Riansh one shot! – My fake wife… (part 2)

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Next day!

Vansh opened his eyes, but his  head was aching like hell!!

Then a servant came with a lemon juice…

Servant – Sir juice!!

Vansh – Hmm!

After having the juice he tried to remember what happened yesterday..

He forced his mind and Remember what happened…. He was very embarrassed about his behavior…

Vansh – Shit, I shouldn’t behave with her like a jerk dammit!!, how will I face her….

Riva was in kitchen making breakfast, she knew that Vansh will not eat it but she will try…. This is only drama ,but she have some responsibility towards the person with whom she is living!!

Vansh came out of his room and saw Riva in kitchen he can saw her face was dull, eyes puffed, he tried to gain her attention… By a fake cough… Agggg!

She didn’t pay any heed to him and again started her work!

Vansh – can I get some water please…

Riva – Wait!

After drinking water, he tried again!!

Vansh- umm Riva, I’m… Sorry for my behavior….last night I was drunk and

She cut him in between! And said..

Riva – When people are drunk they only say truth… And you are right that I’m a cheap girl and a gold digger!!

Vansh – I’m sorry… I really didn’t mean that!! Please…

Riva – OK.. It’s okay… I forgave you..

Vansh – Are you sure!!

Riva – Hmm!

Vansh thought to lite up her mood!

Vansh – Riva, I think   we can hang out after some days in the evening!

Riva – No,  it’s alright…

Vansh – please Riva…. I request you ( with puppy eyes)

Riva chuckled at his behavior! and said.. Okay! If you say so…

Vansh face lit up with a smile and in excitement he hugged her…. Riva’s (Ridhima) heart skip a beat. But when Riva doesn’t hugged her back, he backed off and said “sorry Riva, it happened in excitement”

Riva – It’s alright, will you have your breakfast or not?

Vansh – Ya I’ll have!
A week later!
Vansh’s POV
It’s been a week to that incident, but this week was the best week of my life! She took time but she forgave me… I also felt bad that because of me her bracelet broke.. In this whole week, we came a little close… We both watched movies together, she slept on my shoulder and I used to stare her whole night… Nowadays I used to call “Sweetheart”. First she was uncomfortable but nowdays she loved to listen… In these initial days, I realized that first it was attraction, but now it’s love… Yes, I love her. So, I planned a surprise in the evening for her! Let’s hope for the best!!
(Time skips to evening)
Riva’s POV

I went to my room after a tiring day, to got a surprise gift on the bed… I picked up that gift in excitement and opened it.. It was a beautiful light pink gown a little off shoulder… But pretty.. There was a note also!

It reads

Riva, I want you to wear this gown. I can imagine that you will look very beautiful! Be ready for our first date !

Please sweetheart!  At 7:30pm (hall)

Your husband

I really got very excited after reading this! I don’t know but I’m very nervous! I will not  lie but right now I’m blushing!Remember Ridhima you don’t have to fall in love with him! But this whole week I really feel in love with him. I know it’s going

I  got ready and did minimal make up according to the dress! And reached on time.. I looked towards the phone it’s correct 7:30..

I shouted Vansh.. Vansh where are you?

Suddenly someone blindfolded me, but I realized the touch and in excitement I asked “Vansh where are we going “?

He replied in a husky tone “So desperate sweetheart”….These words sends a shiver down my spine….

He held my hand and took me to a place…i don’t know where I am but I have full trust on him…

Then he pick up me in his arms in bridal style, I clutched his shirt tightly then he made me sit on a chair… And opened the blind fold!

I looked the scenery in front of me.. It’s was beautiful, we were near beach.. My favorite place, he remembered it oh god… It was a set up for two people with food and wine! And then I looked towards him, he was looking devilish handsome, he was wearing a black tuxedo and for a minute I forgot to breathe!!

So do you like what you saw!!

I came out of my thoughts only to see him smirking! I was really blushing hard….
End of POV!
Vansh’s POV!

When she was descending down the stairs, she was not looking like an angel… And this Angel is mine!!

But Now we are at the date place and it’s time to propose!

She was adoring the place when I tapped on her shoulder, she looked towards me with a glint in her eyes… She was surprised that I was on my knees…

I started my so called speech…

“Riva I don’t know these filmy lines…That drama, but the only thing which I know is that I love you, I don’t know how but gradually fell for you…. Yes!  I love you!! Will you be mine forever!!

After completing that I looked towards her, she was having tears… She stood up and said yes! I love you too. And I’m all yours!

