#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 63 – Sorted!!!

Episode starts with….

Ritu (smiling): Don’t worry sir! I’ll not repeat my mistake of hurting them once again. I wanted to request sir as why doesn’t he propose to Ma’am once again, I mean it’s Valentine, their Mensiversary and even sir’s birthday so why don’t we make it more special!! Because vaise bhi because of all this mess, their day has been spoiled so why not mark it celebration!!

Chirag: Guys this is a fabulous idea!! Bhai what do you say?

Vansh: What’d I say!!! I’d be happy right! I’ll get to propose to my love once again, I’ll get to win her once again.

Ishani (laughing): Guys if given a chance, bhai would propose her daily

Siya: No doubt di!! (laugh) Vaise bhi they are the most romantic couple in our house.

Vansh: Acha now you both stop it. First, think about how we are going to get her here!! Because your bhabhi is trying ways to convince me so she’s not going to come up until she finds a solution

Sejal: Bhai I have an idea but promise you won’t react hyper because she’s going to be doing that

Vansh: Tell me clearly Sejal what you mean

Sejal: Bhai we’ll call her and tell her that something happened to you so, she’ll come running and for this, she’ll be hyper and panic too but seeing her so you’ll lose your cool so am requesting you not to….

Vansh: Umm…. It’s going to be a surprise so it’s ok…. Carryon


Vansh: And then as per the plan they called you but when you didn’t answer, Siya wantedly came running and so as we expected, you came running and then all this happened!!!

Riddhima stood motionless as she was trying to consume what all happened and then her glare fell on Ritu who was smiling heartily and she approached her with a broad smile

Riddhima: Thank you so much Ritu

Ritu: Ma’am am supposed to ask for forgiveness, why are you thanking me? Ma’am am sorry for whatever happened. I Am responsible for your pain and your tears as Kabir sir said and am guilty of hurting you. I wasn’t aware of truth varna I’d have never ever done these stunts. Am ashamed of myself. Am sorry for spoiling your day, Ma’am. Can you please forgive me for all my past mistakes! Without your forgiveness, sir and others aren’t going to forgive me and without your all forgiveness I can’t face myself. This guilt eats me, Ma’am. Please forgive me. Am sorry for whatever happened!!!

Riddhima didn’t utter anything and hugged her which Ritu reciprocated too

Riddhima: Ritu I can understand how you might be feeling now. Just forget all the bitter memories and we shall start new now. You loved him and I know you do but now you want to back out because he’s married. And I appreciate your thinking Ritu, you are someone with values and I like your this character who respects others’ space and relations. So, just forget everything that happened all this week, and let’s begin afresh!!

Vansh and others were smiling the way Riddhima handles Ritu’s madness and now how she wants to start afresh once again. He approached them and taking Riddhima into his arms from the side, he smiled at the ladies before speaking

Vansh: Ritu, didn’t I tell you that she isn’t annoyed by your behavior! She’s such…..

Ritu: You are right sir Ma’am is indeed a kind and pure-hearted person and am glad to meet her

Riddhima: Ritu we didn’t have a proper introduction, so here we go. Hi, am Riddhima… Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania (looking at Vansh who was smiling)

Ritu (smiling at their bond): Hello Ma’am am Ritu

They both shook their hands and hugged each other.

Vansh: So, finally everything seems to have needed peacefully!

Kabir & Ishani glared at each other as if they want to convey something and are hesitating but then their glares fall on someone and then they decide that the truth is supposed to be out and now it’s the best time for that

Kabir: Bhai don’t conclude that everything is fine

Vansh & Riddhima turned towards to see Kabir and Ishani staring glances

Ishani: Because bhai something else is left without doing the necessary action for that, everything cant end peacefully

Riddhima: Kabir what you want to say and Ishani what happened?

Sejal: I think I know what they are indicating to…

Ishani: Riddhima you’ll get to know soon

Kabir played a video, and everyone was watching the projector which was playing the videos of Daksh & Akash talking about Riddhima in a lustful manner and talking about taking her to bed. Once the video was completed, everyone including family & staff turned towards Daksh & Akash who were by now sweating with fear. Riddhima gave a disgusting look while Vansh was burning in anger, he grabbed them by their collar and dragging them to the center, he started thrashing them

Vansh (anger): How dare you think of my Riddhima! Till today I thought you have a crush on her and are trying to impress her but yet I took it in a fun manner but …… but you dared talk about lust on my Riddhima. Now, none can save you from me.

He was bashing and hitting them hard and they were bleeding, Riddhima was worried about Vansh

Riddhima: Kabir, stop him before he’ll kill him… (worried)

Kabir nodded and was trying to stop him but Vansh was unstoppable, he pushed Kabir away and was kicking them hard. Aryan and Chirag too tried but in vain

Riddhima: Guys I think now only I can stop him

Ishani: Riddhima did you see his fierce look….

Sejal: Exactly Riddhima, he was this fierce last when a guy hurt you in college and after all these years he’s once again this fierce… am afraid

Riddhima: That’s my worry… I remember what happened to that guy after that! He was in the hospital for months and Vansh was almost arrested but then my statement saved him with a warning now I cant let that happen again!! Am going to stop him…

She went towards Vansh where he picked the fallen Akash and was about to punch him when Riddhima intervened and stood before him and Akash shocking Vansh, the punch which was for Akash stopped in the air

Vansh (taking a long breath): Riddhu move from my way, he dared look at you with lust, and am going to avenge his behavior

Riddhima: Vansh stop it!!! They’ll die

Vansh: I don’t care

Riddhima (anger): But I do!!! Do you want me to live alone?

Vansh was glaring at her and she hugged him tightly, trying to calm his anger, he was trying hard to get out of her grip but she held him tight and was speaking

Riddhima: Vansh please calm down. I know they crossed their limits and your anger is justified but now this is crossing boundaries. You bashed them to vent my insult but killing them isn’t a solution. If they die, then you’ll be dragged to jail, and ….. and you’ll be called murderer, which I cant bear. And then you’ll leave me alone to serve your term!! Will you also leave me alone??? Everyone I loved left me Vansh! And now you want to go away from me??

She lifts her chin up and with moist eyes, she was staring into Vansh’s eyes and he understood what she was speaking of and he understood what Riddhima was going through, her eyes pierced his heart. His grip on Akash loosened and he hugged Riddhima immediately. He could see her break into tears and he tried to calm her

Vansh: Am sorry Riddhu! Am sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you. The way they were talking about you raged my inner volcanoes and couldn’t control my anger. Am sorry!! I didn’t mean to dig your wounds. Sorry sweetheart. Please stop crying cant see tears in your eyes

After a while, Riddhima backed out of the hug and looked into his eyes which were apologizing to her. He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead after apologizing. Meanwhile, Kabir called cops and they were here to arrest Akash & Daksh on charges of Eve Teasing & Maligning Women’s Character. Once everything was back to normal, Riddhima approached Ritu

Riddhima: Thank you Ritu, thank you for standing for my respect

Ritu: Ma’am being a woman I need to take a stand for another woman and what they did was a crime and how could I stay calm!!

They both smiled when Vansh realized something

Vansh: Kabir, why were you hiding this from me for days?

Kabir: Bhai am sorry. That day when I first saw them speaking ill about Riddhima I thought maybe they are kidding so I didn’t take it seriously but today when I heard them speaking the same, I couldn’t take it anymore so had to reveal it.


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