#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 30 – Riddhima weird behaviour

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Episode starts with….

Vansh (thinking): What was this! Usually, she never has that glow in her eyes, the glow she carries regularly is totally different from what I saw today. Her voice was husky or did I feel so!! Why did I feel like I met her for the first time! Why did this gesture of hers give me some other vibe!! What’s happening Vansh! Are you dreaming or hallucinating?

He pinched himself to make sure it’s not dream and yes it wasn’t. He was still confused of her behaviour. Riddhima’s condition was no different! She was in shower reminiscing the moment which occurred few minutes back and was smiling foolishly

Riddhima (thinking): What happened to me! Why was I attracted towards him! Why was I smiling seeing his confused state! Why did I feel like something hit me when my glance fell on him and my feet dragged me towards him! Why was I being dragged towards him! What’s happening! Why am I feeling bit weird!

Whatever might be the thoughts, Riddhima’s lips bearded a small smile while Vansh was still in confusion as to what did he experience few minutes back!!!

Riddhima was out of the washroom and saw Vansh laying on couch and so she went towards dressing table and was drying her hair. Vansh felt some droplets fell on him so he opened his eyes to see Riddhima and was adoring her and he was desperately wanted to hug her from behind but something was stopping him yet something was encouraging him to take the step forward. He sat straight and was adoring his wife who was unaware of Vansh being awake and was just engrossed in drying her hair. Riddhima pulled her hair forward and was drying them when Vansh’s glare fell on her back as her kurta’s knot wasn’t tied. He unknowingly and absentmindedly proceeded to tie the knot and as he approached her he was about to tie her knot when she suddenly flipped her hair back and few of those strands hurt Vansh in his eyes and he writhe in pain grabbing Riddhima’s attention who by now understood what happened. She hit herself and tried to calm his eyes. She made him sit on the bed and tried to blow in his eyes to give him relief. Her care and affection was dragging his heart to fall for her once again. She was caressing him gently while she laid one of her hands on his cheek, the other was near eyes trying to open the lids. She was gently blowing while he forgot his pain and was staring at her lovingly.

She didn’t know why but tears made their way through her eyes shocking Vansh. He raised his hand towards her cheeks and wiping her tears he looked at her with concern while she was giving him blank yet care and affected look.

Vansh: Riddhima, what happened! Why are you crying!

Riddhima: Am sorry Vansh! Because of my foolishness I hurt you

Vansh: Riddhu! It wasn’t intentional. I should have been careful

Riddhima: I should have been aware of you being behind me. Am sorry!! Is it hurting?

Vansh: Riddhima! You aren’t at fault so stop blaming yourself for such a small matter. And it’s not hurting am fine.

Riddhima: Sure, you fine?

Vansh: Ha baba am fine!

Vansh: Now smile! I can’t see tears in your those cute eyes.

Riddhima smiled and wiping her tears she once again for the last time blowed in his eyes and wiped the traces of dust near his eyes affectionally when he was engrossed in those eyes which was carrying care and affection for him. She too was searching for something in those brown eyes which were staring at her lovingly. They both had many questions about the changed and weird behaviour of Riddhima. But at that moment what they wanted was that moment to be paused there looking into each other’s eyes searching for some unknown treasure. None reacted for a while until a servant barged into the room and sensing the uninvited guest Vansh and Riddhima composed themselves and Vansh gave him a questioning look

Servant: Ma’am the medicines you ordered have been delivered last night and am sorry I forgot to hand it over to you.

Riddhima: Oh, okay no issues. Thank you.

She grabbed the parcel and was checking them when servant left leaving Vansh worried

Vansh: Riddhima you fine? What happened? Your health isn’t good? You didn’t tell me! I’d have took you to the doctor. Why do you ignore your health and be carefree working all the time!!! Now will you speak up something rather than staring me with those cute eyes

Riddhima: Firstly, thanks for praising my eyes and secondly I could speak only if you give me some gap. Vaise am fine! Nothing happened to me

Vansh: Then… these medicines?

Riddhima: Vansh, if you forgot let me remind you that am a doctor and am treating Siya in this house! These are the medicines which would help her in getting well.

Vansh sighed a relief for learning that Riddhima is good.

Vansh: You scared me!

Riddhima (smiled): You are mad!!!

She went back to get ready while Vansh was lost in thoughts

Vansh (thinking): What happened to her! Why is being odd! Morning her weird behaviour and even now her eyes are speaking some other language and for the first time am unable to understand them. And whenever I used to speak cheesy lines with her or I praise her she used to get pissed off but today she didn’t why!!! Whenever I was absentminded or hurt myself due to my foolishness she used to scold me but today she was feeling sorry for my act how!! Whenever I overreacted in her matter she used to kick or vent her irritation but today she didn’t why!! Is she being weird or it’s me who has gone insane!!!

Precap: Riddhima: Am sorry Vansh I couldn’t tell you the truth

Hope you like it.

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