I made her wear the ring and then I took out a bracelet with the same design and gave her too.. She was soo happy!  And finally I got her… She said that she will never ever leave that bracelet from her!
End of POV!

They both enjoyed the night and went back to home!
After 1 month!
Riva’s POV (Ridhima)

Yes!  It’s been a month to that proposal! And I’m very happy!  Vansh also shifted to my room, means our room! We used to sleep in each others embrace! And I’m very happy that Vansh understands that I’m not comfortable yet and he have promised me that he will not touch me without my consent!

I was in my thoughts, when I got a message!!

It reads!!

Your work is done Ridhima, you can leave and I’ll be back at my place! Meet me at Sunrise cafe!

Riva ♥♥

World slip under my feet… I have to leave him.. How will I live without him..Tears were brimming in my eyes… With heavy heart I packed my bags and last time I looked towards the room, took a photo frame of our and left the VR mansion….I moved towards Sunrise cafe.. And there she was sitting Riva… The Real Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania! And I’m the Fake one.

Riva – So, how was your experience with my husband!

That word really broke me “his husband“… A lone tear escaped from my eyes!

I took my money and with heavy heart I left from there!!

VR mansion!
Vansh’s POV!

I pack my bags and left for Vr mansion , because I really wanted to spend some time with my sweetheart. I reached VR Mansion ,where I only find silence!

I shouted Sweetheart.. Sweetheart.. But no reply. Then I saw her descending down the stairs wearing a short dress which barely reached her knees! I was shocked!

She came in front of me and hugged me tightly.. I really didn’t feel that warmth of love! I took her hands in mine and kissed her knuckles and she touched my face in a seducing way.  I looked towards her hand and didn’t find that bracelet!

I asked her  “Where is your bracelet Riva “

She replied in a while stammering.. Vansh that design was outdated so, I keep it in wardrobe…

Vansh – Okay

Then happened something unexpected she tried to kiss me, she wasn’t that much bold.. I stopped her and said I have some work sweetheart.. I’ll be back.. Wait for me in the room.

I hurriedly went to my Study and called Aangre to find about Riva…

I was moving here and there to know what’s happening? I’m confused..

There rang my phone.. I run to pick the call…

Yes Aangre what’s the news?

Aangre – Boss, Miss Riva was in London for a treatment!

Vansh – So, who was with me?

Aangre – Boss, from my sources she was a twin of Riva… Means they look same but they are not sister they met in a hospital before your weeding with Miss Riva..

Vansh – What’s her name? (with a dangerous voice)

Aangre – Boss Miss Ridhima!

Vansh – Where is she now?

Aangre – Boss my sources are finding her!

Vansh – find her (while shouting)

Aangre – yes boss..

After listening this I felt that someone snatched the most important thing from me!

I angrily went to my Room and saw that Riva sitting there and waiting for me!

Riva – Baby you came… I was waiting for you only!

Vansh – What’s this drama ha? Where is she?

Riva – Who….. VA.. Ns…h

Vansh – The one who was with me!

Riva – So, you got to know about her!

Vansh – Where is she?

Riva – I’ll not tell you…

Vansh – Tell me dammit!

Riva – Vansh she left you and I am with you so forgot her.. I’m here na please.

Vansh – Just tell me where is she? (shouting)

Riva – No, I’ll not tell you…

I pushed her on bed and left the room…

No,  she can’t left me.. She loves me and how can she!  She is mine and I’ll find her… Now I’m on my knees crying for my sweetheart!!

Suddenly my phone again rang…

Aangre – Boss I know where is she?

Vansh – Where?

Aangre –  Airport! Boss she is leaving for delhi..

I immediately left for the Airport! I was on correct time the airplane didn’t take it’s flight!!

I was madly searching for Ridhima.. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to lose my life…. And then finally I saw her sitting on a bench, sobbing quietly.. I quickly made my way towards her and hold her arms tightly!

What do you think of yourself, you will leave me and VRS would never know about it! I know your fragrance, your touch.. I know you..

Suddenly she kissed me, with all her anger, love, care, sadness.. Everything she put into it.. It took some Time ,but I kissed her back with that same passion! We were both breathing heavenly….

I touched her forehead with mine and said… “I love you Ridhima… Mrs Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania and I will always love you and never ever think to leave me!!

The most awaited words she spoke “I love you too vansh and I’ll never leave you”

And that day two lovers become one! And it’s the day that I fell in love with my Fake wife…

My Fake wife! 💕


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