# Riansh Os- Her Past (last)

Hey everyone, i am really thanful for your support, i like to write but i thought i won’t get support so i never tried to write. After all the lovely comments you gave me, i feel i can do better. I am really thanful.

So let’s start..

VR mansion

After Riddhima left, Vansh was very disappointed with himself. In addition, everyone left the hall leaving Vansh and a smirking Kabir hiding.

Vansh (saying loudly): why, why. Why does my past always ruin my present? Early it was Ragini’s story now, dad’s deeds. Why do I have to pay the price? After so much difficult, I finally got m riddhima back but now she is gone. It is enough, i cannot stay here anymore, and I need to think what to do to make riddhima forgive me.

Kabir (thinking): do whatever you want but riddhima will never forgive you for hiding the truth. Thanks to mom who told me this.

*flashback starts.

When Kabir arrested Anupriya, she told him how, she was on the scene when Vansh’ dad: Manish, killed Riddhima’s parents and took riddhima to an orphanage. She even told him how she blackmailed Manish to get married to him.

Anupriya: listen to what I am about to tell you it might be very useful, later to separate riddhima and vansh

Kabir: what, mom what secret do u have that will destroy their love

Anupriya: it is about Manish and riddhima’s parents

Kabir: what, wait Manish is Vansh’s dad right

Anupriya: yes absolutely right

Kabir: so then how is Manish related to riddhima’s parents.

Anupriya: actually riddhima’s dad: Abhay was Manish best friend and he is the one who killed him and his wife: Priya

Kabir: u mean to say that Manish killed Abhay and Priya who are riddhima’s parents.

Anupriya: exactly

Kabir: but how do u know that

Anupriya: I will tell u, it is the story from 12 years ago, after your father’s death, I need money to take care of u and my parents had abandoned me. After some days will I was in depression, I found that there is this man who is called Manish Raisinghania and he was the best businessman, so I thought why not to trap him. However, he loved that foolish Uma so much with his three kids that I was not able to trap him. One day, while I was coming home, I heard him telling a driver to kill Abhay and Priya, which should look like an accident. After hearing that I started to record him and followed him to the place where the accident took place and I recorded what he told them before burning their car and taking riddhima to an orphanage. Some days later, I showed him what I had recorded and blackmailed him into marrying me.

Kabir: wow mom, you were so clever and dangerous from before

Anupriya: tell something I don’t know

Kabir: now that you told me, I will do everything in my power to separate them and take revenge for your insult

Anupriya: now that is like my son

*flashback ends

Abandoned place

After riddhima left to VR mansion, she went to an abandoned house; there they were two people. The two faces were not clear, but as they came closer to her, their faces were clear. It was Vansh and Arshi.

Riddhima greeted Vansh and hugged Arshi

Riddhima: I am sorry mom; I did not know that you were always around me

Arshi: it is okay dear even I did not know, I just have to know when Vansh told us back then.

*flashback start.

The flashback from where Arshi was about to tell something to riddhima.

Arshi: actually, I do not much about your parents death, but Haa I do know that your parents accident was not an actually accident but actually a murder.

Riddhima: but they must be someone who knows more about this

Arshi: Someone knows the whole truth and u know that person very well

Riddhima: who?

Arshi: y…y…our…. Husband.

Riddhima: what… Van…sh (she said still not believing what she heard)

Vansh: yeah me (vansh said while coming out from his hideout)

Riddhima: you, here. How?

Vansh: Actually, I wanted to talk to your mom

Riddhima & Arshi: Mom? (They were just so shocked to react)

Riddhima: Mom?

Vansh: Yeah, she is your mom.

Arshi: Vansh beta, she is really my ridz?

Vansh: Yes mom? She is your ridz

Riddhima &Arshi: so that is why we always felt a connection, they hugged each other, with all the love they had for each other. After a while, they separated and asked Vansh; if u knew why u did not tell us.

Vansh: Actually, I did not know that, I just confirmed it after comparing your two necklaces.

Riddhima: So it means that the other part, which you had, was my mom’s

Vansh: yeah

Riddhima: but still I have question, who knows about my past in VR mansion

Vansh: Kabir, because anupriya told him and he was doing that to separate us

Riddhima: what Anupriya knew about my past, how?

Vansh tells her everything about how anupriya blackmailed his father and how she knew everything.

Riddhima: so it means that your dad really tried to murder my mom, dad. If so then how did my mom survive and where’s dad.

Arshi: no, beta actually Manish was trying to save us but anupriya misunderstood him, took videos of him, manipulated the video, and blackmailed him.

Vansh: Yes, she was trying to save your parents. Then vansh tells her that her father is dead and arci’s name was not Arshi before but Priya and how she had to change her face and name because of the accident.

Riddhima (starts to cry): I could not meet dad

Vansh consoles her and tell her that it just destiny and they cannot change nothing.

Arshi: so what to do now, if Kabir is doing that then we must do something.

Vansh tells them how Riddhima will go home acting as if she know nothing and decide to leave VR mansion to expose Kabir.

*flashback ends.

Vansh: will you not hug me sweetheart (wink)

Riddhima: just shut up, you became shameless those days, can’t you see that mom is here. Riddhima said while. Arshi giggles

Vansh: it is okay I will adjust for the time being.

Riddhima: so it is time to execute the second phase of the plan.

Vansh: yeah let us start tomorrow.

After a few days, they expose Kabir motive to the whole family. Ishani feels sorry for hurting riddhima with her words and apologized. Vansh and Riddhima tell everything to the family that Manish was trying to save them not to kill them. They even introduce Arshi, to the family.

Sometime later, in Riansh’s room

Vansh: Now darling you will not escape as you will not have any excuses and now you will hug me and kiss me😉

Riddhima felt very shy from what vansh said.

Vansh and riddhima approached each other until they could feel each other’s breath, and made that night they night.

The End.

I don’t know if maybe I explained everything very, as it is my first time writing a story, so please do forgive me if I really didn’t explain very well somewhere and do ask if you have questions I will happily answer them.

Till then see you, protect yourself and your family covid-19 by taking the needed precautions.

So, actually i was thinking to start to write an ff, but i’m not sure so do tell me, if i can try or not. Thanks again for your support

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