#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 34 – Riddhima unwell?

Episode starts with….

So, before Vansh could speak anything related to Aryan and his enquiry

Aryan: Riddhima you wanted to show me your work right!

He was gesturing Riddhima to save him from Vansh as he’s hell bent in asking Aryan about what all happened during video call. Riddhima understood Aryan’s gestures and even she didn’t want him to fall prey to Vansh in front of Siya

Riddhima: Oh yea. Come lets go around!

They both slipped from there and sighed a relief once out of Vansh’s cabin

Vansh (thinking): Something is definitely fishy! I have clearly heard the way Aryan spoke to Riddhima in the morning. His voice had concern, care and affection and the way he was questioning her about Siya was having hidden intention and am hell bent to know what he wants! It’s a matter related to my sister and I can’t let it go this way without my questions being unanswered. And Riddhima! Why do I feel like you are hiding something! Am Vansh Rai Singhania and I’ll get my answers at any cost!!!

Riddhima was taking Aryan around the office as he never visited Vansh in his office so was going around with Riddhima admiring the beauty of how Riddhima was redesigning the office and the difference was clearly visible

Aryan: Riddhima its indeed marvellous!!! The cubicles are worth appreciating. You are indeed working hard in transforming the office into a splendid structure!!! If the cubicles, corridor, canteen is such wonderful I can expect how you’d be designing Vansh’s cabin and outer structure!!

Riddhima: Thanks Aryan. And yea am working on Vansh’s cabin and it’s going to be the best.

While they were going around, there were few female staff eying Aryan as they got a chance to eye or stare such a handsome man. While few male staff were wondering the relation between Riddhima and Aryan! They were having heartbreaks with one thought that he might be Riddhima’s boyfriend or fiancé. The staff were desperate to know who the handsome man with Riddhima is and how is he related to her! One among them was Daksh who couldn’t handle the suspense anymore and decided to approach her and clarify his doubts

Riddhima was discussing with Aryan near a section where the designing work was going on when Daksh’s voice broke their discussion

Daksh: Hello Ma’am (eying Aryan questioningly)

Riddhima understood Daksh looks and was trying hard to control her giggling while Aryan stood their clueless.

Riddhima (thinking): Welcome to the club Aryan! You are new but am well aware of the intentions of the staff and now even Daksh glare is not any unknown glare for me! He’s eager to know who you are and how you are related to me!

Riddhima: Hi Daksh!!

Daksh: Ma’am here your coffee

He had 2 cups of coffee in his hand! He thought someday she would accept his offered coffee and he expected that to be the first step towards her. He has been doing so since day 1 in many ways like offering her coffee, food items, roses such but every time she didn’t pay heed to his offerings and would politely refuse but he never stopped trying hard. Today was no different. He with same hope bought 2 cups of coffee one for her and other for himself. But he didn’t expect that it’s going to be his great mistake.

Riddhima grabbed both cups and offered one to Aryan shocking Daksh! He was literally shocked and was clueless as to how was he supposed to react. Aryan too was puzzled and was giving confused looks to Riddhima who winked at him gestured him to accept the coffee.

Riddhima: Thank you Daksh! We actually wanted one since long time and you fulfilled our desire unknowingly! But didn’t you get one for yourself!!! (trying not to laugh)

Aryan was having tough time trying to hide his chuckling! Though he was clueless of her behaviour, he was damn sure she did it intentionally. But the way Daksh was giving heartbroken expressions, Aryan was having fun! Daksh didn’t react much and excusing himself he left towards his seat when Riddhima and Aryan burst into laughter seeing Daksh’s condition.

Aryan: What was that?

Riddhima: He deserved it!!!

Aryan: I didn’t get you!!

Riddhima: Arrey! The male staff in this office are behind wooing me. You are aware of it right! There are few people who are trying hard to impress me and he is one among them. He brings some or the other drink or food asking me to accept but am I insane that I’ll accept! I always used to refuse and today you being my side, he was eager to know our relation so was here for that purpose so I gave him reply in my way (wink)

Aryan: Poor he!!! He isn’t aware of the risk he is taking in trying to woo his boss’s wife!! What would be his reaction when truth will be out!!

Riddhima hitting him

Riddhima: Shh…. No one here is aware of my true identity and you better be careful!!

Aryan: Oops! I forgot!

They were going around. Meanwhile in Vansh’s cabin, brother and sister were chitchatting about Riddhima’s weird behaviour

Siya: Bhai!! What happened to bhabhi! I have been observing her since few days and she is out of this world. Always lost in some thoughts

Vansh: Even am wondering Siya! These days she is always lost and today morning she was behaving very weird! I never saw her such in all these years! She seems to be lost all the while and would be giving weird expressions and reading her eyes has become next to difficult for me. Am worried if she’s well or if she needs some doctor consultation.

Siya: Am not sure though bhai! I think she has got some short-term memory loss because I have seen her delaying in things since few days and even few minutes back, when we were in hospital, I have seen bhabhi talking to herself and smiling. And now when we came here, she opened the door and stood there as if a mannequin and didn’t move for around few minutes until Aryan patted on her back. And even forgot to call us in and wouldn’t have if at all Aryan didn’t message bhabhi!

Vansh: This is creating panic in me Siya! Am worried if she is having some serious health issue which even she didn’t realise yet! I think I need to take her to some psychiatrist to get her tests done to find her health issue! I can’t see her lost in this way!! She needs to get well and I’ll make sure she does!!!

Precap: Siya: Kabir bhai where is bhabhi!!! Haven’t seen her since long

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  1. Amazing episode……..dear vansh it is not her health is bad……but she has fever of love…pyaar ka bukhar……☺☺☺☺☺☺😅😅😅😅😅😅

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Pata nahi ye bukaar kab baahar aayega!!! 😀

  2. Amazing episode as always

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    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Thank you 😀
      Something is definitely wrong with her! She isn’t realizing that she fell in love!! Kya kare

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    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      And people aren’t realizing that it’s the fever of love!!!!

  8. Very nice episode I agree with vansh ridhhima needs psychiatrist as she is mad she is mad in his love♥

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      She is mad in love but is not ready to accept it neither is he noticing it!!!

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