#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 33 – Vansh Overwhelmed

Episode starts with….

All trio smiled and drove towards Vansh’s office and they didn’t inform him about their arrival as they wanted to surprise him.

Its 4 pm, VR Enterprises,

They reached office and as many were aware of Siya being Vansh’s sister they wished her and was wondering who the Man was with Riddhima and Siya. Riddhima understood their stares

Riddhima (whispering): Aryan welcome to the club (chuckling)

Aryan (whispering): What do you mean (confused)

Riddhima: Till few days back the staff were eager to know my identity and now wants to know your identity! Just observe their stares.

Aryan observed around and all the stares were on him and he was astonished

Aryan: Now I understand if this is my case then what would have been your situation (giggling)

Riddhima hit him and reached Vansh’s cabin and as she entered she saw Vansh who was busy reading some document and her eyes stick to him and she didn’t bother to move her glance from him. Her eyes and heart had a relief of seeing their target after much struggle. She didn’t mind to move to create a way for Aryan and Siya to enter. They were confused while Vansh didn’t notice her presence!

Aryan: Siya what happened to your bhabhi?

Siya: Even am wondering! I never saw her like this lost in some thoughts ignoring the world around her

Aryan: Are we going to stand in this way like forever

Siya: Sorry to say but seems like

Aryan: Uff!!! I need to disturb her thoughts now

Siya: All the Best (giggling)

Aryan: Thank you. I need it!

Aryan patted on Riddhima’s back to bring her into this world and luckily she was back!

Aryan: Riddhima shall we enter!! (sarcasm)

Riddhima gave him a stern look confusing Aryan and

Riddhima: … ha… yea

Riddhima entered the cabin making a noise so that Vansh could notice them and before Aryan or Siya could enter, Riddhima closed the door as she usually does. The door was half open

Riddhima: Hi Vansh

Vansh raised his head to see Riddhima having a broad smile on her face and that amused him. Since morning he was trying hard to decode what Riddhima was up to and to add more confusion, she was having a different glow in her eyes and a totally new sought of smile confusing him more. He was totally blank!

Aryan: Siya I guess both husband and wife have turned insane! It was Riddhima who was first lost and now even Vansh is lost somewhere!! Ho kya raha hain (what’s happening)!

Siya: Even am clueless!!

Riddhima snapped her fingers to bring him back to reality

Vansh: Ha… hey you are late today!

Riddhima: So, you were aware that I’d be coming and yet you were seriously working without even paying heed who has entered your cabin and when! (sarcasm)

Vansh: What do you mean! One second, when did you come!!

Riddhima: It’s been almost 5 minutes since I opened your cabin door waiting for you to notice my presence! But seems like you are least bothered! (making a face)

Vansh: Am so sorry Riddhu! I was engrossed in the file that I didn’t even notice you. Please forgive! It was an important file so was engaged into that!

Riddhima: Its ok! I forgave you. Vaise done with your file?

Vansh: Just few minutes, it’ll be done!

Riddhima: Okay till then I’ll sit here!

Saying so she forgot that even Aryan and Siya are near the cabin waiting to enter. Their plan was that once Riddhima enters she asks Vansh to be prepared for surprise and then Siya and Aryan would enter but she totally forgot and was staring at Vansh who was sincerely going through the file. She was having a small smile on her face showing she was delighted! The reason? Even she isn’t aware! Her Eyes were just waiting to get a glimpse of him so that they could capture the moment and send it to the heart which was equally pondering! That’s when a message disturbed her thoughts. She was shocked to see the message! She got up with startle and stared at Vansh who was by now signing the document

Riddhima: Vansh!! Your work done?

Vansh: Ha Riddhu! Why! Do you want anything!

Riddhima: Am so sorry! Actually, I planned a surprise for you and I totally forgot about that and a message reminded me of that!

Vansh: Interesting Very Interesting!!! You planned a surprise and then you forgot! (smiling)

Riddhima: You can smile later. If I delay more then am dead! Am calling. Be ready!!

Vansh: Is my surprise a person? Eager to see what’s that! Oops I mean who’s that

(Few minutes back)

Riddhima actually received a message from Aryan

Aryan: So, shall we leave? It’s no point waiting here right!! You aren’t going to call us in!! (angry emoji)


Riddhima: Guys come in!!!

Siya: Surprise Bhai!!!

Vansh was delighted to see Siya there! It’s not that he didn’t meet her for years it was just that after almost 1 month she was out of the house and then to his office too! His happiness didn’t have any boundaries! He was the happiest in the room and what he didn’t observe was that there was another person too who was happy for Vansh’s happiness! It was Riddhima. Seeing a smile on his face was like achieving a dream or fulfilling a wish! It made her day!! Vansh hugged Siya to express his happiness

Vansh: Am so happy Siya! You stepped out of the house after a month and even reached my office! That’s something I never expected! Thank you for giving such a surprise. It’s the best!

Siya: Bhai all credit goes to bhabhi! She was the one who planned the surprise and both bhabhi and Aryan helped me to leave my hesitance and step out of the house. And see where I am now! So, technically its bhabhi and Aryan who are to be thanked

Vansh turned around to see Riddhima smiling with tears about to roll from her eyes. He saw a happy glow in those eyes. A glow which was expressing her happiness to see him happy! He never saw such expressions in her eyes! It’s not that she never surprised him or she was never happy but the point was that it was all different than the previous happenings! He was literally confused of her changed behaviour! He had no clue what was happening and why was she behaving odd!! But at that moment he didn’t want to think about all that and just hugged her to express his gratitude. To express his happiness to see his sister trying to be normal. It was his all-time dream to see his sister gaining her lost confidence and step out of the house into the regular world. And she did. But what he least expected was that she coming to his office in this state conquering her hesitation and gaining her lost confidence!

Vansh: Thank you Riddhima!! I lost hope that Siya would step out into the world. But today she did and the reason is you! This is the best surprise anyone could ever give me! Thank you!

Riddhima wiped her tears and even Vansh’s which were about to cross their border of eyes.

Riddhima: Am not alone who bought Siya here even Aryan is equally responsible. It is he who first convinced her to step out of the house yesterday and even today he gave her strength to step into the public.

Vansh (hugged Aryan): Thank you Aryan! I lost hope that Siya would gain her confidence again but you proved me wrong! You gave her strength to conquer her hesitation and achieve her long-lost courage. It means a lot!! I know that one day she’ll be fine but today this her courage gave me a hope that when Siya will be on her foot then she’ll have double courage to conquer her fears. Am glad for this change in her!! Thank you Aryan once again

Siya: Oh god!! Now you all make your mood good!! Am here and you all turned emotional.

All trio smiled at her when something strikes Vansh

Vansh: Aryan I wanted to speak to you about what happened morning!

Aryan and Riddhima’s eyes widened in shock and they understood what Vansh wanted to speak and they wanted to avoid it at least not in front of Siya

Precap: He isn’t aware of the risk he is taking in trying to woo his boss’s wife

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