Riansh OS # Paralyzed by his love # by aisha08

Hello peeepies aagyi me .

I was in no mood to write regular episode so I wrote this os..

Indeed it is soo long!!bear me🥺

This os is from yesterday’s epi of immj2( colors Rishtey) where vansh paralyzed riddhu!!

Let’s start

Scene 1

Ishani – You b*t*h!! Do u know how happy i m feeling seeing u helpless here..

You know riddhima..u deserve this pain..u don’t deserve anyone’s love u blo*dy orphan..

She left from room leaving crying riddhima behind

Riddhima’s pov

Why😭why bappa u made me orphan..am i that bad.. don’t u love your child..

I always worshipped u..then why u let me suffer this much..

The person i love only give me pain always..

What should i do.. should i die..this pain is unbearable now..😭

She slept crying hugging Vansh’s photo..

Pov ends

Scene 2

After few hours

Vansh enters holding a plate of food in his hands for riddhima

Vansh -Riddhima get up and eat something..

Your legs must be fine now..get up fast..

He sits beside her and look at her with pain

Vansh’s pov

Her face is looking so pale..she was crying hugging my photo..

Sorry riddhima i never wanted to u hurt u . seeing u hurt break my heart in million pieces..

But u forced me..

Pov ends

Riddhima wakes up slowly and vansh makes her sit..

Vansh – Get up..!! You can walk now..

Riddhima tries to get up but in vein

Riddhima (trembling)-Van..vansh.. my legs…they are not moving..i am unable to feel any sensation in my legs

Vansh looks at her with shock

Vansh – Riddhima..relex…. nothing will happen..you will be fine soon

Riddhima (crying)- I can’t walk..my legs are paralyzed permanently 😭

What u did vansh..why u did this with me..

Mene kya bigada tha tumhara..bs yahi glti thi na meri ki me tumhari biwi hu or tumhari parwah krti hu..

Vansh (coming close to her)- Shh..riddhima plz don’t cry..i will talk to doctor..

Riddhima (shouting)- what will u talk ha..

You made me useless now..

Now you are happy na seeing me lying helpless here..

Just like your family..who was laughing and making fun of me..

Your sister said i deserve this pain.. I don’t deserve anyone’s love..and u prooved her right..you prooved you are just like your family who is behind my life since the day i came here..

She broke down tapping her feets in anger..

Vansh’s heart sank seeing her this much vulnerable

Vansh (cupping her face)- Riddhima look at me..i didn’t know esa ho jayega..warna me kbhi nhi krta ye..

I didn’t want to hurt u..you are important for me..you know you are..

Riddhima (pushing him away from herself)-Mr.Vansh raisinghania..

Your wife riddhima is dead today..and u murdered her and her feelings ..

Now dare u to come close to me..😡

Vansh- Riddhima..plz meri baat to suno..

He tries to go near her but riddhima shows her plam to him🤚

Riddhima (angry)- If u want to see me alive then don’t touch me from now..stay away from me… otherwise i won’t mind full filling your family’s wish of seeing me dead..

She lay down on bed covering herself with duvet completely

Vansh’s pov

What u did vansh..how can u hurt her..

I can’t see her like this..she is suffering because of me..

He tries to look at her but back offs thinking about her word

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I hate u vansh…u killed the love in my heart today..

I will never ever Forgive u for this..

I shouldn’t have trusted u ..

Pov ends

Scene 2


Vansh is sleeping beside her and she is sleeping facing her back to him

Suddenly vansh feels some commotion in room and his sleep broke

Vansh’s pov

I woke up as i felt some commotion in my room

My heart sank seeing the sight in front of me..

My little wifey is trying to grab a glass of water which is kept quite far away from her..

She can’t move because of me..

She started crying and struggling to grab the glass..

Pov ends

Vansh – Riddhima let me help u plz..🥺

Riddhima (angry)- Dare u to think about that..😡

Just because I can’t move and all thnx to u..it doesn’t mean i will seek help from that person who is responsible for my state..

You know vansh..i hate u..and i hate myself for admiring a person like u once..

I wish we wouldn’t have met ever..

She slept crying more

Vansh’s pov

My heart thudd with immense pain and guilt

The lady who took a bullet just to save me is saying she hates me..

I don’t know what is between us but I can’t see her hating me..

Thousand deaths would be more better rather than enduring her hatered..

She slept and i made her drink water in sleep only.. because i know she won’t let me do if she would have awake..

She sipped the water like a baby in sleep ..one part of me badly wanted to suck her rossy lips but seeing her tears i broke again into million pieces..

