Riansh OS: RVR’s Revenge Game

This scenario, I have written it before Vihaan’s appearance in the show, so I chose the male I wanted lol, you’ll know soon.

R’s pov

I promise you, Kabir, to make your life hell, To make you beg for mercy, I will be the reason for your destruction. You killed my husband.

After 2 months of Vr’s death

The hall

Anupriya came crying inside the house, While Dadi, Ishaani, Aryan, and Chanchal came shocked by seeing her in tears.

D: What happened Anupriya? What happened to you?

A: Maa, I found my son, I was longing for him for so long time, Today the detective called me and told me he found him.

She collapsed crying bitterly in front of them.

D: calm down, you should be happy.

A: Maa, He must be hating me now when he thinks of his mom, He will remember me as the woman who left him alone.

I: Maa please don’t cry, After Vansh Bhai, Only you were with us and supported us. Bring Bhai here.

A(shocked): WHAT?

D: Ha Anupriya, This is his house, And if you are afraid of his reaction then all of us will help you.Hai na Riddhima?

R(blank): Ha dadi,All of us, we’ll help her.

D: You have his number, right? Call him here now.

A: What will I tell him?

D: aree invite him first, I am sure if Vansh was here, he would have done the same.

A: My Vansh, He loved me as his own.

D: And he wouldn’t love to see his mother suffering.

A(cryingly): Thank you maa, I don’t know what I would do without you.

I: Mom, call him fast.

She dialed her number introducing herself as Anupriya Raisinghania and That she has important work with him.

Kabir arrived at Vr Mansion looking perplexed. Anupriya moved first to him and hugged him.

An: Mera beta, I was craving to see you again.

All of them were stunned, He is her son? except for one person, He was looking at the drama;

K: Tumhara beta? Mrs. Raisinghania, I guess you’re still in shock because of your son’s death,I am so sorry for that incident, I couldn’t save him.

An: Maybe it’s God’s will, I lost my Vansh and God made me get back my son.

K: I am not your son, Mme. I am an orphan.

D: No, Beta, You’re the son of this family, You are Anupriya’s son.

An(trying to touch his cheek): Ha beta I was dying to meet you.

K(jerking her hand): Don’t touch me, You’re the mother who left me on the orphanage door struggling to live, You are not my mother, so stay away.

She broke down even more while a person was holding his laughter at her acting skills. She will definitely find a place in Bollywood.

An: No beta don’t say it, please.

K: I am going now.

Dadi and the other family looked at her with pity and then dadi interfered.

D: Beta this is your house, You can’t blame your mother, she has never forgotten you, or else why would she hire a detective to search for you? You want to have your time before, You can have it. But at least come, Live here as the son of this family.

I: Ha Bhai, I lost a brother and sister, Please don’t take away the right to call you Bhai.

Kabir was giving them his back while smirking evilly at the success of their plan. Then changing his facial expressions, He looked at them with fake emotions and then opened his arms for Ishani. She came forward and hugged him.

They heard something break and turned to the person who had enough of this drama and throw the vase and when their gaze was on him, He apologized.

R: Sorry, Mistakenly I dropped it. continue, please.

They gave her a “are you serious look”, And she again spoke.

R: I mean, Dadi also wants to hug her grandson, Right dadi?

D: Ha come.

He approached her and hugged too.

An: My child, come to me.

She took him in her arms but he stood like a statue without reacting. He parted himself from her and she lowered her head with fake sadness.

K: I am going now.

I(panicked): But This is your house.

K(smiling): Relax, I will bring my luggage.

I: OHhh I thought something else, bring it we’ll wait for your arrival.

Everyone went to their respective rooms, And only Riddhima was still there. She came forward and slapped him, Making him hold his cheek.

K(shocked): Riddhima!

R: What were you thinking? How could you be so heartless?

K: What have I done? Do you think Vansh’s death was my mistake?

R(cryingly): You put your life in danger what if he killed you? He is a mafia man, A dangerous person. Thank God you are safe.

K: My love, Nothing could have happened to me, But you said you loved Vansh?

R: I tried to push away till I gather what proves his crimes,I was afraid what if he doubted me and found out about you, This is why I did it. I am sorry.

K: It’s ok,Riddhima,Our love is strong and we won.what was his famous dialogueย Vansh Raisinghania jiski zindagi mei ata hai uski zindagi ka rukh badal jata hai” .. “Ya toh woh mujhse mil jata hai ya upar wale se”But he was the one whose life’s course was changed and went to his God when he met you. I am just glad you’re fine. I will come soon.

He walked out of the house while Riddhima was looking at his retreating figure whipping her tear.

I: So this is your reality after all? You deceived Bhai with his Brother. (crying) You are really a slu**

She grabbed her arms shouting at her. and all of them hurried again.

An: Ishaani, What happened?

