fearing) : Ri… Ridhima did you took your medicine


Riddhima : Yes vansh I take them …look that pink bottle (pointing towards the paralysis medicine) I have taken medicine from this


Listening this vansh collapsed on the floor .. afterall his worst fear come true …he remembered how few minutes back angre told that Riddhima never reached Ragini …it was anupriya’s plan to make vansh doubt riddhima .  His idea of making Riddhima paralysed was baseless and he was unnecessarily angry from riddhima .


Riddhima shake him out of his thoughts


Riddhima : Vansh please tell na what happened to me … Vansh


Vansh : Riddhima ..voh ..aab …..(he told everything to her about his idea of making her paralysed to stop her from reaching Ragini )


Riddhima was feeling broken and hurt but she also thought that it was all vansh fear and anger which was misused and he was mislead ….


Thinking of same she also confessed all her truth to him ..how she came as a spy , she being fiance of Kabir . From starting to end everything ….


That night both the souls confessed there feeling also with each other and make a start of new journey in their relationship .


In morning


Vansh woke up first and saw riddhima sleeping with a cute little pout on her face …


Vansh : How can I miss this beautiful face of my wife till now …she is actually a baby ..but my baby only .


Saying so he kissed on her forehead ….


Riddhima (still eyes closed ) : So someone is taking advantage of his sleeping wife .


Vansh : If wife is this much beautiful , hot then which man can resist himself .


Riddhima blushed on his flirty statement and then something stuck her mind


Riddhima : Vansh (softly )


Vansh : Yes riddhima


Riddhima : Vansh when I will be able to walk on my legs ?


Vansh eyes watered listening her questions


Vansh : I am so sorry sweetheart .. because of me you are in this condition …


Riddhima : No vansh , please don’t blame yourself ..it was both of us fault that we lack trust in both of us and in our relationship …


Vansh : Yes but now we will trust eachother …no matter what …and about your legs …I have talked doctor and she said that when after 15 day your plaster will be removed between that period only the effect of paralysis medicine will also be over and you will be fit and fine .


Riddhima : Till then how will I manage


Vansh : Oh common riddhima , did you forget that your husband has well built body and he can carry you everywhere in his arm…..even in washroom also 😗😗


Riddhima : Shut up … pervert


Vansh : You are saying me pervert ..like you were so saint Last night .. remember ..who was shouting…. ahh vansh … more fast …. fast …. Fast ….I am Cumming …


Riddhima (blushing) : Shut up Vansh .


Both laughed on this


The end !! I know I changed the plot in end and I also don’t know what trash I have written ..so please forgive me ….. Hope you enjoyed it … although I now it was not even worth reading …but still do tell how was it …..thank you ❤️…..


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