Pov ends

Scene 3

Next day (morning)

Riddhima is trying to get up but ended up crying miserably

Vansh comes listening her sobs

Vansh- sweetheart..plz let me help u.. don’t be stubborn

But riddhima ignores him completely..

Vansh(angrily)- why are u behaving so stubborn.. can’t u see it’s killing me from inside to see u like this..

Riddhima (crying)- then why u did this..

Kyu kia esa😭.. ek bar bhi daya nahi aayi kya vansh mujh pr..

Ek br bhi ni socha tumne mujhe kesa lgega..

Vansh (hugging her suddenly)-I am sorry riddhima..

Riddhima (hitting him with her fist crying)- Will your sorry make me fine😭..can u heal me again..

Just because i was about to reveal your truth..u made me useless vansh..

Ek bar bhi apni patni ke bare me nhi socha😭…

I trusted u..but u broke me..u killed me vansh..u killed me😭

Tell me na… don’t u feel anything for me.. don’t u feel any pain seeing me like this..

Vansh(hugging her more tightly)-I m dying from inside to see u like this..

I never wanted to do this riddhima

Riddhima (crying cluthching his shirt more)- phir kyu kia esa..kyu itna bebas bna dia apni riddhima ko😭

Why didn’t u let me go that day😭

Vansh(crying)- Because i didn’t want to risk your life just like ragini..

Riddhima’s eyes widened listening him

Riddhima (detaching herself from him)- What u just said..

Vansh gets up from bed and tries to leave..

Riddhima (shouting)-AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Vansh turns suddenly and hugs her..

Vansh- Riddhima..are u fine..do u feel any pain somewhere..

He examines her hand and face caressing it..

Riddhima’s pov

All i can see is love and care for me in his eyes..

How can he hurts me..was i wrong to understand him..

Pov ends

Riddhima (cupping his face)- vansh..what is bothering u..

That’s it..he hugged her crying like a baby

Vansh(sobbing)- Riddhima😭i am sorry..plz mujhe maaf krdo..

I never wanted to hurt u..but u forced me . i can’t let u go out in danger..

Ragini was my life riddhima..i loved her so much..but she betrayed me..

The day she realised she loves me truly ..my mom was murdered in front of her eyes..

She tried to tell me but that murderer stabbed her and she went to coma..

I was saving her from that person..only she knows who is behind this..

Truste ridddhima..i never hurted her..i am sorry i couldn’t risk your life..u are important to me..

He breakdowns in her embrace

Riddhima (crying)- Shhh!! Vansh plz don’t cry..

Why u didn’t tell me anything..why u kept bearing every pain every torture..my hatered..my anger..

Why didn’t you tell me😭..i am sorry vansh😭

Vansh(wipping her tears)- Shh!! No more crying now..

Already u are Looking like a cry baby..

Riddhima (pouting)- I am not cry baby..

Accha vansh..now we will fight together..and we will find mom’s murder..

Vansh- Don’t take stress..u have to be fine soon

Riddhima’s face fell listening him

Riddhima- Vansh..i became useless now.. I can’t do anything for u now .🥺

Vansh- Don’t u dare ..u will be fine soon that’s my promise..and u are my strength..my life..smjhi pglu..

Riddhima- Do u trust me vansh?

Vansh(smiling)- More than myself

Riddhima- kabir send me here as spy..!!

She said bowing down her head expecting him to shout on her

Vansh (calm)- I know!!

Riddhima (shocked)- What!! How ..when..

Vansh(smirking)- I am your husband sweetheart..i know this since the day u came here..

But I know you were innocent..

Riddhima – Sorry😭..

She sobs and vansh hugs her

Vansh – Bola na no more crying..you are my wife and i trust u..

But do u trust me riddhima

Riddhima – More than myself

Vansh – Kabir used u riddhima..he never loved u..he just used u to destroy me..

Now i am just behind the person who is his partner

Riddhima (sternly)- Anupriya ji!!

Vansh- what?!

Riddhima- Yes vansh.. Anupriya ji is behind all this..

I didn’t know about kabir..but u said and i trust u..

He was the one who came as DSR..and mummy ji brought him here..

She herself confessed that she gave u the poison..

She doesn’t love u all vansh..

Vansh (angrily)- All will pay!!!😡

He cups her face and kisses her forehead

Vansh- I promise sweetheart..they all will pay to mess up with me.. and for hurting my queen..

I will make them suffer for your every drop of tear

Riddhima (crying)- Plz don’t leave me..i can’t live without u..😭

Both sit on bed in a duvet hugging each other..

