Riansh OS # wo hue na hamare # by aisha08

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

This os was my dream story..i have planned to start and ff for this but things didn’t go well so i wrote an Os

Ps : not supporting any unlawful activitiy

I don’t know why but i cried while writing this ..may be u all will like it too

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Let’s start

Scene 1

Jab kisi ke bohot karib jana ho to usse thoda dur hi rahana chahiye..had se zada nazdikiyon rishto ka dam ghot deti hai..

Said a girl picking the photo frame from her table

Her pov

Mujhe manzil nhi milegi ye jante hue bhi mene wo raah chuni..

When u love someone either u get them or u are doomed for lifetime..

Accepting my fate was my biggest mistake..now i am nothing but a body without soul..

Pov ends

Scene 2

“Vansh…vansh..where are u..see this little devil of yours is troubling me” shouted a girl from her room

“Ragini..how many times i have told u not to call my son a devil” said vansh picking rishi in his arms

“Dada is best..i love u dada” rishi said hugging his father tightly

“Great.. nobody loves me..” ragini said twisting her mouth 😏

“Champ..go and have your breakfast i am coming” vansh said sending his son from room..

“Seems like someone is so angry from her poor husband” vansh said hugging her wife from back

“Poor and u..😂” ragini said chuckling

“Sorry dear but u know na how much i love rishi..” vansh said kissing her shoulder

“You know vansh..i feel so lucky to have u in my life..i love the way u are handling our small family ..” ragini said resting her head on his torso..

“I have to leave for office now..see u soon baby” vansh said detaching himself from ragini firmly..

“Bye love..” ragini said giving a flying kiss to her dear husband

“Love u too ” vansh said without looking at her and left the room..

Pov ends

Scene 3

VR’s office

“Why on the earth u are calling him vansh..he is SIR for u” shouted Vansh’s PA at riddhima..

“But wo..van..”said riddhima looking at vansh with some mysterious emotions

“Riddhima..leave” said vansh without sparing a single glace towards a crying riddhima who left the cabin silently

“This girl is not saint .. don’t trust her much” said his PA shrugging her shoulder

“Calm down ishani .. don’t think much” vansh said leaving the cabin..

Scene 4

At night

“This taxi strike goshh” cursed riddhima under her breath waiting for a taxi outside the office

“Get into the car” vansh said halting the car in front of her..

The first 10 minutes of journey was silent..none spoke a single word..

“Lag ja gale..ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho…”hummed vansh looking towards the road..

“Shayad phir..is janam me.. mulaqat ho na ho…” Sang riddhima sarcastically

“Listen.. riddhima..i am..sor” he  said said but cut off by her

“It’s ok..i was at fault SIR” riddhima said exaggerating the word SIR

“Atleast try to understand my ” he said and again cutted off by her

“My home came..bye..” she said leaving the car without waiting for his reply

Scene 5

Vansh’s room

“What are u thinking baby” ragini said stroking Vansh’s hairs

“If i do a mistake will u forgive me baby” vansh asked with a guilt striken tone

“I will but only if it was a mistake not a sin..galti anjane me hoti hai vansh..jaan bujh kr to gunaah kiye jate hai” ragini said and slept hugging her husband..

“Jaan bujh kr gunaah krne ko bhi taiyar tha me..

Apni hasti kehlati zindagi ko aag lgane ko bhi taiyar tha me” vansh thought and slept not before pecking his wife’s forehead

Scene 6

Next day

VR mansion (study)

“Riddhima..what are u doing here alone..what if Ragini and ishani will come ” vansh said being agitated..

“You are important for me not they..and what will happen if they will see us together..

Badnaam to me ho hi chuki hu tum par dore daalne k liye🥺” riddhima said holding her tears

“Exactly..tum badnam ho chuki ho..me nhi hona chahta..” vansh said averting his gaze..

“Chaha mene bhi nhi tha vansh..but it just happened” she said holding his hand..

“Youuu!! b*t*h..what are u trying to do with my husband” ragini shouted entering the room

” I knew this..this girl is characterless.. always try to roam around boss” ishani said Despising riddhima..

Riddhima didn’t say anything..she just looked at vansh in the hope he will defend her..but her hopes shattered when he kept standing there silently listening his wife and Pa insulting a innocent girl in front of him .

She left leaving all the crap behind..

Scene 7


“Riddhima what is this..”vansh asked shaking her shoulder

“My resignation..i am leaving..” she said emotionlessly

“U can’t go..like this” retorted vansh

“You were silent since long ago..better stay like that only..i am not here to see your care and concern in this 4 walls only..” she shouted making him flinch..

“Don’t shout riddhima..koi ajayega..and what do u want.. should i go and shout loudly that I don’t want u to leave..

Why don’t u understand i have so many other responsibilities than u..” he said as a matter of fact..

“You should have thought that before doing what u have done to me..

And u should be thankful that after all that i am still present here as if nothing happened..

And you were talking about responsibility right..now go and fullfill that only.. because no riddhima is gonna distrub u from now onwards..

Good bye..Mr. singhania..” she left pouring her heart out for very first time

He was shouting from behind but seems like the ear who used to admire his voice before became deaf now..

Scene 8

Walking alone like a devasted soul on a solitary road she shouted pouring her heart out..in hope someone will give her answers but at last she was alone..all alone..