I: Mom, This cheater had betrayed Bhai with his Brother,I don’t want to see her here. get out Riddhima.

R(gravely): Soon, You’ll have to face the consequence of this mistake, Ishaani.

Ishaani was taken aback at her tone.

R: Why just you? All of you will pay if anyone comes in the middle, This is the first and last warning Of Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania. You better understand.

I: How cheap you are, You still have the courage to use his name.

D: have some shame, All that time, You were behind his death? I will never forgive you.

R: Who requires your forgiveness anyway? And yes, Please Ishaani, put it in your pea-brain that I am not using his name out of love, Naaa I am using it because his property belongs to Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania.Hai na surprise?

C: You are greedy as I thought you to be.

R(laughing): (pretending like stopping her laugh) You are the last one who must have the audacity to use that word Mrs gold digger. Now bechare you, dig up day and night, And you won’t have a penny without me. (coldly) I guess we’ll have to start all over again. Say goodbye to the sweet Riddhima.

I: I knew it, I’ve always known that you are

R: A word more and I’ll make your dear husband kick you out of the house. Angrey, Now come with your new Boss, We have so much incomplete work.

Study room

They accessed it and Angrey closed it observing sharply the room.

R: Is he ready?

An: Yes Babhi.

R: You instructed him to not make any foolishness that can make him got exposed, right?

An: Yes, I did, I took all the records and the videos, He has watched them closely.

R: How were the preparations?

An: successful.

R: Great job, dial his number

An: Ok

He gave me the phone.

R: Hello

R: Are you ready?

R: This voice! fix it.

Annoyed she disconnected the call.

R(determined):ย  the day that I waited for a month is near. The enemies who burn my dreams to ashes, I will burn them with the same fire. (To angrey) Anupriya is not allowed to do a single step without my consent, Neither her nor Anyone else, Understood?

An: Yes.

A week passedย 

Kabir came to live with them and was irritated when he discovered that Riddhima owns everything, And His mother doesn’t have anything to do.

K’s pov

Damn, I did all this amazing plan with mom to take all this empire after Vansh’s death.

Fb starts

Riddhima came with the lawyer.

R: I bring him here to clear this matter one and forever, Mr.Jai, Please Go ahead, tell them about these papers.

J: As per the papers, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania is the owner of everything, The mansion, the company, and all the business empire.

R: I rule everything, Nobody means nobody has a higher position, This is all under my complete control. And yes, what will happen if I die?

J: In case she dies, you’ll not get any of it as she wrote a will where she will be given it to someone else. And I am not allowed to say his name.

R: Great, Now if someone among you wants to kill me, gladly try. But then, The money will be fled away.

They were left speechless at her acts, she managed to give them many shocks. Signaling Kabir to follow her, She stormed out of the place.

Kabir followed her.

K: What’s this Riddhima, they are our family, Why are you treating them like this?

R: I am sorry Kabir, I was forced, You are just recently taken back your rights, This property too is a right, What if they took it and refused to make you a part of it? You don’t know them as I do, Aryan and Chanchal are the worse among the greedy people. So let us get married then I will transfer everything in your name.

K(thinking): You’re right.

Fb ends

Thank God, she didn’t have any idea about what I did, She still loves me and wants to marry me, Why not? Great idea.

Dadi came down looking around.

D: Kabir beta can you drop me at the temple?

K: Ha dadi of course.

The temple

Dadi was praying inside and Kabir was waiting for her near the car when he felt shocked seeing someone familiar. Vansh?? He gritted his teeth, He is alive?

He followed him till he reaches a coffeeshop, He was kissing a girl’s hand apologizing.

Man: Baby, I am so sorry, This is the last time.

Girl: Last time? You cheated on me with all my friends, even my sister still you say sorry, Rahul, Just go away I don’t want to see your face.

I slapped myself to make sure I am awake.No way, He can’t be Vansh, Can he?

Ra: I won’t do it again, I talked with my parents and they will get us married, Helly.(Lol crazy me)

He: Yeah, I don’t guess so, I am leaving you, Take your ring.

Throwing the ring on his face, she left him. I approached him doubtfully.

K: Vansh?

Ra: I beg you pardon?

K: Stop your acting, I know you are Vansh.

Ra: I have the worse day ever, dude, I missed a good catch. Now, I’ll have to find another one. So I am busy.

He is talking weirdly, Vansh wouldn’t have spoken this way. Is he trying to fool me? Then I have many tests, We’ll see.

K: Actually, I have work for you, You’ll gain as much money as you desire. You have to listen to me carefully.

Ra: Woah Woah, You think I am a fool to trust you?ย  I know you what type of work it is organ trade right? Not interested

K: You are blabbering so much, It’s not about it, It’s about another mission, Give me your number, This is half of the money in exchange of this one, Work more, You get more.

Ra: I am in, I will do anything you say.

K: wait for my call, Now I have to go.