Riddhima (playing with his collar)- Do u still love ragini vansh..

Vansh (teasing)- Someone..is jealous i guess!!

Riddhima (hitting him)- Shut up!!

Vansh – I have nothing to do with her now..

I just want to know the name of murderer that’s it..

Riddhima- U better do that only🙄..

Vansh (serious)-Do u regret riddhima meeting me.. coming me in your life

Riddhima (cupping his face)-I said that in anger..sorry..🥺

I should thnk kabir for sending me to u ..

You are the most precious thing my life gave me..

He kisses her forehead and leaves..

Scene 4


Riddhima is sitting in her room panicking thinking about what vansh must be doing with them..

Suddenly vansh comes with a emotionless face

Riddhima- vansh What happened..

He sits beside her

Vansh(holding her hand)- Anupriya killed my mom!!

I punished them..i punished everyone who dared to hurt the most precious ladies of my life..my mom and u..

Aryan ishani..chachi.. Anupriya kabir.. everyone got what they deserve..

Riddhima (crying)- You punished your family for me🥺

Vansh- they were never my family..i was just an ATM for them..

You deserve all the happiness in this world sweetheart..

Now we won’t talk about the past ever..

I promise we will start fresh..and u will be fine soon..very soon u will roam like a drone in the whole mansion again

He said chuckling at her

Riddhima (glaring)- Come again!!

She said and he gulped seeing her little Fierce wifey threatening The VR!!

Scene 5

Vansh’s pov

Its been two days after that incident and she is behaving normally with me now..

We started a fresh..and she just tortured me in this two days..

For Cooking her fav food for her to applying nail polish on her feets i did every possible task to make her happy..

She kept ordering me…vansh do this..vansh do that..and i being a aagyakari pati..did what she said .

I am still feeling guilty for doing that with her.. that’s why i bear every torture she did on me..

Pov ends

Riddhima (shouting)- Vansh plz na come here..

She said shouting from bed..

Vansh(bowing down his head)- What’s new order mam ..

Riddhima- Change my clothes..

Vansh(shocked pro max ultra)- What!!! Who!! Me!!

Riddhima- i don’t think there is any other vansh than u in this room🙄

Vansh-, i will send maid or siya..she will help u..

He turns to leave but riddhima jumps from bed in anger and stand

Riddhima (crying)-i knew it..u still love that nagini..i mean ragini!!

That’s why u feel uncomfortable with me.. with your ikloti wife..

You don’t love me na..u love ragini..

Vansh- Riddhima🙄u can stand..

Riddhima (shouting)-Haaa!! I can..since two days..what will u do😏

Vansh- but u faked right..

Riddhima- Haa!! I did..what will u do..

You are my husband i have all the rights to get pampered by u..

U wouldn’t have done this all things if i would have been fine..

That’s why i faked this drama…

She said pouting angrily

Vansh chuckles seeing his wifey’s antics

Vansh(pulling her by her waist)- Ready sweetheart!!

Riddhima- for what🙄

Vansh (smirking)- For your punishment for troubling me this much..

He took her in his arms to bed

Riddhima (shouting)- What are i doing vansh atleast let me change my dress..

Vansh- No need!! U won’t need to wear clothes from now …😜

Ho pounced on her like a lion kissing her neck

Riddhima (blushing)- Vansh!!

Vansh(Looking into her eyes)- I love u..!!

Riddhima (smiling with tears )- i love u too jaan🥺

She smashed his lips with hers..

He was shocked by her sudden bold act but started kissing her back with equal intensity

Vansh look into her eyes again asking for permission to which she simply digged her face in his chest blushing..


Few moments later

Riddhima (moaning)- Van..vansh stop for a while..how much u will kiss me..

You are literally licking my whole body..

Vansh(still kissing her boss*ms)- Do u know..how u teased me by wearing that backless blouses and that off shoulder kurtis..

Only i know how i controlled myself from ripping your clothes apart and mark u mine..

Riddhima (pulling his hairs more)- I am all yours..

Aaj mujhe ese pyar kro vansh ki me khud ko bhi bhul jau…

Vansh (kissing her collarbone)- U will remeber my name only..in your days..in your nights and even in your dreams!!

Riddhima -Aaaaahhhh!!! Vansh slowly..you are so hard man!!

She moaned as he entered into her

Vansh(kissing her tears)- My love will heal all your pain today

My love will parlayzed you today..!!

Both love each other forgetting all the bad memories behind .

They trusted each other’s word.. without asking any single question..

Not only two bodies united ..two souls united for eternity!!

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it..

Word count : 2547

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