#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 65 – Made for Each Other!!

Episode starts with….

The song changed to Makhna (Drive) and Vansh was twirling her and dancing to the beats while keeping her close to his heart and she was enjoying the moment. He pushed her against his chest and then pulling her into his arms he held her close kissing her forehead, she was blushing. The song changed to You are My Sonia (KKKG), dancing around, they did the flying step and was seeing her smiling. He got her down gently, and was cupping her face he was caressing her cheeks and was about to kiss her cheeks when they heard hoots and cheers and these sounds bought them back to reality. They saw around to find everyone whistling and clapping as the couple made it to the end and as they observed they realized that it was only they who could reach their partners whereas the other couples reached after the game ended.

Siya: Bhai Bhabhi you are indeed Made for each other! You reached your partner before the song ended.

Chirag: Siya they are Mad for Each Other

Everyone giggled leaving Vansh and Riddhima blushing. Vansh realized he’s going to be the talk of the celebration so excused himself along with Riddhima and pulled her along leaving Riddhima embarrassed and other chuckling and adoring their bond.

Dadi: Children let them have time for themselves, it’s after all their day.

Uma: Ma, you are right! Let’s all continue with the celebrations.

Everyone agreed and the many games were being played. Once out of the crowd, Vansh took a shocked Riddhima towards the terrace.

Riddhima: Vansh what was that?

Vansh (clueless): What?

Riddhima: Why did you bring me here away from everyone? What’d they think now!!

Vansh: Sweetheart am your husband and I have all right to drag you such and coming to family, (he pulled her into his arms and encircling her) They’d think that we need privacy (wink)

Riddhima gave him a slight punch on his chest trying to push him, but his arms were strong for her to even move a slight inch.

Vansh: Sweetheart don’t even try because am not going to leave. Never Ever!!!

Riddhima (smiling): But why are we here?

Vansh: You’ll understand if you’d turn around and see instead of hitting your poor husband (making a face)

Riddhima turned around to find a Romantic Terrace Cabana Candlelight Dinner. She was amazed, to see Sparkling perfumed candles spreading a beautiful aroma in the air, subtle fragrance from flower petals, and bubbly balloons reminding her that life is beautiful when her Vansh her loved one is by her side; the table had a flawlessly done a course meal to end the beautiful day. As she was observing the deco, he handed her a glass of perfectly blended mocktail to provide a smooth start to for their wonderful experience.

He led her to the dining arranged specially for her, he pulled the chair and made her take the place, gently kissing her knuckles he sat opposite to her serving the starters Cajun Fried Baby Corn with Fried Mozzarella Sticks. He was feeding her and she was adoring his gesture. He then served her the main dishes Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes eating which she was making funny sounds and he was laughing at her childishness while she was glaring at him with a mouth full of food while he was filling her empty plate with Tortellini with Tomato Spinach Cream Sauce & Grilled Veggie Pizza which she was gulping in a go as if being hungry for a decade. He was wiping her mess she was creating on her face by the way she was eating. Riddhima wasn’t full even after having such a huge meal and Vansh who knows about her course when she’s hungry served her the desert seeing which she pounced on the Trattoria La Palazzina’s Tiramisu & Sweet Corn Panna Cotta with Fresh Blueberry Compote.

Vansh (smiling): So, sweetheart done? Or would like to have anything else!!!

Riddhima (making a face): Am hungry yet am not!!!

Vansh: Do you know you are impossible!

Riddhima didn’t utter anything and making a face she was about to leave and he caught her wrist and pulled her onto his lap shocking her and she sat there puzzled. She tried to get rid of his arms which were on her waist but it seemed impossible and she could feel her heart rate increasing its pace and her hands were turning numb and were sweating. Vansh’s hands gently started caressing her sweat and tucking her hair strands behind her ear, he started making circles on her cheeks and she could feel her cheeks turning red of blush and he could see the effect on her and he was smirking. He moved a bit forward towards her earlobes and huskily spoke –

Vansh: Sweetheart last night you didn’t cross any limits, in fact, it was a beautiful heart-to-heart gesture that I couldn’t make. I want to kick myself for not taking the step which you could take boldly. Why do you think am embarrassed? In fact, am much happy than I can ever tell you. You didn’t cross any line instead you erased a line that was standing as a barrier in our relationship. You know of all the nights we spent together, last night was the amazing one where I could see your love for me. I wanted our first kiss to be a memorable one and last night it was such a memorable moment that I’d cherish all our life, until my last breath. Riddhu am saying this because I don’t want you to consider that as your embarrassing moment or your cross of the line but it’s a beautiful to be cherished moment and erasing of a barrier if any in our relationship.




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