# Riansh os- Her past

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So, let’s start, the story starts from where riddhima is trying to search about what happened to her parents and she went to the orphanage to ask.

Riddhima went to the orphanage but she didn’t know that even Vansh had come to talk to the warden

Vansh(thinking in his mind): oh damn, she came before me now i’m sure she will ask the warden about her parents. How to tell the warden not tell her anything.

Riddhima: hello arshi aunt(orphanage warden)

Arshi: hello riddhima dear, what are u doing here. Did u need something.

Riddhima: Actually, i saw the package you sent so i came to ask what exactly happened with my parents.

Arshi (thinking in her mind): what is she saying, i never sent anything. so who sent her a package through my name.

Arshi: Beta, what do u mean. what package did i send.

Riddhima: Actually you sent my childhood thing, which contained this necklace( showing her the one part of her om neclace)

Arshi ( thinking): so it means someone wants to tell her the truth.

Arshi: Dear, was my wrotten there

Riddhima: No, aunt actually, because it was my childhood i thought you are the one who sent it.

Arshi: Listen to what i have to say dear it is really important for you to know this

Riddhima: Okay tell me

Arshi: ***********

Arshi told her something but they didn’t know that vansh was listening to the conversation.

After 3 hours

Vr Mansion

Voice: Mr. Raisinghania, come out now. voice had so much anger and hate

The voice was so loud πŸ”Š that everyone came out to see who was calling Vansh with so much anger

All were shocked when they came to know who’s voice it was

Dadi: What happened riddhima, why are you crying

Siya: Haa, bhabhi what happened why are u calling bhai in that manner

Riddhima: i will tell u but first tell me where’s vansh

Vansh: I’m here

Riddhima: why did u do that

Vansh: what did i do

Riddhima: oh please, don’t act as if you know nothing

Vansh(thinking): i know what you’re talking about, but if i tell you the truth, you will hate me much more

Riddhima: Oh mr. came out from your dreamland

Vansh: sweetheart, at least tell me what happened

Riddhima: when you knew the truth about my parents, why didn’t u tell me

Everyone was shocked 😲 as they didn’t think that the story from that paper will be the truth and they didn’t expect vansh to know the truth and don’t tell riddhima

Vansh: sorry riddhima i didn’t want to tell you, because i was scared of losing you

Riddhima: oh please keep your liars to yourself, u just didn’t want me to find out that your dad was the reason why my parents died, and why i was put in the orphanage when i could go and live my uncle

That came as a second shock for the family

Dadi: No, that’s a lie, my son will never do that, vansh say something

Siya & Ishani: ha bhai, tell us it’s lie, right

Vansh lowered his head and looked down and everyone understood what it meant.

Dadi: no my son can’t be a murder and her heart started to ache, and chanchal hold her

Siya and ishani were just shocked they didn’t know what to say.

Riddhima: sorry dadi, sorry siya but that’s the truth unforteunfortunately. and vansh wanted to hide this truth.

Vansh: riddhima at least to me once

Riddhima: No mr. Raisinghania, if it was about me then maybe i would try but now it’s about my family. Just remember one thing Mr. i hate u for hiding the truth from me and i don’t know if i will ever be able to forgive u.

Vansh: Please, riddhima, forgive me at least listen to me

Riddhima: Tommorrow the divorce paper will be here do sign them

Vansh: please listen to me

Riddhima just left vr mansion after all the drama. While vansh was broken. And kabir smirked that his plan to seperate riddhima and vansh succeeded

Kabir(thinking): Now that the first plan is done. Now let’s go to the next one.


Precap: Riddhima to an abandoned house and talked to one person and hugged the other. She told them that now it is time to execute the second phase of the plan.

What is kabir’s plan? What will happen to riansh’s relationship will they separate forever? Who did riddhima hug and what plan is she talking about?

Stay tuned for the next one. I will be waiting for the comment if i get at least 20 comments then i may post the next part soon.

Big love from me and stay safe from covid-19 and your families

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