I pretended as if moving to watch what he will do, He took out his phone, I knew it, It’s just a plan.

Ra: No Baby, I love you too, Yeah I know, The money I will send it to you soon, Actually I need more money for now, But I promise I will give you the double…

I was shocked, He is not Vansh, He is really a fraud, He is the contrary. The first test you passed, Rahul, let me see if you’ll pass the others too.

The evening


Rahul walked inside looking at the person’s back. The person turns to face him.

Voice: Great job, The difference between you and Vansh helped us too much still he won’t believe it this easy, We’ll have to see what next he will do.

Ra: don’t forget my money, Mrs. Raisinghania.

Ri: I told you, all is ready, We have to complete this game. Kabir will do anything to make sure either you’re Vansh or not, And I’ll have your back, don’t worry. Angrey, tell the men to keep following Kabir, Every step he takes I should be aware of, Got it?

An: Ha babhie.

Ra(whispering to Angrey): She is a dangerous woman, How can you work for her? And who is that Vansh boy?

An: SHut up, Just follow Mme’s instructions.

Ri(taking steps closer to Rahul and lifting the gun to his face): You have just his face, Nothing else. I hate hearing your voice as it’s trembling unlike him, He has a commanding voice who can make anyone shiver with fear. Don’t utter his name in front of me again.

Afraid Rahul nodded at her and she stepped back.

Ri(looking forward): Let’s see what tomorrow will bring for us. Go now, He will call you, And you don’t have to inform me, I will know my way what he is planing.

Ra: Ok Mme.

He left.

Ang: Babhi, are you sure this will work?

Ri: Of course, There’s no place for errors.
FB starts
Riddhima was walking lost trying to find a way to get avenge his death and then her eyes fell on man, her heart beats and she ran after him.
She held his arm
R(hugged him): Vansh?
Noticing her from button to the top and winked.
Ra: I can be Vansh for you.
She jerked away from him looking at him in disbelief.how could she forget that he died in front of her?
Ordering Angrey to follow him, she made sure that he isn’t Vansh especially with his flirting and cunning nature.

The other day

Author’s pov

K: Mom, let’s go for an outing, I am really bored, let’s make some family memories together.

Anu: Great idea, beta, Let’s go all of us.

I: Ha I am bored at home especially with the pregnancy, I feel suffocated. Let’s go to our farmhouse. What do you think?

All of them nodded agreeing and went to their rooms to get ready.

Kabir was on call: Be ready, Don’t show yourself in front of the family. Make sure of it.

The Farmhouse

The family reached there and they were arranging everything.

K: I will go for a walk, Anyone wants to come?

I: Bhai, I want to walk too, wait for me.

K: Ok, I will wait outside.

Ishaani came outside after a while and started searching for Kabir, And then she called him.

I: Bhai, where are you?

K: where are you?

I: I am outside the farmhouse.

K: Walk straight.

As the farmhouse was near a forest she kept walking till she reached there.

The other members were chitchatting when they heard someone shouting, It was Ishaani’s voice asking for help. They all ran to the source and found someone pointing a knife at Ishaani’s neck.

Man: This is my revenge on Vansh Raisinghania, Because of him I lost my company, my wife divorced me and I can’t even see my children. He is dead but I can kill his beloved sister.


Masked-Man(injuring her with the knife): close your mouth or else I will slaughter you.

Kabir moved his eyes toward Rahul, He was shivering with fear and run away. Leaving him shocked. He knows no one is more important than family for Vansh even himself.

He signaled the man to start the act.

K: Leave my sister, you bastard.

He acted as if kicking him and holding Ishaani to give the man a chance to elope.

She cried and he hugged her.

K: I will arrest him.

He runs after him And comes back after a while saying that he lost him.

K: Let’s go back home, it’s not safe and Ishaani’s state is not good.

They returned home and Riddhima went again to the isolated building.

She came inside and the man in front of her bend asking for forgiveness. She slapped him hard.

R: You injured her, I told you just to act as if you’re going to hurt her, however, you went so far. You are enjoying using the knife right? Then let me show you.

She injured him looking dangerously in his eyes.

R: next time, I will stab it in your neck. Go now.

Angrey came forward trying to hit him.

R: It’s enough Angrey, and yes don’t let the man out of the room.

Fb starts

Kabir was on call: Be ready, Don’t show yourself, Make sure of it.

Riddhima was listening to their conversation, He instructed a goon to act as if he hurts the girl whom he will send her picture.

And then he called Rahul.

K: Hello Rahul, I want you to come to the address I give you, Be ready, Don’t show yourself in front of the family. Make sure of it.

She laughed at his stupid plan, He thought Rahul is Vansh and he will try to save his sister and then expose him.

R: Angrey, Bring someone who will be in the goon’s place among our men, I don’t trust Kabir’s man. And the goon, I want you to keep him hidden till this game reaches its end.

He nodded at her.

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