“Vanshhhhhhhhh” she cried sitting with a thuddd on road..

Her pov

I shouldn’t have trusted u at very first place..

I thought u still care for me..but no..my heart betrayed me..i couldn’t be able to recognise you…

Jo dil ko na chhu paye wo izhaar kesa..
Jo humsafar na ban paye wo pyar kesa..
Chaar kadam chal kar jo shishe sa bikhar jaye ..wo aetbar kesa..

Pov ends..

Sipping his favourite espresso she closed her eyes remenicing down the memory lane..

Flashback starts

” Vansh..what if i had refused u on that day” riddhima asked snuggling more in his embrace

” You know how much courage i had to gather to propose u..

Being a married man i was so skeptical whether u will accept me or not..

But i couldn’t be able to live without u..all i wanted was u..and i if u would have refused me that day..i am sure i would have love u till the eternity..” said vansh opening up his insecurities

The secret meetings in office..at his home..the hangouts at her home..all seems to be foreign to her at initial phase of their dating..

But love is the most powerful thing which makes a human powerless..

Pyar duniya ki wo taakat hai jo insan ko had se zada kamzor bana deti hai..

She accepted her fate..from seeing him with his wife and son like a happy family to admiring him for far ..

It’s not like he didn’t love her..he loved her may be..or may not be..

Pyar me zubaan se zada nazare bolti hai..
Jiski aankhon me tum kho gye..bas tum usi ke ho gye..

Leaving all his insecurities and responsibilities he decided to love her.. either in front of her or in closed 4 walls..

Par pyar of farz me jeet hmesha farz ki hi hoti hai..

“I have to go sweetheart ..ragini must be waiting for me” vansh said feeling guilty for leaving her so soon

“It’s ok jaan..she is your wife..she has more rights on u than me..bbye jaan” she said smiling hiding her pain in her heart in order not to make him more guilty..

She again sacrificed her happiness for someone else..the picture of his wife and son keep playing in her mind..

May be she is doing wrong with them..but it was not her fault..

It was he who decided to put his happy family’s happiness on stake..

She was alone back then also and now also..


“Sorry riddhima i can’t continue this relationship more..i feel guilty everytime when my son says i am best father in the world..

I feel guilty everytime when ragini says i am ideal husband..

My responsibilities are more ..u are alone but i have a family to look after..vansh said in a low voice

” I didn’t ask u to love me..u were the one who initiated..

I accepted u with your family vansh..i never said a single word and now u are saying u have responsibilities to look after..

Where the hell this responsibilities gone when u proposed me..

Mujhe khud ke itne karib laa kar khud se itna dur kyu kr rhe ho vansh..” she cried begging him not to go..

” I didn’t force u..it happened with your consent..

It’s becoming difficult for me to handle everything now” he said snapping at her..

“I love u vansh..riddhima nhi jee payegi tumhare bina..

If u want i will stay away from u.. I won’t come in front of u when someone is around..but plz don’t abandon me..

I never got  love in my life..it was u who filled my life with colors..

Mujh se mere jine ki wajah mt chhino vansh” she cried holding his feet..

” I never loved u..all i wanted was a fling..

I just wanted a change in my life and i saw u.. don’t keep your hopes high..

Everything will be normal between us..u can work here..but I can’t continue this relationship..” he said and left leaving her all alone and devastated again

“Vanshhhhhhhhh” she cried from behind but he didn’t come back this time too

Flashback ends

Riddhima’s pov

I stayed around u in hope my love will win your heart once again..

But i was wrong ..may be i was blind enough to see your true colors..

You have your family vansh..a partner to care..to share..but what about me..i don’t have anyone..

Didn’t u think about me once..was my love that weak..

Meri puri zindagi tumse thi vansh..tum kya gaye..meri to zindagi bhi chli gyi..

Kisi se bicchad kar kuch yu hota hai ki koi ji to leta hai pr jee nhi pata..

I don’t know whether i will be able to love someone else or not..

Mene tumse pyar kia tha vansh..bohot pyar..mene tumhe utna chaha jitna to mene khud ko bhi nhi chaha kabhi..

Na tumne kuch khoya na nuksan me hm rahe..

Tu mere har aansu me tha hm teri har ek muskan me rhe

After seeing the worst side of yours..still I can’t hate u.. I can’t vansh..

I wish i had enough strength to forget u..par tum dil me nhi zehen me base ho vansh..

Jhuta hi sahi par ek rishta hota naam ka..
Jb hai hi nhi mohhobat to ye bhi kis kam ka..
Chl pda me apni manzil ko bina ruke , musafir sham ka..
Phir uski yado ne madhosh kr dia..kuch esa nasha hua jaam ka

Pov ends

She cried keeping his belongings close to her heart..

Love is indeed magical..

You can’t hate the person you loved once..

“Ham the jinke sahare…wo hue na hamare” she murmured and slept in his thoughts

“Baby..you ok right!! “Asked ragini to vansh who was silently lying on bed..

“Good night ragini” he said kissing her forehead and stroking his son’s hairs..

Turning his back towards ragini he closed his eyes and a lone tear escaped from his eyes..

“Ham hue na tumhare” he murmured hugging his Sweetheart’s pic close to his heart..


Love not happens according to your will..it just happens..

With an unexpected person at unexpected time..

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it

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